23 Easy-Peasy Deco Bathroom Ideas with Shower!

Bathroom Ideas with Shower

Walking into a boring looking bathroom is definitely not what you would love to do after a tired and hectic day at work. You can make the whole look interesting with some nice and cool decoration ideas.

Let’s pair up your creativity and our decoration ideas to get you a cool looking shower place at your home.

Today, I’ll tell you around 23 shower bathroom ideas that will bring a subtle sleek look. Don’t you worry, each one is super affordable and within reach for almost anyone? So, let’s dive right into the awesomeness of aesthetic and inexpensive bathroom ideas with shower.

Easy-Peasy Deco Bathroom Ideas with Shower!

1. The Marble Mosaic Combination!

This entire look is meant to give your bathroom a luxurious glow that isn’t actually expensive. You just need to get the evergreen marble shower surround to glam up the entire place. This is one of the easiest to do shower bathroom ideas.

Then simply pair it up with mosaic tiles that come with an amazing accent. It’s an aesthetic look that with the right type of white lightening can give a very up-to-the-mark feel.

2. Tone It Gray with Heated Floors!

If you own a beautiful villa with a spacious bathroom then try to pull out the gray toning for a glossy look. You need some heated floors as well as a freestanding tub to make it look extra wide.

A walk-in shower will look super cool and make sure to include a double sink vanity to let richness be prominent.

3. The Dark Dual Vanity for Contemporary Lovers!

How about a dark dual cabinet that covers one entire side with a nice espresso shade? Beautiful right? This amazing dark concept will definitely go well with a walk-in shower made of transparent white glass. Add a drop-in tub to keep the overall feel in balance.

Make sure the open cabinets are filled with shelves to make the space wider. This is a very suitable try for bathroom areas that are small.

4. Modern Touch of Carrara!

Carrara marble tiles are today’s most modern-looking surround that most people find really classy. Add a nice glass walk-in shower at the entrance. A nice wooden stool with some clean towels at the side of the freestanding bathtub is an important detail to keep in mind.

Don’t forget to add a dual vanity cabinet under a nice huge mirror fitted on an entire wall.

5. Back-to-Basics Blue!

Now for all the basic lovers who have unconditional love for blue just like me. Let’s make a decoration concept that looks simple but stunning with basic white tiles. You can pick a nice shade of blue to paint the cabinet and wall area.

The bathtub can be minimal and beautiful, anything of your choice. Just make sure it covers one area and keeps enough space for the cabinet. This is a nice theme for a smaller bath space.

6. Fancy Woody Feel!

Let’s bring the woods into your bathroom. How? Just add a nice wooden painted vanity cabinet long enough to cover one side of your wall. You should add a nice fancy wall shower to give it a trendy look of todays.

Black and wooden tiles for the entire wall decoration in patterns is what you should focus on detailing.

7. Bright Backsplash Interior Theme!

This is an excellent idea for someone who prefers bright white looks more than a darker concept. Include a nice glass walk shower and choose grey tiles for this look. A brown vanity cabinet will make the space look cleaner.

A mosaic tile backsplash is the most preferable choice for such kind of themes.

8. The Retro Style Refreshing Space!

Retro will never be an old thing and same for bathroom deco. Two head shower is the main point of this entire look. Also, don’t forget to glam up with a retro-style cast-iron radiator.

Also, for the concept, I prefer a large shower. This gives a refreshing environs to space.

9. Luxurious Touch with 3D Rendering!

Another posh and classy bathroom deco that needs some 3D rendering into it. Keep the tiles, paint and cabinet black while focusing on the white bathtub, basin area, and other attachments.

This will make the illusion of a huge bathroom and at the same time, the Black-gray look with beautiful tiny skylights will give the whole area a bright feel.

10. Skylight with White-Gray Surround!

White and gray will never be old enough for a bathroom concept and with skylights, the whole thing just boosts the prettiness.

A master bathroom will look even more beautiful with white-gray marble surrounds. Add huge walk-in-shower of glass and freestanding tub. Lights on a row above the cabinet space will give a unique feel. Use silver faucets and towel hangers for simplicity.

11. Castle Style Shower Space with Yellow Lightings!

Now I’ll include one of the conventional-looking bathroom ideas with shower that looks too luxurious to be not loving it.

If there is a high area from the floor in your bathroom space, let a nice corner bathtub highlight it. Glam up with a beautiful glass transparent shower and cabinets with lots of light to make the entire area give you the feel of living in a castle.

12. Modern-Day Rendering Wit Sea View!

Do you live in an area around the sea and your bathroom has a nice window showing beauty? Well, even if not, you can make one. Simply go with 3D rendering ideas to have the most modern-looking bathroom with a nice sea view.

The best way to set it up is by using a nice shady gray tiles surround that looks matte. The overall look will surely highlight.

13. The King Size Feel in Pawn Size Bathroom!

Who does not love the idea of living like a king? Well, at least in the shower you can. Simply use a granite top two sink cabinet for your bathroom ideas with shower. Now all you need to do is get some super bright yellow lighting to glow up the entire space.

This lighting will match well with a glass door shower and white plain but sophisticating bathtub. The floors need to look raw enough to match the ancient feel of kingdoms.

14. Dark Hardwood Interior with Bright Lights!

This idea is basically using stunning hardwood cabinets of dark shade to highlight a small bathroom area. You can, of course, use a small or medium-sized white tub at a corner. Let some fake flower stay in the sink area, white lilies will look fab.

A small beautiful window at a corner with your bathtub will give a warm home feel.

15. The Artistic Woody but Colorful Concept!

This idea is just a simple wooden cabinet with blue walls concept which sounds pretty simple, I know. But you can make it interesting by adding some rainbow shade curtains on a window.

Add a huge mirror with matched wooden frames of cabinet and let it sit proudly on your wall, making the bathroom look artistic, woody and colorful. It’s a very unusual but beautiful way to decorate the bathroom.

16. All-White with Rusty Twist!

For this concept, you need to keep the interior of your bathroom completely white, except the cabinet. Use a double sink vanity with a huge mirror for one side in your bathroom.

A beautiful rusty cabinet and simple brown tiles will bring a very unique look to admire into your bathroom.

17. A Huge Wall Fitting Mirror!

Here you just need to focus more on the mirror of your washroom. It needs to be large, make sure you have a huge wall to hang it nicely.

Use Carrara marble tile to make the surrounding look elegant with a combination of modern wall in the shower made of pure glass.

18. Beige with White Marbles for Ancient Look!

This is another beautiful castle-like look that could be achieved by the simple inclusion of the color beige. It’s one of the most beautiful natural shades for almost anything right now.

Use some large walk-in shower and beautiful vanity cabinets to decorate the area. Place the shower in the between of your bathroom and let a U-shaped surface include other stuff like the sink, bathtub, and cabinets.

19. Bachelor’s Small & Stress-free to Manage Décor!

Many single men or women living in their small apartment can easily manage this simplistic look. This includes some pretty pink rug and blue walls.

Glam up the spot with accessories and clean towels. This look will be a massive hit if you can keep it clean. A small white spotless cabinet will multiply the sleekness.

20. Play with Beige, Brown & Yellow!

This 3D render design is basically inspired by the neoclassic style. The design needs beige floors, brown shower space and yellow walls with nice lightings.

It looks super elegant with a chandelier in the center and adds the posh feel to another level. Place a ladder organizer above the toilet seat for space management.

21. Elegance in A Master Bathroom!

This is basically a clean-cut design for a master bathroom that includes pure beige tile floor surrounding the entire area. You need a double sink to match up and balance. Use a nice huge bathtub at a corner with glass shower on the front area.

It saves a lot of space and with enough lighting feels extremely comfortable for guests and visitors.

22. Prints on Floor with Usual!

This is one of the unique bathroom ideas with shower that includes a nice two shelve space mounted in a wall. You need white strips on the wall for a nice balance with wooden shelves and cabinets. A mirror at a corner and a huge walk-in shower is also a part of the idea.

The main focus on the floors which includes printed mosaic design. You can test our creativity and try different color concepts.

23. Unique & Rare!

This idea includes a lot of challenges since it’s quite rare and unique. You may want to try this if you are a creativity lover.

The main focus is definitely how simplistically the fixtures are placed. A round mirror, small toilet seats and a cornered walk-in shower with simple brown floors will take you one-time traveling ride.

Bonus Idea-01: Fit in Everything with Class!

Sometimes using small space with a huge bathtub makes it look bigger for some reason. You can try the idea by including a huge bathtub in the window side of your bathroom.

Simply use a small area ahead of the bathtub to decorate your sink and cabinets that are small enough to fit. Include a glass walk-in shower at another corner.

Bonus Idea-02: Lights Are the Major!

A small bathroom area will definitely look a lot prettier with glowing lights all over Use the lamp looking lights on both sides of the sink area and see how magically it transforms the entire area.

Small skylights are also a beautiful addition to go for in this look concept. Place the shower and bathtub near the window.

Bonus Idea-03: Droopy Curtains with Cornered Bathtub!

In a small space, place your huge bathtub cornered near the windows. This will make space look well organized. Now use the other corner for a walk-in shower.

You may want to use small sink near the door. Use some small curtains on the windows to make it look cute.


Make sure to pick bathroom ideas with shower for your area keeping in mind what would suit the best. I’m sure all of these are really lovely to make any bathroom look elegant and classy. Good Luck!

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