10 Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar Reviews 2021

Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar

So you need handheld shower head with slide bar? That’s fine so many luxurious people like you find so.

Unfortunately, it’s rare and full of cheapy and lower quality products commonly available around us. Here, we researched so many showers and finally enlisted 10 best handheld shower with slide bar to makes you smile.

Let’s check! Oh, don’t miss our well-formatted buying guide too!

10 Best Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar 2021

If you feel hurry no mater as we shortlisted them very carefully. Here’s the list of 10 best handheld shower head with slide bar:

  1. Moen 3669EP Handheld Shower Head– The Eco-Friendly Friend
  2. Moen 3668EPBN Handheld Showerhead– The Solo Performer
  3. AquaDance 28″ Slide Bar Combo Rain Showerhead– Enjoy Three Way Shower Experience
  4. Delta 51900-SS Hand Held Shower– Premium By Looks, Effective By Functionality
  5. Delta 51708 Hand Held Shower– Take Time At Shower To Relax
  6. Waterpik VSS-563MT Shower Head– Easy Fixing with Magnetic Brackets
  7. KES F204DG-BS+KP501B-BN Handheld Shower Head– Enjoy Stress Releasing Water Sensation
  8. EGRETSHOWER Function Handheld Shower Head– Four Beautiful Finishes 
  9. Kohler K-98361-BN Hand Shower– Innovative At Features
  10. Moen 3868EPORB Handheld Shower– Practical Purchase with Affordable Price

There are various categories such as dual shower head with slide bar and many more that comes with exciting features. So, it was kind of hard to be biased with only ten to save your time and bucks as well.

Here’s our briefing about each of them, so that you can understand why I chose these. Read it Out!

1. Moen 3669EP Handheld Shower Head– The Eco-Friendly Friend

The moen handheld shower head with slide bar is an eco-friendly choice that comes with a hose of sixty-nine inches. There are three different finish to choose from and it’s quite reasonable.

You may want to go for a versatile design that would give a decorative addition to your bathroom. It comes with an adjustable height feature with a convenient slide bar also.

The whole product is backed up with a limited lifetime warranty to keep your money on safe hand. The ADA compliant shower head is a great choice overall.


  • The hand shower is customizable.
  • It comes with full force.
  • The slide bar is easy to use.
  • The finish is durable.
  • Long hose included.


  • A bit slow water pressure.

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2. Moen 3668EPBN Handheld Showerhead- The Solo Performer

Another Moen handheld shower head that comes with a nice one-function full spray technology for a relaxing bath at home.

It comes with a long hose of 69 inches that is easy to maneuver and wash every part of your body comfortably. You are going to enjoy a 24-inch slide bar as well to get height adjustments.

There are three finishes available to choose from and also it comes with a bathroom deco friendly design. For the price, it’s a worth try anybody would love.


  • Comes with a long hose.
  • The slide bar is easy to adjust.
  • Three beautiful finishes.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Comfortable water pressure.


  • Only one function.

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3. AquaDance 28″ Slide Bar Combo Rain Showerhead- Enjoy Three Way Shower Experience

In this aquadance shower head review, this is really a unique rain showerhead that comes with a stainless-steel slide bar.

It comes with six settings that are convenient for different shower needs with a low three-way diverter system.

The dual shower head spa comes with a chrome finish that includes an extra shine and brightness into your dull looking bathroom.

Also, it supports angle adjustment benefits with ergonomic handle design. This grip is strong and there’s hardly any fear of slipping or breaking your bathroom tiles with it.


  • The height is adjustable.
  • Super durable with stainless steel construction.
  • Six settings are great.
  • Premium quality usage.
  • Water diverter works well.


  • It’s a bit traditional in design.

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4. Delta 51900-SS Hand Held Shower- Premium By Looks, Effective By Functionality

Delta is a well-known bathroom fixture company and their showerheads are all premium quality. Same goes for this handheld model that is also ADA-compliant. The nine-spray technology makes it an “easy to use” pick.

Also, there is a slide bar attached that helps the user to define according to their height requirements for changes. It includes an extra hose as well to give you a nice usage.

You can easily use the handheld shower for your whole-body bathing and it gives the sensation of massage as well.


  • There are convenient jets.
  • Long hose included.
  • Massage sensation.
  • Very durable and classy.
  • Height adjustment is possible.


  • The wand is fragile.

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5. Delta 51708 Hand Held Shower- Take Time At Shower To Relax

With massaging jets that relieve sore muscle and helps with reducing body pain, this is another super quality shower head that comes with handheld features as well.

The powerful body spray is quite intense and gives a steady performance to make water stream satisfyingly fall over your body.

It comes with a long hose and seven spray features. The finish is durable with bright chrome and looks very classy in any bathroom area.

Overall, it’s easy to install and use showerhead that looks perfect with a total of four finish options available.


  • The finishing is quite durable.
  • Very practical to use.
  • Adjustments are pretty easy.
  • The spray patterns are convenient.
  • The grip is strong and safe.


  • Plastic construction might not survive rough usage.

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6. Waterpik VSS-563MT Shower Head- Easy Fixing with Magnetic Brackets

Waterpik showerhead is an excellent quality handheld fixture that stays in place without the need for any drilling or screws. You can use the magnetic brackets, an innovative idea to remove any fixing problems.

Also, there is an eighteen-inch stainless steel strip coming along with this high-quality showerhead. There are adhesive pads coming along with it. This makes sure the showerhead can stay exactly where it is.

There is also a metal hose that comes with five-foot of height. The ultra-flexible design makes bathing a piece of cake.

You can easily use it according to your heights and adjust the bracket up and down with one simply gesture.


  • It comes with magnetic brackets.
  • The hose is long.
  • Comes with durable built-in quality.
  • Waterproof adhesive included.
  • Installs very quickly and easily.


  • Plastic portion is fragile.

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7. KES F204DG-BS+KP501B-BN Handheld Shower Head- Enjoy Stress Releasing Water Sensation

This is very easy to use the showerhead that comes with a handheld option to make the shower a refreshing moment.

The sprayer comes with five massaging settings. It makes a sensation with water pressure to give you stress releasing moment after a hectic day.

Also, the sliding bar is made of stainless steel material. It comes with rust resistance features and also quite durable to last long.

There is an innovative drip function that helps to save water and bills effortlessly. You can also constant the temperature according to your mood.


  • Comes with five spray setting.
  • The bar is extra thick.
  • Magnetic brackets are included.
  • Drip function is really good.
  • Rustproof material quality.


  • Rubber hose needs improvement.

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8. EGRETSHOWER Function Handheld Shower Head- Four Beautiful Finishes

This one is a drill-free and convenient shower system that comes with everything you need in a whole package. The money-saving deal comes with four finish choices that you can pick according to your needs.

There is a total of five settings to enjoy a shower at your home. Each of them works really fine and they are easy to switch as well.

There is a 6” shower arm that comes with a durable finish and built-in quality to last in your bathroom longer.

It also includes a 59” long hose that supports the interlocking system. With stainless steel construction, you hardly will ever regret the using of this hose.


  • The finish is durable.
  • It comes with five settings.
  • The long hose works great.
  • The interlocking system in hose included.
  • Complete and convenient to use.


  • Swivel bar’s nut is weak.

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9. Kohler K-98361-BN Hband Shower- Innovative At Features

It’s hard to believe anybody in the bathroom fixture industry have not heard about Kohler. They come with really reasonable and modern fixtures and this hand shower is no different.

It comes with multiple functions and a slide bar kit to give complete service. The finish is extremely durable and does not come off too easily.

It also includes three innovative functions, which are intense drenching, targeted spray and also wide coverage.

The water pressure is worth admiring that provides an intense massaging feel to get your stress away from you every single day.


  • The three positions work well.
  • Perfectly working slide bar.
  • The holder is convenient.
  • Adjustments are easy and simple
  • Price is affordable.


  • Hose material is of poor quality.

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10. Moen 3868EPORB Handheld Shower- Practical Purchase with Affordable Price

Moen products are really practical and affordable for any household. The finish and material are of high quality that gives optimal performance.

The slide bar is 24-inches and the hose are long enough to help you wash every part of your body comfortably.

The design looks really good with stringing lights and dark accent interior. You also get a vacuum breaker that is easy to use.

The four inches diameter handheld shower comes with single function support that does the job pretty well. There is a lifetime warranty included with the deal to keep your money safe.


  • It sprays water well.
  • The slide bar is adjustable easily.
  • Vacuum breaker is great quality.
  • The finish is durable.
  • Long hose included.


  • It comes with poor wall brackets.

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What Should You Consider for Choosing The Best Handheld Shower Head?

What Should You Consider for Choosing The Best Handheld Shower Head

I know, maximum users are more likely to care about the aesthetic sides for a nice bathroom interior. But trust me, it’s going to make you pay later.

You should not only think about how it looks but also how it works. That brings me to some of the most important factors to use for choosing a showerhead. I’ll point them out one by one below.

What’s the Hose Length?

Yes, handheld showerheads usually have a pretty good length for their hose design. However even if it’s usually that way, it does not necessarily mean it’s going to be true for every handheld shower system out there. So please have a good look and consideration of the facts.

Usually, a hose with around sixty to seventy-three inches of length works perfectly for an average human. However, you may want to consider a longer length such as 84 inches for hose if there’s anyone with disabilities in your family.

Water Flow Ratio

Usually known as flow rate, this ratio is quite important to decide according to your family’s need. The US govt. does not allow more than 2.5 gallons per minute.

That’s why most of the shower heads available in shops will provide part of that amount. So, make sure you get a shower head with atleast 2 GPM but also not more than 2.5 GPM.

A Grip That’s Safe

More than anything else, we should always consider the safety of our family. So, it’s really important to get a good grip handheld showerhead since a bathroom is a place where one usually slips and falls. It’s quite dangerous, especially for young and elders.

So, make sure the handheld addition has a good grip going around. This way you’ll have less difficulty maneuvering into your body parts and easily clean them up in no time. A handle that comes with ergonomic and convenient design with proper grip is the way to go.

Ease of Use

There should be controls and buttons to make usage easy for you. This is something that most shower head brand, these days, add into their model.

Choose a showerhead that comes with lever features and knobs that gives you the freedom of controlling water pressure and movement.

So, make sure you get something that goes well with your comfort and convenience. The one that gets the job right is what you should be cheering for. There’s no satisfaction in using a shower head that does not reach the benchmark of your needs.

Material Quality

Some folks want to think about the built-in quality and materials used. Because eventually, this would decide how long the tool is going to survive. So, it’s really important to consider finishing and material.

The handheld shower needs to be scoring a good mark for exterior beauty, wear resistance, strength, and durability.

You may want to go for plastic, ceramic, silver, copper, brass and gold. There are even people who admire stainless steel finish and there are some valid reasons for that.

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Shape & Design of Shower Head

There are various design and shapes that come into limelight when we think about a showerhead. Usually, the most preferable one is with a little curvature handle that stays right above the head. It conveniently sprays water downwards.

There are also ring and cube-shaped ones that offer good hold and usage as well. Recent models come with a flat paddle and cylindrical heads as well.

The Price You Pay

Being a little conscious about your budget is not wrong at all. You should know that cost-effectiveness does not mean your product needs to be any low of quality.

There is a huge competition going around among brands and everyone wants to offer better within an affordable range to seem more worth buying than their competitors. You should take good advantage of this fact.

Compare your choices, side by side and go for the one that offers savings with features. It’s your right to judge a good and value bringing stuff.

Just be sure not to get flattered by cheap price tags. Usually, these are poor in quality and no fun in using for daily needs. It’s okay to save money but doesn’t think about spending too less.

Final Words

So, these ten best handheld shower head with slide bar can bring a lot of convenience and comfort into your shower life. Don’t forget to be a little strict on choosing one based on your needs and requirements.

It’s nothing wrong to search a bit more and be completely sure. You are not going to change a showerhead every month.

So spent a good amount of time and only then decide on a particular model that fits your lifestyle, budget, needs and other important criteria. Good Luck!

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