7 Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews – Top Rated Picks of 2021

Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews

Modern showerheads have so many features to offer that make bathing a stress releasing experience after a tiring day at work or study. Detachable shower heads have this amazing category that includes magnetic technology to help you place the showerhead in right position even with closed eyes.

So, there will be no next time of not being able to fit or get the shower head rightly because there’s soap or bath gel all over your hand making things slippery and difficult.

Moen, being one of the leading manufacturers for many bathroom fixtures showed some amazing upgrades for magnetic shower heads as well. And so, we are here to provide you 7 moen magnetix shower head reviews.

Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews 2021

Let’s not waste your precious time and jump directly into the complete reviews of these 7 top rated Moen picks for shower head.

1. Moen 26008 Magnetix Shower Head– 6 Spray Settings to Bath in Comfort with This One

The 26008-shower head features unique 6 spray mood that gives greater comfort for dream-like bath. It gives your body cozy rinse to handle shower and desirable spray style.

With Magnetix tech, you can easily secure dock by attaching it to the shower head. It also allows you to wash off the hair or upper body for a clean look. For that, you only need to move it toward the magnetic dock to snap into place.

This shower head features 60 inches flexible metal hose that’s easy to install. Also, the package includes a magnetic holder bracket for fixing benefits.


  • The brand offers a limited warranty.
  • Easy to replace the head with the magnet.
  • Good flow with normal pressure.
  • The handheld option is great.
  • It lasts longer.


  • The construction is mostly plastic.

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2. Moen 26009 Magnetix Shower Head– Withstands the Lasting Value with This Bathroom Fixture

Looking for trustworthy magnetic shower head reviews? It’s right here. The 26009 shower heads feature durable and strong parts that are built to last longer for your luxury bathing feel.

With fully flexible hose support, you are able to shower comfortably to clean your body parts from afar. The diameter of the metal constructed hose is 60 inches that easy to reach. This thing allows you to move it from up to down with no trouble.

Also, it comes with dual-purpose nozzles that you can use single or double separately. The shower heads work well for seamlessly with today’s lifestyles.


  • The rainshower spray face is 2 inches.
  • It has good flow.
  • The shower jet gives nice drenching spray.
  • Easy to install.
  • The magnet is great idea.


  • Some people it heavy.

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3. Moen 26112 Magnetix Showerhead– Strong Filtration Power to Keep Avoid Water Spot with This One

The 26112-shower head by well-known Moen brand features strong spot-free option to keep away from germs. It also helps your faucet to look clean and resists fingerprints or water spots.

Finish with brushed Nickel, this shower head features a single nozzle to wash comfortably. It only takes pushing the buttons to set your most comfortable style of shower. Also, you are able to bath with handheld or by attaching it instantly with the magnetic base dock.

It also features smart, relaxing and versatile showering experience with its multi-function spray. The shower head is inspired by nature to give you the real rainfall feel.


  • The brand offers good customer service.
  • Simple to setup.
  • The hose is flexible to move.
  • It feels light to hold.
  • Good for deeper rinses.


  • Most buyers find it expensive.

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4. Moen 26100EPSRN Magnetix Showerhead– Avoid Consuming Water in Your Home with This One

The 26100EPSRN Magnetix shower head features a low flowing option to stop wasting water. It also helps to give good shower performance with different types of spray jet.

With WaterSource options, this shower head is protected by the EPA aka Environmental Protection Agency. Also, it gives you greater water efficiency to save extra bucks and energy. And, this feature helps to use your home shower with low pressurized shower.

On top of that, the shower head comes with customizable several distinct rain settings. It also helps you to get enough flexibility and variety to pick.


  • Trouble-free to put in.
  • It feels durable for lasting support.
  • Great option for different jets.
  • The water pressure is a bias wrecker.
  • Fits well on modern bathrooms.


  • Includes no Wrap Teflon tape.

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5. Moen 26000 Magnetix Showerhead– Get Your Dream Drench with This Versatile Option

Encouraged by nature, the Moen 26000 shower head features multi-purposes style to decor your bathroom. It also designed in Chrome finish to give a reflective mirror-like look.

This shower head comes at an amazing value with unique rain performance to give you a deluxe bath feel. With affordable prices, you can enjoy quality and features in any transitional décor. Also, it will cost less than other brands if begin to compare.

By and large, this shower head gives a refreshing rainfall feel with cozy spray type. It helps to give your body and soul a relaxed feel to rinse and soothe while showering.


  • Comes in an affordable price.
  • It takes some minutes to set up.
  • The shower head has good flow.
  • It gives no leaking issues.
  • Good water pressure.


  • The hose appears to be shorter.

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6. Moen 26100EP Magnetix Showerhead– Find Light-Weighted Bathroom Fixture with This One

The 26100EP Magnetix shower head features low-weighted yet strong design to feel easy while installing. Also, it takes no extra effort to carry or detach while taking a shower.

With Chrome finish color, the shower head and its parts look like a clean mirror that reflects well. It also gives your bathroom a luxury looks with perfect variety to décor in different styles. Besides, the shower head is exceptional for standard beauty, style, and innovative design.

For the most part, it comes with a magnetic support dock system to go handheld whenever you wish to. The shower head also gives no tension to pull or attach well.


  • It is WaterSense certified.
  • Good option with low pressure.
  • It is for wall-installation.
  • The brand gives 1 year of warranty.
  • Perfect for the small bathroom.


  • Only for short people.

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7. Moen 26100 Magnetix Showerhead– Make More Vigorous Rinse with This Shower Fixture

For the more energetic rinse, the Moen 26100 is a great option. It features a relaxing rain shower to give you more like an energetic vibe wash while bathing.

This shower head is right for both small and large bathrooms to fit in anywhere. It also gives no pain to install in your bathroom with simple processes. Even though the instruction guide is hard to understand, you are able to find the installation method on YouTube.

It also features excellent design and durability that lasts for a lifetime. The brand offers 2.5 GPM of huge water flow to bath with lavishness than any other series.


  • The magnet is easy to handle.
  • It has a reasonable value.
  • The brand has limited warrants.
  • It has high water pressure.
  • Painless to install.


  • The instruction guide is not clear.

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Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews

Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews

Choosing the right shower heads may give a headache as it takes more things to notice. Starting by its features to pattern & value, you should note all things to not regretting later. Read down below to pick the best one.

Good Performance Shower Heads to Spend On

Depending on the functions, you should go for the shower heads. Even though it’s pricey, still the shower head will assure lasting value. That’s more important not to spend extra bucks later. So, remember to pick a shower head with performance by saving bucks.

Decide on the Pattern of Spray

A good shower head should come with several rinses and spray pattern to shower comfortably. Most brands come with different shower spray like mist, combo and massaging spray mood. Based on your comfortable nozzle style with multiple settings, pick a shower head.

The Adaptable Water Flow Is Important

The most important thing about a shower head is water flow that needs extra focus before picking any. Most people want the most to least water flow rate to suit their environment needs. It’s better to pick at least 1.75 to 2.5 GPM water flow.

Pick the Good Pressurized Shower Head

If you want to spend less water while showering, it’s better to go for a good pressurized shower head. For that, you should pick a less pressure one to spend less water and energy. So, pick depending on its water pressure.

Moen VS Delta- Who’ Better for Shower Heads?

Moen VS Delta Shower Heads

In recent years, shower heads are modified in different ways with many changes. Based on comfort and style, most people pick shower head brands. The most reliable brand for shower head is Moen and Delta that comes with different features.

If looking at the Moen brand, this North America top faucet brand has innovative quality and lifelong support. This respectful brand serves nothing but perfection and comfort.

Delta brand, on the other hand, is synonymous with leader in the kitchen industry with its excellent style and performance. If comparing with Moen, this brand is more popular. Yet, Moen more like self-compelling style than any other brand.

The spray of both brands has good shower and drench facilities. Unlike other brands, Moen offers a lever to control the two given functions of shower.

Both brands also come with better water efficiency for up to 2.5 GPM. Even though they spray at the same efficiency, Delta has an exclusive adjustable knob. Also, this brand has unique spray patterns to shower in comfort.

Although both brands have exceptional quality, Delta comes in more economical value than Moen. Of course, there are huge differences in quality for that reason Moen is reasonable.

Why Moen Magnetic Shower Head Will Be a Smart Investment?

Why Moen Magnetic Shower Head Will Be a Smart Investment

Those who prefer a traditional yet simple shower head at good quality, then Moen shower heads are a good option.

Moen shower heads are perfect at quality and performance for versatile services. The best part of these shower heads is their filtration power. The filtration power of Moen shower heads works like an expert to kill viruses.

Other than that, you can also enjoy both single and dual shower heads independently. If looking at the durability, Moen shower heads can be used more often in both high and low pressurized water flows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Do all types of shower heads fit?

Ans: The shower heads are made to fit in any type of shower arms. Only if you have shower arms plumbing that’s able to come from your ceiling or wall, it’ll fit perfectly. You just need to go for a desired one to mount in the ceiling.

Ques: How often should I need to change shower heads?

Ans: Based on most professional plumbers suggested, it’s important to change shower heads in every 6 to 8 months. As the chances of getting bacteria and chlorella thrive in moist parts, you should change without delay.

Ques: How to change a shower head?

Ans: To change a shower head, you should gather the plumbing tools to start by. At first, use a wrench to loosen the used shower head then clean well. After that, attach the Wrap Teflon tape around the thread to fit the new shower head.


And that’s all for today’s moen magnetix shower head reviews. These are great at getting the job done without disappointing for sure. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick one convenient shower head from the list that works well with your requirements.

Just make sure you give priority to research more and find out things that you’re confused about. That way you’ll be able to make a confirmed and profitable choice.

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