13 Best Night Lights for Bathroom – 2021 Top Choices with Buyer’s Guide

Best Night Lights for Bathroom

A bathroom night light helps from stumbling in the dark. And there is a wide range of brands available. So, which one should you choose for your bathroom can be a lapsing decision.

Here, we have found out 13 top night lights with different excellent features and benefits. Read this to know about them.

Best Night Lights For Bathroom

Now, let’ shave the detailed view of these night lights.

1. Sycees Night Light– Budget-friendly Compact-Sized Night Light

Sycees brings a perfect night light that you can use for your bathroom, it is neither too dark nor too bright.

It has the light sensor built-in itself. So, when there is no light, it will automatically lighten up. And it is not too dazzling illumination that can hinder your sleep.

So, for nighttime use, Sycees night light is a perfect option to choose. The light’s size is so compact that you can easily use the other side of the socket-outlet with this light plugged-in.

The light has the LED bulbs, so no need for light replacement for a more extended period. And to talk about the costs, it will cost less than $0.20 or 20 cents in a year. That means, in a year, it costs around 11 cents per Kilo Watt-hour.

If you are searching for something within budget, Sycees night light is a must for you. The 6 pack option will be a winning point for you.


  • Budget- worthy pack
  • Excellent energy saving
  • Ideal size
  • Perfect warm color


  • Color seems harsh in midnight to some

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2. Maxxima Pack of 2- UL Approved Night Light with Activated Motion

If you like to have a little white color light for your bathroom, you can choose Maxxima as your toilet night light.

Maxxima night light has the active motion sensor in it. The light will turn on automatically when it detects any motion from around 15 feet far. So, no fear to stumble at night time when you have the Maxxima light in your bathroom.

This light will automatically turn off in 60 seconds after the motions stop. So, you don’t need to turn on or off.

Again, this light is the energy-efficient one for its LED bulbs. Here, 5 brighter white color LED bulbs are used. On top of that, Maxxima night light is certified by the UL for safety issues.

So, if you want something brighter type of night light, and that too with motion detected type, pick the Maxxima night light for your bathroom or in other places also.


  • A comprehensive range of motion detection
  • Energy efficient
  • Brighter cool color light
  • Safety approved


  • May not light up in ambient light

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3. Eufy Pack of 4- Get Flicker-Free LED Night Light with This One

Eufy night light brings a super saver night light pack with optimal lighting and a long life span.

This night light turns on automatically when there is an ambient amount of light. And the lighting type is not very bright to dazzle your eyes.

The case of the light is certified as a V0 rating by the UL for safety certification. This innovative feature makes this light fire-resistive.

However, this night light is super economical. It will cost you less than 30 cents in a year. It indicates that it will cost 0.11 KWh of power, on average of 12 hours running.

Another benefit of this light is the 4 times brighter Lumi of LED. And the compact-sized light keeps the second outlet free for other usages.


  • Brighter Lumi of LED
  • Economical energy efficacy
  • 18 months of warranty
  • V0 rated safety certification


  • No motion sensor

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4. Vont Pack of 3- Wiring-Free Rechargeable Night Light

Vont light is an environmental-friendly night light. The toilet night light is neither too bright nor too dim, only the perfect one.

You don’t need to turn on this light at night because this toilet night light will auto turn on when there are any movement and darkness. And it turns off after 15 to 30 seconds of the movement stops.

Why should you choose Vont night light for your bathroom? It does not need any wire or plugin sockets. It is rechargeable and requires 3 AAA batteries to run.

It has a strong adhesive on the back with 3 times rugged magnetic pad for easy attachment anywhere.

This light consumes less than 30 cents in a year. So, it is quite economical with 2 times longer life span than the others.


  • Perfect bright light
  • Satisfaction guarantee up to 60 days
  • Warranty up to 3 years
  • No wiring or electric connection


  • One time stickable tape behind

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5. Uigos Night Light- Light Sensor Light with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Uigos knows what you need in the dark. So, it brings a night light with the perfect brightness for night time use.

The light has an activated light sensor that helps it to turn on when there is dark. Again, it will turn off when there is enough light around.

No more hustle for lighting at night Uigos light is in your bathroom. This toilet night light uses 4 stronger LED bulbs with perfect illumination.

The light will run up to 8 hours per day. In a year, it consumes around 2.2 KW/h of power. And with this running time, it will cost you less than 30 cents in a year.

If you are afraid to go to the bathroom at night and want something that will keep lighting with the perfect enlightenment, get the Uigos light now. It gives you the chance to replace it, in case you don’t like the light.


  • The ideal amount of light
  • Smart light sensor
  • Sleek & cheaper
  • Compact-sized


  • Some don’t like the appearance

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6. GE Night Light- Get a Glossy Finishing Light with This One

GE comes with a light-sensing formula. It will automatically turn on when there is dark and turns off at dawn.

The light is a soft bright color. And it is neither too shinny nor too dim, just the standard brightness.

GE night light possesses a stylish and modern look. The design of the light will give a glossy finishing that is the central attraction of this light.

This night light comes in a pack of two. It is designed in the USA. Besides, the UL listed light makes it reliable to use.

If your plugin socket is slightly close to the floor and you want some night light that will be safe, GE night light is for you. It is soft cool light and feels cold if accidentally get touched.


  • Exact light for bathroom use
  • Pleasant & glossy design
  • Safety certified by UL
  • Opaque shield softens the harshness


  • Not suitable for bedroom use

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7. SerieCozy Soft Light- Give Your Eyes an Anti-Flickering Lighting Effect

SerieCozy brings you a light that has so soft glow and does not hurt your eyes with the harshness.

The light of SerieCozy has the built-in system light sensing. It can detect the light and turns on when there is an ambient amount of light.

Its featuring point is the soft glow of the light that is not too harsh to glaze your eyes. Don’t think that it’s too dim. The lighting brightness is ideal enough for night time use.

The cost-saving LED bulb inside this light will cost less than 20 cents in a year. So, if you use 12 hours a day, it consumes 0.11KWh of power in a year. So, energy-efficient!

The light diffusion system helps to prevent any flickering of the light and irritation to the eyes. Besides, SerieCozy gives you 45 days of the return policy and a replacement warranty of 15 months.

And if you need technical support, you can contact SerieCozy through their provided email for 12 hours a day.


  • 360° light diffusion guide plate
  • Anti-flickering soft LED
  • Saves energy
  • Prevents irritation to eyes


  • No on/off switch

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8. Beams (MB720A) Light- Rechargeable Motion Sensing Night Light

Mr. Beams’s night light comes with some exceptional. The battery powers this light; no plugin or wiring is needed.

There is a strong double-sided adhesive tape on behind. And also available with screws to mount anywhere you like.

It is a soft night light with 20 Lumens of 600Nm power of LED that provides bright but amber light. And it will never disturb your sleep as you pass through it in the midnight.

The light can sense any motion from 15 feet away and lighten up. And it turns off 30 seconds after there is no motion or light.

It has an amber type of photocell inside it that works as the light sensor. At day time it won’t turn on.

If this light is activated 8 to 10 times a day, it will run up to one year around with the battery power.

If you want some flexibility in mounting the light in your bathroom, this compact-shaped light is the best night light for your bathroom.


  • Both light & motion sensor
  • Easily mountable
  • No wiring or electric outlets
  • Amber color light


  • The mounting plate seems small

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9. AUVON Warm Light- Brightness Adjustable Night light for Your Bathroom

AUVON brings a night light for you with some outstanding features. It has not only the light and motion sensor, but it is a brightness dimmable night light.

The light has two options to set the brightness, whether bright or medium. So, this light gives you the chance to put it as per your choice for a desiring color and shine.

Again, it has the on-off switch mode. You can set it on for full-time lighting. Or, you can set it off if you are out of the house for some days. You can also set it to the auto mode to detect light or motion and turns on its own.

The light sensor of this light works at a 120° angle with 15 feet area coverage. It turns off after 60 seconds of the last detected motion. So, this night light has been proven to save 84% energy than other motion sensor-less lights.

If you want something unique with various choices, UVON night light would be the best one for you. Besides, it has the V0 rating for resisting fire and adequate protection for over-currents.

If you buy AUVON light, you will get 4 light in a pack and a user manual for convenient usage. And the AUVON technical support for the lifetime is always available there right after your purchase.


  • 2 types of brightness option
  • 24 months of warranty
  • Glare-free warm color
  • An extreme level of energy saver


  • Some find pricy

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10. Powrui Exceptional Light- Get Two Socket-Extender with This Night Light

POWRUI introduces a night light with some authentic concepts. The night light is relatively larger square-shaped but extends two-socket outlet option on it.

Let’s dive you into the details. This light lets you extend 2 additional AC sockets on the light.  By mounting this light, you get 3 in 1 outlet if your socket provides only one.

Another feature is the touch sensor technology in it. The light has a touch sensor on the light. Also, a light sensor helps turn on when there is dark enough and automatically turns off when there is sufficient light around.

The touch sensor option lets you choose the light to turn on/off manually or automatically.  With the first touch,h the light turns on with medium brightness. On the second touch, it gets brighter. Finally, on the third touch, it turns off.

The LED light will cost around 0.20 Dollars in a year. So, it is enough energy-efficient in this case. And you can plugin this light on both spheric-shaped socket and GFCI type of socket.


  • Touch & light sensor
  • 3 modes of brightness adjustment
  • Extra outlets option
  • Eye-protective formula


  • No warranty

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11. Greenic 2 Pack Light- Kids-Friendly Colorful Night Light

Thinking about the kids and some people loving the colorful lights, Greenic brings a green color night light. The light is also available in three more colors.

Greenic light has a light sensor in it. It turns on auto when there is dark and again turns off when there is enough light on the surroundings.

The light comes in a crystal exact square shape. And you can turn this light upside down or even in any direction you want. The 2 prong pins on this light are not polarized with the current. So, no fear of getting shocks.

110 to 120 Volt of Light can run more than 20,000 hours.  Another specialty of this night light is the safety certification by UL, ROHS, CUL, and CE.

If you like some solid color light for your bathroom or set it for your kids’ cheering, Greenic light will be ideal.


  • Turnable to any direction
  • Solid color
  • One year of warranty
  • Perfect dim color


  • No on/off switch

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12. iAVO Soft Light- Cute-Shaped Blue Night Light with Offset Prong

iVAO blue color soft night light is such a cute size light with an activated light sensor. The light will only turn on when there is dark and turns off when here is sufficiently enlightenment.

The offset prongs in this light are not polarized and keep you safe from any electric shock, whether it is on or off.

The compact type square shape and the warm, soft color spread a sleeky environment.

This soft blue color night light consumes 0.5W of power only. And in a year, it will cost you around 2.2 kWh of energy if 12 hours of running per day.

The light sensor works at dusk when there is an ambient amount of light around and turns on to remove the darkness for you.

So, the soft blue lover can rely on this night light for bathroom use or even in bedroom use.


  • Exact soft glow for sleepy eyes
  • Energy-saving LED
  • Convenient size
  • Dusk to dawn sensor


  • Lasts around 7 months

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13. LOFTER RGB Light- Colorful Night Light with Both Static & Cycling Mode

People who want different multi-color light in their bathroom, LOFTER night light will be ideal to use.

It is the multi-color system light night with dusk to dawn sensor technology built init. The light turns on when it is dark and turns off auto when there is enough light.

Besides, it has an easy controlling option. On the first press on the button, the light will be activated with the light sensor. On the second press, like press and stop, you can select and choose any static color.

However, if you want the color mode cycling around, you need to press long on the button, and it will be set to the RGB color cycling mode.

If you want to turn off the light sensor mode, just press a short one during the static color mode.

The ultra-slim design of the light gives a warm sleeky light. And the light is indeed anti-glaring for your eyes.


  • The long life span of LED
  • Anti-glaring LED
  • Ultra-slim shape
  • Colorful both static & cyclic


  • Complex setting option

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How to Pick the Night Lights for Bathroom?

How to Pick the Night Lights for Bathroom

Not every night light is ideal to use for the bathroom. So, when you are looking for the night light for the bathroom, you should consider some points.

Let’s help you with some significant considerations you should look at before buying a toilet night light.

Type of the Light Bulb

The first thing comes to the light bulb type. For the night time use, in earlier times, people tend to use that yellowish bulb light. But in modern days, the most energy-efficient light has come-the LED bulb.

The LED light can save a lot of energy than old yellow bulbs. Again, the LED light spread a soft, dim effect, whereas the yellow bulb impacts a pinkish color on the white wall.

So, always choose the LED night light.

Built-in Light Sensor

Most of the night lights offer active light sensor technology in the lights. It would be the best option to choose from. The light sensor helps you to be worry-free from switching on the light at night.

So, if your preference is to let the light always on when there is dark, you must choose the light sensor system night light.

Motion Sensor System

The activated motion sensing light can be choosable if you don’t like to keep the light always on. The motion sensor chip detects any motion and turns on auto.

So, when you are entering into the bathroom, the motion sensor will make the light on. And after you left, the light will be turned off.

There is some night light where you can find various range of motion detection. You can choose anyone from them according to your choice.

The brightness of the light

For nighttime use, it is crucial to check the brightness level. You must choose some soft glowing light that won’t hurt your sleepy eyes.

Some lights come with an anti-flickering formula. You may pick anyone from that type of night light. Don’t get too bright one; that may disrupt your sleep.

Safety & Warranty

Some companies seem to provide warranties or replacement guarantee with night light. If you are a little naggy type, you can look for the light with satisfaction warranty and replacement service.

Price & Budget

Most of the night lights are budget-friendly. Some come in a pack of two or more. You can look for that combo package for long time usage.

Wrap Up

We can’t turn on the light during the night time when we are in a sleepy walk mostly. For that, we need a good light with an activated motion sensor or light sensor.

And the light color should be warm, soft, and sleeky to the eyes. Considering all the valuable factors, we have listed the 13 best night lights for bathroom above. Each of them is unique with individual features and outlooks.

Read this to lighten up your bathroom in the dark without much effort.

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