10 Best Outdoor Shower Fixtures – Top Picks To Try in 2021

Best Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Taking your kids for a shower is a difficult thing to do, right? They are always up to playful stuff and shower might not include that list. The same thing also happens with pet owners when they want to get their darling pets a good bath at home. But that is usually a mess right after finishing the pamper session. And you are left with a pile of dirt to clean up.

Why not try outdoor shower kits to just say bye to these issues. Outdoors are much better at taking fun showers and also kids would love the idea. Your pets would also adore you for that. Also, the outdoor shower arrangement gives you a quick way to clean up the gardening or lawn tools as well as patio furniture.

To enjoy the refreshing feeling of contacting nature, you definitely need some really cool shower fixture that beautifies the whole experience.

By the way, here’s the shortlist of  10 best outdoor shower fixtures:

  1. Homewerks Outdoor Shower Kit– Great Shower Kit for Beach House***Most Popular
  2. SC-1220-AF Exposed Shower– An Urban Style Shower for Bathroom
  3. Votamuta Outdoor Shower Kit– A Modern Style Shower Kit for Home Use
  4. KOHLER K-7254-CP Outdoor Shower– Wonderful Outdoor Shower to Feel Like Spa***Fabulous Picks
  5. Speakman S-1496-AF Outdoor Shower– Perfect Shower for Relaxing Bath***Budget Friendly
  6. ADVANCED ELEMENTS Outdoor Solar Shower– An Idyllic Solar Shower for Camping
  7. GAME Outdoor Solar Shower– A Hot and Cold Adjustment Solar Shower for Pool
  8. Camplux Tankless Water Heater– A Portable Water Heater for Road Trips
  9. Camplux Tankless Water Heater– A Portable Water Heater for Road Trips
  10. Zippity Outdoor Products Privacy Screen– An Outdoor Privacy Screen to Tear up Yard

Best Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Now the time has come to reveal the details. Let’s see one by one. Oh, one thing you should scan the buying guide once.

1. Homewerks Outdoor Shower Kit– Great Shower Kit for Beach House

The Homewerks shower fixtures has a chrome finish and brass construction to enjoy shower for your beach house.

With 1.8 GPM water flow, it flows water faster from an adjustable spray. On top, they have 2-handle design for water temperature control. Also, the outdoor shower comes with hot to cold water settings to use.

Overall, they have strong yet comfortable design for users to get pleasure from bathing. Plus, the brand gives 3 years of limited warranty to be confident in its quality and creation.


  • Brass body construction.
  • Water flow 1.8 GPM.
  • Has 2-handle design.
  • 3 years of warranty.
  • Great for lake house use.


  • It lacks quality.

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2. SC-1220-AF Exposed Shower– An Urban Style Shower for Bathroom

The Speakman shower fixtures have urban style design with rough chrome body construction. Plus, they have finest quality for bathroom.

In fact, this brand has 2-handle design to enjoy hot and cold water while showering. Also, the shower faucet has vandal-resistance 4 arms cross handles to turn without difficulty. With a stylish look, this exposed shower lasts longer.

Generally, the Speakman brand has great quality and features for both outdoor and indoor use. Plus, it has 2.2 GPM water consumption that saves water from waste.


  • Stylish rust-free finish.
  • Temperature control benefits.
  • Easy to install.
  • 2 GPM of water flow.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • It has short height.

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3. Votamuta Outdoor Shower Kit– A Modern Style Shower Kit for Home Use

The Votamuta shower kit has modern style with resists tarnish and corrosion for home use.  Plus, they give the highest quality solid brass to match.

With a powerful spray, the showerhead gives high flowing water to feel like rain. On top, both showerhead and hand shower is constructed with ABS plastic to lasts longer.

Besides, it has excellent design with a black finish for giving your inside or outside place a trendy look. Plus, they have 2 controllers to control water temperature.


  • Durable & solid design.
  • Great for residential use.
  • Comes with good quality.
  • It has on & off handled.
  • Swivel tub water spout.


  • We find it expensive.

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4. KOHLER K-7254-CP Outdoor Shower– Wonderful Outdoor Shower to Feel Like Spa

The Kohler brand has frustration-free 2-handle and one showerhead to shower like a spa. Plus, they come with a reversible yoke that gives functionality and styling.

On top, they have an amazing showerhead with high flow rate for up to 2.5 GPM spray to feel classy while bathing. With a shower fixtures Kohler, it gives solid brass construction for durable and reliable performance.

In general, the brand offers brass valve body construction for proving its simplicity. Also, it comes with a warm and chilly showering experience.


  • Has 2.5 GPM water flow.
  • Solid brass construction.
  • 2-handle design.
  • Comes with a limited warranty.
  • Simple to setup.


  • It is expensive.

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5. Speakman S-1496-AF Outdoor Shower– Perfect Shower for Relaxing Bath

Another mention of the Speakman brand that comes with 50 spray heads to feel the raindrop on your skin. Plus, it has rustic finish with a fresh design for a relaxing shower.

They offer balance and ceramic temperature settings with an adjustable handle. In fact, the exposed shower has 2 GPM water flow and 2.5 GPM of consumption rate to consume less water.

On the whole, this brand offers fantastic durability and design. Also, it comes with brass lever handle for easy activation to enjoy the bath.


  • Rough chrome construction.
  • Has temperature control valves.
  • A single function system.
  • Has 2 GPM water flow.
  • 1 year of warranty.


  • It has no instruction guide.

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6. ADVANCED ELEMENTS Outdoor Solar Shower– An Idyllic Solar Shower for Camping

Looking for comfortable solar shower for camping or trip? If so, the ADVANCED ELEMENTS brand is a great choice. They hold 5-gallon water for outdoor shower.

Also, the solar shower bag has 4-ply construction with reflector penal and insulator panel. In fact, they have Velcro straps to wash cloths. Besides, it has solar technology that automatically charged by the sun.

By and large, the brand has easy to install showerhead and extra big filling valve. Plus, the solar bag has a side pocket to secure soap and shampoo.


  • 4-ply construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a large filling valve.
  • Have Velcro straps for wash.
  • It has side pockets.


  • The hose is short in size.

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7. CRW Outdoor Shower System– A Multi-function Shower System for Mud Rooms

One brand that can’t be missed on our pick is the CRW shower fixtures. That comes with multi-use showerheads, hand shower and tub spout for mudrooms.

They have great shower control with 100 °F / 38 °C temperature to enjoy rainfall shower in any weather. Plus, the shower system has 5.4 GPM flowing of water to enjoy fast shower. Besides, it has a 90 ° of swiveling faucet for simple tub or pet shower.

On top, the stainless steel outdoor shower fixtures give luxurious shower feel without scalding. Moreover, the brand has full chrome finish construction that looks new for years of use.


  • Trouble-free to install.
  • Chrome finishes construction.
  • Comes with 3-function.
  • Water flow of 5.4 GPM.
  • Has thermostatic shower control.


  • They aren’t durable.

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8. GAME Outdoor Solar Shower– A Hot and Cold Adjustment Solar Shower for Pool

The Game solar shower comes with 5.5 gallons of water for hot-and-cold shower. Plus, they have easy assembly design for pool use.

What’s more? They have high-quality construction for long life and durability. On top, the solar shower has standard garden hose connectors to assemble. Also, it helps users to enjoy a hot bath after summing on the pool.

In fact, they have amazing design and solar-powered construction for longevity usage. Plus, it’s easy to use and remove for storage.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Powered by the sun.
  • Has hot & cold settings.
  • Brass & strong construction.
  • Good customer service.


  • Badly written instruction guide.

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9. Camplux Tankless Water Heater– A Portable Water Heater for Road Trips

The US & Canada’s top brand, Camplux tankless water heater has 3.0 PSI water pressure with 1.32 GPM of flow rate. Also, they have fully portable benefits for road trips use.

And top of it, the brand has compact size with folding handle to keep it on any journey. Besides, it gives anti-frozen features to get rid of freezing or cracking trouble. Also, they come with overheated, flame failure and dry combustion protectors for not to worry while showering.

On top, the water heater has flame corrosion devices and rust-free safety for protection. Plus, it has energy-saving tech with hot water output.


  • 32 GPM of water flow.
  • Great for off-road trip.
  • 180 days of average battery life.
  • Has 1-year warrants.
  • Offer a clear user manual.


  • Hard to install.

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10. Zippity Outdoor Products Privacy Screen– An Outdoor Privacy Screen to Tear up Yard

With premium quality, the Zippity Outdoor Products brand comes with a beautiful outdoor screen to keep privacy. In fact, the brand has great performance at a sensible price.

They come with premium weather-resistance vinyl construction. Plus, the outdoor privacy screen helps your heater, cloths rack and other shower systems to hide. Besides, they help your garden or yard to tear up all things for nice-look.

Overall, the outdoor privacy screen needs no paint, stain or maintain. Plus, they are quite simple to assembly with a cordless drill.


  • Easy to put in.
  • Has weather-resistance design.
  • Vinyl construction for durability.
  • Has a reasonable value.
  • Good in quality.


  • They aren’t long-lasting.

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What to Look for the Best Outdoor Shower Fixtures?

What to Look for the Best Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Are you looking for a premium outdoor shower fixture? If so, we’ve listed some considerations that should be noticed to get the best in both worlds. Read down below to catch up:

Look for Strong Valued Design

Before going to choose a brand, you should consider its strong valued design. Yes, you’ve heard it right, it assures that the outdoor showerheads, tub and faucet will serve for a long time. A rustic finish shower with modern design for any bathroom is the one that you should look for.

Decide on the Premium Quality

Of course, the optimal quality needs to consider for lasting beauty. For that, look for an outdoor shower fixture that has a durable handle made of low-lead brass.

On top, you should pick shower set with a trendy rush-free finish to enjoy every drop of water. So, make sure to choose a brand that assures durability and long life benefits.

Go for Large Water Capacity

Choosing an outdoor shower fixture need a large water capacity for a relaxing bath. For that, you should look for high flow showerhead that gives both hot-and-cold water. So, try to pick a brand that offers good flow rate with temperature control water.

The Shower Construction Is Important

An outdoor shower fixture needs strong body construction for heavy-duty performance. With a rough chrome finish, the showerheads, hand shower and tub gives a long-life guarantee. So, try to select a brand based on its construction to give longevity and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Why we need outdoor shower fixtures?

An outdoor shower fixture gives benefits of pool house cleaning and changing position. It gives full support to enjoy shower with no more hard work. With this, you can wash, dry and change in a private outdoor shower. And so, a better outdoor shower experience is possible for your kids and pets.

Ques: How to protect an outdoor shower from freezing?

Protecting shower from freezing is easy if doing in the right way. Your first step is to shut off the water supply. Then, remove the showerhead and insert the faucet cover to avoid freezing problems. This should get rid of the troubles you are having.

Ques: How to install an outdoor shower?

Installing an outdoor shower is easy by following the simple steps. At first, find a place to build your outdoor shower. Then, joint the pipes in the right place by following instruction guide. After that, attach the showerhead on the top with your hand. And you’re done.


Choosing the supreme outdoor shower fixtures for home, beach or pool use needs a few things to notice. For that, you should be humble and confident on your choice.

We all know the quality, price, features, and performance is the key that needs for optimal outdoor shower fixtures. So, note that before going on the market. Also, do enough research for getting the whole information of the chosen brand.

On top, we hope our recommended 10 best outdoor shower fixtures helped you find a way of relaxing bath. Also, make sure to try our pick as they offer great features.  Good luck!

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