7 Best Shower Tub Combo You Can Choose in 2021 With Buyers Guide

Best Shower Tub Combo

The shower tub combo is the best solution for those who have small bathrooms. These shower tub combos can save your space and give you comfort like the bigger bathrooms. Basically, shower tub combos or kits save space and enables you to enjoy both shower and tub.

But the combos can be very confusing as there are plenty of options available in the market. So here you will come to know the best shower tub combos that you will find at a very lower price without compromising the quality and performance.

Among the hundreds of styles and designs, we have chosen seven shower tub combos to fit your need within a reasonable price. We know those costly products are easier to identify as a high-quality product, and it is way too challenging to find good qualities without spending a lot.

By the way, here’s the shortlist of 7 best shower tub combo:

  1. DreamLine Aqua Fold Shower Door– Enjoy Comfy Shower with This One***Popular
  2. Esnbia Shower System with Exclusive Faucet Set- Give Your Bathroom Wishful Look***Budget Friendly
  3. SR Sunrise Shower System– Budget Friendly Option to Shower at Ease***Overall Best
  4. My plumbingStuff Shower Tub Combo– Get Durable One with No Rusting Issues
  5. Delta Faucet Shower Kit– Get 2 Fast Massage Sprays With This One
  6. ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall– Find Spaces to Shower Well With This Option
  7. DreamLine Encore Bypass Tub Door– Crystal Clear Option that Fits Anywhere

Best Shower Tub Combo

Our journey was not so easy rather we invested so many hours to find out the best shower tub combo. You know there’s a huge brand who are offering combos but all are not perfect.

By the way, now are out of risk and enjoy them from your heart.

1. DreamLine Aqua Fold Shower DoorEnjoy Comfy Shower with This One

Why It's Best
This shower door by DreamLine comes with frameless style that is comfortable for small bathrooms. It as well ensures you feel cozy whenever stepping on the bathroom.

If you prefer modern design then DreamLine Aqua Fold can help you out. It is a Bi-fold shower door or screen with a European flair that would be great as your shower combo.

Its trackless style and continuous self-centering pivot give an elegant look to your bathroom by welcoming you with a wide entry. It uses the minimal space by rotating the screen into and out of the tub so that you can enjoy the space according to your preference.

It would be a great solution for you if you have a smaller bathroom so that you don’t need to face the hassle of swing or sliding door.

Its ANSI certified clear glass brings the charm and style that you will hardly find within this budget.

It is mainly suitable for straight bathtub. Just remember to keep the door centered on the water deflector while taking shower and you will be more than satisfied with this tub screen.


  • High quality finishes for bath lovers to shower.
  • It comes with cozy shower space.
  • This shower combo has modern rotating tech.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Strong design for lifelong usage.


  • This shower tub combo is only for tiny bathrooms.

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2. Esnbia Shower System– With Exclusive Faucet Set Give Your Bathroom Wishful Look

Why It's Best
Esnbia brand is known for offering reliable and long-term shower fixtures to make your bathroom deluxe. It also ensures you feel cozy and achieves a dream-like look.

If you want to experience amazing water pressure in your bathroom then Esnbia shower faucet would be perfect for you. it is a great shower system with stainless steel square rain shower and a bass handheld shower.

The high-quality metal of this shower system will give an aesthetic look in your bathroom area. The non-corrosive metals are the combination of brushed nickel and brass that not only ensures durability but also gives the elegant look that most shower systems fail to provide within the same cost.

Both the square rain shower head and the handheld showerhead automatically increases the water pressure even under the lower water pressure of your bathroom. So, grab it to experience the unexpectedly high-water pressure while taking a shower.

Its easy installation and unique design can switch the look of your bathroom from an average one to an elegant one and will make you proud of your right decision.

My advice would be not to install it without any professional help, otherwise, you may experience leakage in the long run.


  • For the price, it’s hard to beat.
  • It appears to be strong and stable.
  • The shower tub combo includes corrosive free metals.
  • It comes with high water pressure.
  • Sleek and modern look to suit your floor design.


  • It needs the help of experts to install.

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3. SR Sunrise Shower System– Budget Friendly Option to Shower at Ease

Why It's Best
For an affordable shower system, SR Sunrise brand is a great option. It comes in great quality and gives desired shower experience at this price point.

It is a modern-looking shower combo that you can easily get within the affordable price. The most amazing part of having this combo in your shower area is that you will get a lifetime warranty that offers a replacement within 5 years! It’s a great deal within your budget.

The shower mixture valve is well built to balance the pressure and the trim and rough-in valve do not need 4 adaptors. You will love the concealed installation of this stainless rain shower head and solid brass shower arm.

The sleek look of the chrome-plated shower combo will ensure durability as its highly corrosion-resistant. You will love the consistent water pressure even under the lower water pressure.

One thing you need to remember that the combo does not offer the use of both the showerhead and the handheld at the same time. You either have to use one or the other and that’s good because otherwise your tendency to use more than enough water increase.


  • It has lifetime warranty to repair.
  • Glossy design to décor your bathroom.
  • It features rust-free surface.
  • The shower tub features high flowing water.
  • It has balanced pressure to ensure modest temperatures.


  • Sadly, you can’t use the showerhead and handheld together.

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4. My plumbingStuff Shower Tub Combo– Get Durable One with No Rusting Issues

Why It's Best
Made of high density and stainless steel shower system is the right pick for durability. It also ensures you no oxidation or rust issue for lifelong usage.

An amazing shower combo set that will give your bathroom a complete look. It comes with center diverter chrome plated faucet, a showerhead, a shower rod and a ceiling support shower rod. This combo set will give you more than your expectations.

The WaterSense certified showerhead can ensure the right water conservation by complying with the U.S state water restrictions. You don’t need to think about the perfect flow rate on your own. The high-quality combo set fits your bathroom perfectly with seamless rod supports so that you don’t have to think about these little details of your shower set.

Installing the set is quite easier than the other ones but it would be really helpful if you have another hand to support you.


  • Strong steel parts to resist rust.
  • Easy to modify for styling bathroom looks.
  • It fits seamless to adapt in small rooms.
  • One of the best bangs for the price.
  • Trendy design to look good on bathrooms.


  • It needs help with 2 people to install.

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5. Delta Faucet Shower Kit– Get 2 Fast Massage Sprays With This One

Why It's Best
One brand hard not to mention Delta Faucet features 2 strong spray options for stress-free rain. It also ensures your full body gets massaging rain during shower.

The Delta Faucet shower kit has a dual shower head with a detachable hand shower to give your amazing shower experience. It is perfectly made to give you maximum flexibility with its duel functionality. You don’t need to sacrifice the warmth for its dual use rather you can enjoy it according to preference whenever you need.

You can easily set the temperature and use the shower with the valve control and guess what you won’t even interrupt the temperature. You can pause the setting and do your staff and can get the same temperature you left off.

The best part is you will save at least 20 per cent water without even realizing it. It will save you money without sacrificing performance.


  • It features dual functionality.
  • The shower tub combo gives refined showering feel.
  • It includes flexible temperature setting.
  • Great for saving water up to 20%.
  • It offers balanced valve with monitor technology.


  • The instruction manual is hard to appreciate.

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6. ASB 39240 Vantage Tub Wall– Find Spaces to Shower Well With This Option

Why It's Best
The 39240 vantage tub wall from ASB brand offers good areas to organize spaces. It as well ensures you enjoy 2 towel bars and 6 shelves when using.

If you want high-quality design at a reasonable price, then ASB 39240 vantage Tub wall would be a perfect choice for you. it is substantially durable compared to its price. Just get one and enjoy it for the lifetime.

It ensures a strong secure fit with the direct to stud installation of the wall sets, shower bases and bathtubs. The installation is quite simple and you can either take the professional help or your own.

The best part of this set is its high gloss material makes it easier to clean and maintain which actually is a much-needed quality of a tub wall. You will find them in different sizes to fit your bathroom wall.

Just remember to apply adhesive carefully with a trowel and follow the instructions and you will love the tub wall for sure!


  • It has durable parts that are hard to crack.
  • The shower tub combo has an affordable price.
  • It’s easier to clean.
  • For DIY people, this shower tub combo is easy to fit.
  • It allows maximum storage to be put in order.


  • Some buyers wish it includes more color options.

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7. DreamLine Encore Bypass Tub Door– Crystal Clear Option that Fits Anywhere

Why It's Best
Another mention of this brand features see-through tub doors that can fit anywhere in space. It also gives modern frameless look on your bathroom in less area.

Dreamline Encore Bypass Tub Door can give your bathroom a modern frameless look with its amazing features. it will be the focal point of your bathroom as it is hard to resist its elegant look.

The main feature is its bypass design. This modern design will let you slide the door smoothly and quietly you will be able to enter your tub from either side.

Its glass is obviously treated with Dreamline exclusive ClearMax water repellant and stain resistant coating that make it super protected for your daily use. It is easier to clean and maintain and the frameless glass design gives an airy feeling inside the tub. The rollers are specially designed to give you a smoother experience.

But you need to be very careful about the installation process. You should take the measurements only after the walls are finished so that it fits perfectly.


  • It has double sliding design for easy access.
  • The shower tub combo is durable.
  • Elegant look to match your bathroom style.
  • It features smooth and quiet gliding processes.
  • The product takes small area.


  • Same old style poorly designed bottom rail.

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How to Choose the To Quality Tub Shower Combo

How to Choose the To Quality Tub Shower Combo

As you already know shower combos come in various designs and styles. The hundreds of different features and their functionality can muddle you. the availability of the styles can fade away from your actual need and comfort. So, for choosing the best shower combo, you need to consider the comfort that will easily fit your bathroom space.

Budget matters

Shower combos can be really expensive and to be honest the minimal rate seems to be worth pondering. It is really hard to find the best one within your limited budget. If you are ready to spend a lot then you can only think about the style and comfort.

But if you are thinking about balancing your budget with comfort and style then just grab any combos that I have mentioned above. In fact, these items serve more than their cost. So, you will rarely regret about your decision.

The price range can go from $350 to $1000 and even more. So be considerate about the budget of your product. Sometimes unnecessary features make the combos pricier.


No matter what brand you are buying, if you don’t consider the material type then you won’t get the best ones for your bathroom. You also need to remember the material type can create a bigger difference in your budget, as different materials have different quality and price. And obviously different material serves different features and so you need to consider your preference and need to choose the right material of your shower tub combo.


It is the cheapest among all but it doesn’t mean it is the worst. Everything has its own merits and so think about its privileges instead of only looking at the prices.

Acrylic surfaces are usually cheap because they are not that thick and sturdy like the other ones. And so, you can easily move them during the installation. They are also easier to cut and drill and so you will less likely need professionals.


Polystyrene is a bit pricey than the acrylic kits. It is basically quite durable plastic that is sturdier than the acrylic one. Choose the high impact one as they are standard material to stand the wear and tear of daily use.

You will find the polystyrene kits within $400-$600 range and so they are quite cheaper than the other ones available on the market.


Fibreglass ranges from $500 to $800. They are quite stronger material for shower tub combos. If you want durable and strong material within your range you should go for fiberglass combos. They can hold more shelves and can stand more scratch than acrylic.

Premium Composites

These materials are quite expensive ranging from $1000 and above. The quality of this material is high and so you will experience the most comfort for your money, but as the price is quite high, they can outreach your budget.

Shower Fixture

There are various categories of shower fixtures. Basically, five types of shower fixtures are available and they are- single head spray, rain showers, dual and multiple shower head, handheld showerhead and body spray.

All of these have their own merits and demerits. But basically, these showerheads can enhance your shower experience than any other kits of your shower combos. So, choose your preferred one and don’t forget to choose the one that will save your rate of water usage.

Durability Facts

Depending on the look and functionality of the bathroom, there are many pricey deals that assure stability. The bathroom shower tub combo set should ensure long-term usability so that you can trust the features. So, look for those which make sure no chip or break in one mishap.

Ease of Installation

Picking a popular brand that people trust the most means you get full help with installation needs. Good shower tub combos should feature a user guide or installation manual to understand fitting. For that reason, you should find combo deals that need no effort to fit well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the price of a shower tub combo?

Ans: The price usually sets from $400 to $2,000 dollars of shower tub combo. If you like a high-quality shower tub combo set, it should be around $2,000. Yet, the cheaper quality one will cost less.

Ques: What does a shower tub combo mean?

Ans: Shower tub combos are a grouping of a showerhead, handheld, shelves, towel bar and so on. This type of combo set is considered good if spacing less area in the bathroom. Most people get this type of combo set to save money which if bought separately will cost $5000 dollars.

Ques: Do shower tub combos save your bucks?

Ans: Yes, they do save bucks. Many people prefer this to reduce spending extra bucks and other costs. Not only that, but the shower tub combo set also helps you to get quality parts in one pack which saves time.

Ques: How to maintain shower tub combos?

Ans: To clean or maintain the look of shower tub combo, you need to follow some rules. For that, make sure to clean your bathroom fixtures with a wiper daily. Also, take a small brush to clean the wall and tub grout for perfect cleaning.


Choosing the best one can be a tiresome work, but you cannot compromise with your daily comfort for the long run, right? So before buying any shower tub kit, consider the above-mentioned factors so that your little effort can lead you towards the right decisions.

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