Bradford White Vs AO Smith – The Best Water Heater 2021?

Bradford White Vs AO Smith

Maybe an unfix-able leak just messed up your water heater’s functioning ability. Or perhaps it’s now too old to work like before. And that made you think a bit deeper about getting a new water heater. When it comes to home appliances from microwave, dishwasher to even a furnace, you pay your utmost attention to only bring something worthy at your place. And that must be your desire with the water heater as well.

So, you did your research and now your all confused about the whole Bradford White Vs AO Smith thing. Because apparently, they are renowned for being the bests right now at producing quality water heater.

Don’t you worry! We have just the right thing planned for you today. Yes, we are comparing these two hyped manufacturers to find out the ultimate king of this ring.

Bradford White Vs AO Smith Water Heater

Bradford White Water Heater

AO Smith Water Heater

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star qualified. Use less power than a traditional heater.

Flow Rate

Up to 4.4 GPM. Up to 10 GPM.

Noiseless Operation

Excellent soundproof function. Not as good as Bradford White water heater.

Lasting Value

Not more than 6 years. Not more than 12 years.

Power Supply

240 voltage 120 voltage

Top 3 Picks

  1. Bradford White BWC RE350S6 Water Heater Check Price
  2. Bradford White RE120U6 Water Heater Check Price
  3. Bradford White RE16U6 Water Heater Check Price
  1. AO Smith BT 100 Tank Water Heater Check Price
  2. AO Smith LTE-66D Water Heater Check Price
  3. AO Smith ENS-50 ProMax Water Heater Check Price

Both Water Heaters Energy Efficiency Performance

The energy efficiency of water heaters is a system that allows it to spend less energy and cost without ruining the performance. It not only allows saving your water heater to save value and power but also makes sure quality functioning.

Basically, the water heaters tend to use good electricity in your house that makes sure good heating water. When using electricity, a water heater that has no energy efficiency system will cost you more. The water heaters also make sure good methods to use up to power rightly.

For the long-lasting performance of water heater with no spend of cost and electricity, the Bradford White 40 Gallon Water Heater is an ideal pick. We find this water heater great to suggest for its brilliant ability and quality performance by using less electricity.

Starting from, Bradford White is a famous brand that comes with a quality water heater with awesome facilities. These water heaters also have Energy Star aspect that allows making your home bills to save easily.

This Energy Star feature of these water heaters on top makes sure using less home current to save and efficiency for up to 20% to 30%. It also allows you to shower or do what you want by saving money and energy.

On the other hand, the AO Smith brand water heater is quite different in functions and features than others. These water heaters are super-efficient and good for daily use. However, they don’t have the Energy Star feature to save both money and power.

Not only that but also these water heaters are not good for solid energy efficiency operation. They are also tough and consume current in a good way than the traditional heater. But, the water heaters from AO Smith don’t have the highest energy efficiency performance.

If putting both brands water heater side by side, we would say the winner is Bradford White water heater for their excellent energy efficiency performance.

 *** Best Pick for Energy-Efficiency Performance:  Bradford White 40 Gallon Water Heater  Check On Amazon

Flow Rate of Bradford White & AO Smith Water Heater

Mostly, the water heaters flow rate indicates the total performance of water supply based on gallons per minute. The flow rate of water heaters actually can vary depending on their water flowing speed.

On top of that, if the water heaters have a low flow rate, then they will eventually cause the water to supply in less speed. And, the low flow rate of water heaters gives hot water in low speed no matter which type of outlet you are using.

This thing also makes sure the maximum amount of hot water to flow at one time that allows your home bathroom, shower, or residential use to get instant water supply. In fact, the water heaters on top make sure temperature to ride due to the inflowing power of water.

If you want a good flow rate of water heater that allows good heating transfer when inflowing water, then the AO Smith ATI-540H-N Water Heater is your best bet. In general, this water heater has 9 GPM of flow rate to give you good hot water run.

Beginning with the Bradford White water heater, they tend to have a low flow rate that is not more than 4.6 GPM. These water heaters basically have an efficient performance of inflowing water so that you can enjoy hot temperatures run easily.

They on top make sure you are getting good flowing of water at a decent temperature for usage. However, the given flow rate of the Bradford White water heaters is not excellent than others.

Alternatively, the AO Smith water heaters are made to flow water up to 10 GPM to inflow hot temperature water faster. These water heaters also make sure to regulate performance for you to enjoy a good flow rate. And, they don’t need time to give hot water.

Between both water heaters, we find the AO Smith better than the other one for its good flow rate.

* ** Best Pick for Flow Rate-  AO Smith ATI-540H-P 10 GPM Water Heater Check On Amazon

Noiseless Operation of Both Water Heaters

When it comes to the silent working of water heaters, it is quite essential for you to have peaceful showering, residents using, or other needs experiences. Basically, the noiseless operation of water heaters is a good point that makes one better than another.

In fact, the water heaters make noise when working on heating the water. But a noisy water heater ruins the whole mood when doing something and even gives a headache. Basically, a user-friendly water heater that can work peacefully is good.

Those of you who desire a quiet working water heater with many good features, the Bradford White BWC RE340T6 Water Heater is a good option. This water heater on top has awesome capability and Premix burner with user-friendly features to work without making noise.

To start with the Bradford White water heater, they come with great features and affable options that allow you to get noiseless working benefits. These water heaters also make sure no irritating noise to get useful hot water with no snag.

They on top have great fast water flowing on your home outlet without ruing your mood or disturbing your work by making irritating noise. Unlike others, these water heaters are great for getting efficient hot water with zero sound.

On the contrary, the AO Smith water heater comes with good features and better flowing performance that mostly work at low noise operation.  Even though they have good flowing rates and aspects, the AO Smith water heaters do make noise.

The noise level of these water heaters is not loud yet it can give a little electric noise when being working. These water heaters on top make sure to give hot water faster by making low sounds that can irritate.

And, if we have to say who the winner of the muted operation between these two water heaters is, Bradford White is the one to beat.

 *** Best Pick for Noiseless Operation-  Bradford White 415-52907-01 Water Heater Check On Amazon

Bradford White & AO Smith Water Heater Lasting Value

Another big factor is the lasting value that makes both Bradford White and AO Smith water heaters variation from one another. Basically, the lasting value of water heaters can find easily if you see their warranty service that assures their lifespan.

The lasting value actually varies deepening on the warranty service and its design that will guarantee existence. In essence, most water heaters tend to service for up to 2 to 3 years which is considered normal longevity.

The AO Smith EJC-6 Residential Electric Water Heater is a great pick if you are looking for a durable and good performing option that lasts for a good while. We are suggesting that due to its 12 years warranty on normal parts and 6 years on the main parts.

If talking about Bradford White water heaters, they tend to have 6 years of lasting value with solid and tough parts that last for a longer period of time. These water heaters also have a good facility that allows them to last longer with care.

Even though they don’t have longevity like other options, these water heaters are good for daily use. Also, the inner tanks coating material of these water heaters are not designed for long life support.

Then again, the AO Smith water heaters are made with solid material and inner tanks that make sure 12 years of a longer-lasting benefit than others. They on top are coated with durable materials that allow them to last long.

Besides, these water heaters have solid warranty features that ensure their normal and main parts to be repaired for up to many years. Also, they have good durability that prevents rust and corrosion snags too.

After reading both side’s benefits, we find the AO Smith water heaters the real winner for their brilliant lasting value that makes sure a longer natural lifespan with or without care.

 *** Best Pick for Lasting Value-  AO Smith ATI-540H-N Water Heater Check On Amazon

The Power Supply Difference Between Both Water Heaters

Both Bradford White and AO Smith water heaters come with different power supply requirements based on their performance. Quite similar to energy efficiency, the water heaters to perform well need good voltage.

While low voltage assures saving energy, the higher voltage of water heaters will grant you better performance in every situation. To give you simple calculation, if you have a water heater that needs 120 voltages, the power supply will heat water at 1200A.

In the same way, if your water heater needs 200 voltages to perform, then it will result working on heat transfer at 2000A. So, basically the higher your water heater needs voltage, you will find better performance.

For faster and reliable heat transfer performance, we find the Bradford White BWC RE350S6 Water Heater a big deal. The reason is this water heater has a great energy-saving option that gives faster heat transfer to warm the water.

If being compared, the Bradford White water heaters come with an amazing power supply option that allows you to have good performance by taking 240 voltages. They are not only god in providing power to the water heaters but also make sure strong function.

These water heaters on top have great performance that can heat the water non-stop without getting tired. They also make sure good power to flow for heating the water faster than the AO Smith water heaters.

On the other side, the AO Smith water heaters have 120 to 220 voltages that are quite good for taking less energy and saving money than traditional ones. Yet, they don’t offer enough running like others. These water heaters also supply low power that shifts heat in low speed.

If judging them side by side, we would like to say the winner is Bradford White when it comes to the power supply.

 *** Best Pick for Power Supply-  Bradford White 239-45614-01 Valve Check On Amazon

Both Water Heaters Price Point Difference


The price point actually does depend on the quality and features of the Bradford White and AO Smith water heaters which we find some huge difference. While one has an inexpensive price range, the other has a good reason to be pricey.

On the whole, the price point means the qualities and features blend of water heaters that make them look reasonable or pricey. They actually have different price ranges depending on the features.

If you are looking for budget-friendly water heaters with good quality and necessary features, we find the Bradford White BWC RE350T6 Water Heater finest for the price. This water heater also has good options and a long lifespan with a warranty.

Basically, the Bradford White water heaters come at an expensive rate with solid quality and options to make them luxury. They are designed to fit in low space that makes sure good savings of everything. On top of that, these water heaters are durable for long-term pleasure.

They also make sure a faster heating transfer with solid functionality, easy maintenance, and ease of use at a pricey rate. Even though they seem expensive if you think of everything, they are quite reasonable. These water heaters also have many unique features, unlike others.

Quite the opposite, the AO Smith water heaters are friendly in price point with quite similar features and quality like Bradford White brand. They tend to have good reliability, durability, and convenience options at a good cost.

But they are low priced due to their low capacity and special features that only come in Bradford white water heaters. However, the AO Smith water heaters have easy preservation and good design that make sure good care by lowering additional spending at a low price.

In Bradford White and AO Smith water heaters comparison of budget-friendly price point, we find the AO Smith water heater good with many benefits.

 *** Best Pick for the Money-  A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax Water Heater Check On Amazon


Overall Thought On Bradford White And AO Smith

If truth to be told, both brands has different features and quality in their own ways. For the budget-friendly and good benefits viewpoint, we must say the AO Smith brand is the winner. Conversely, if we look at the overall performance and quality, the crown will go to the Bradford White brand.

By the way, Bradford White is definitely in the game with some of the promising water heater models that offer nothing but quality. But then again, AO Smith is also a reputable and probably the largest manufacturer that is now expanded throughout the world with its wide and feature-rich water heater collection. We are quite happy with both manufacturer’s offerings, to be honest.

The most logical way to compare these two-brands and decide on an overall best is always going to be different depending on the consumer and their needs. That means as a buyer, it’s actually sensible for you to make a decision on which one is going to make the ideal bet for your necessary requirements.

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