Bradford White Vs AO Smith: The Best Water Heater 2020?

bradford white vs ao smith

When it comes to winter, we are probably bound to welcome it warmly. Along with many other preparations, you should also care about the heater system of your house. Especially if you have aged people or kids around. You don’t want them to catch a cold right?

Well, with that said, it’s also true that making a choice on the right water heater is not quite simple these days. There are so many promising brands that are providing pretty good looking and pricing options to try out. And so, making a choice without knowing much can be a bit of hassle.

That’s why we have decided to tell you about two underrated brands that are not talked about much for some weird reason. Keep on reading, we are about to go for a Bradford white vs AO smith comparison that might help for your next water heater buying.

Bradford White vs AO Smith: A Short Looks

Bradford White Water HeaterAO Smith Water Heater
Flow Rate
The Bradford White brands have for up to 4.4 GPM flow rate.On top, it takes for up to 10 GPM flow rate.
High-Quality Benefits
It comes with protective mechanisms and high quality.This brand has average performance which is lower facilities than the Bradford White brand.
Warranty Features
This product offers up to 6 years of manufacturer support.It has up to 12 years of warranty support.
Basically, it has better quality at a logical price tag.This brand is reasonably priced than the Bradford White brand.

Chapter-01: Particulars of Bradford White Heater

Want to know the particulars of Bradford White heaters? Well, this brand has some special features and good quality for smart workings. Let’s get into it further not wasting time.

Quiet Operation

Actually, this brand has great features and facilities for accessing with no irritating noise. With this option, any users are able to boil water on any circumstance for happy drinking. Plus, the quiet operation helps a lot while heating water.

Warranty Options

Another wonderful thing about this brand is they provide smart manufacturer warranty for 6 to 10 years. Plus, they promise to give the best performance confidently. On top, it helps to restore or repair while having trouble with product issues.

Heat Transfer

This brand also takes care of the heat transfer for giving balance heat efficiency while heating water. With this feature, the heated rod can boil water with a better flow rate like 4.4 GPM. Plus, it has protective magnesium anode rod.

Quality & Performance

In addition, they provide amazing quality and performance for heating water like a pro. In fact, it gives 45 watts elements that require 240V voltage power supply for fast heating transfer. With this feature, a user is able to boil water faster.

3 Best Bradford White Heater

Are you looking for the best Bradford White heater on the market available? If so, we find 3 products after spending a few hours on research. Before getting Bradford White Vs AO Smith winner, read down below:

1. Bradford White BWC RE350S6

If you prefer US higher performance and smart features for heating water, the Bradford White RE350S6 is a great choice. They offer 4500 watts elements and non-concurrent design. Plus, it offers protective outline for avoiding rust.

2. Bradford White BWC RE350T6

Another product on our pick is the RE350T6 heater that has good quality and better design for balance heat transferring. Plus, they provide safe magnesium anode rod for avoiding leakage. With good design, it doesn’t get overheated.

3. Bradford White 239-45614

The last product on our pick is the Bradford White 239-45614 heater that is highly economical and comes with 6-year warranty benefits. Plus, this US brand has great quality and features for heating water.

Chapter-02: Facts of AO Smith Heater

Do you want to know some interesting facts about the AO Smith heater? If so, here what we find instead for giving you some awesome details to get your desirable heater.

Compact Design

Most people are tired of searching Bradford White Vs AO Smith winner for finding the difference. That we can say the main difference is their design. In fact, the AO Smith brand offers a wonderful protective mechanism for avoiding overheating.

Energy Efficient

The brand has amazing energy-efficient benefits that it can work under less power for heating water. In fact, it doesn’t take much time to heat water and helps to consume less power supply for balance consumption.

Warranty Service

On top, this brand provides for up to 12 years of manufacturer warranty for repairing or restoring product. With this option, any user can have a replacement for returning wrong-delivered products.

Regulating Performance

One thing that this brand differs from other brands is their amazing regulating performance while heating water. In fact, it doesn’t take much time to heat the water as they offer a better flow rate of 10 GPM.

3 Best AO Smith Heater

Those who are desperately finding the best AO Smith heater, here are 3 best high efficient and energy-saving AO Smith Heater. Let’s get started:

AO Smith ATI-510-N Heater

The AO Smith ATI-510-N heater has great quality and perfect performance for users to get a functional heater. Plus, it has freeze protection for water to stay heated from freezing. Besides, it has a cutoff fuse for avoiding overheating.

AO Smith EJC-6 Water Heater

For those who want solid design and easily useable heater, the EJC-6 electric water heater is a great option. In fact, they provide side-mounted plum and electrical connections for fast heating process. Also, it is durable and light-weighted.

A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax Water Heater

The AO Smith GCR-40 water heater has corrosion-resistance outline and made from long-lasting PEX cross-linked polymer. Also, they has self-generated electric gas valve to easy operation with no need for exterior power.

Who is the One to Beat?

If truth to be told, both brands has different features and quality in their own ways. For the budget-friendly and good benefits viewpoint, we must say the AO Smith brand is the winner. Conversely, if we look at the overall performance and quality, the crown will go to the Bradford White brand.

That was our short and simple take on Bradford white vs AO smith. Which one should you pick? Well, that’s your choice now. Go for It!

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