Curved Vs Straight Shower Rod: Breaking The Inner Friction

curved vs straight shower rod

Curved or straight, shower rods are very important for your shower area. Most of us are used to the straight shower rods but it doesn’t mean that we are not aware of the curved ones. But the real struggle comes when you have to decide between these two for our new homes.

You come back and forth to decide which one would be a better choice. We all love modern innovations but we don’t want to miss our old privileges, right?

So the wisest thing would be to at first knowing the pros and cons of the curved and straight shower rods.

Curved Vs Straight Shower Rod: Comparing The Features

You already know about the straight shower rod, right? They are nothing but the straight traditional rods. Though the curved ones sound luxurious and modern, they are just slightly curved in the middle.

Just imagine a straight traditional shower rod that is bowing out to give you extra room- yes, that’s what a curved rod is. The curve is the only neoteric feature of a curved rod, nothing more than that. But this slight curve can bring change in your comfort zone for sure!

The curved shower rod is similar to straight shower rods in the case of water leakage. Anyone would think that the curved one would leak water, but it is featured in such a way that is the case of preventing water from coming outside- it works the same as straight shower rods.

In fact, you do not need any kind of special curtains for curved shower rods. You just need to buy a slightly larger one according to the length of the rod.

Extra room

Straight shower rod keeps the curtain in the shower area. It does not provide any extra room for a shower. It basically serves its name by being straightforward and not giving you anything more than it is designed for.

But curved shower rods keep the curtain further away from the shower area by being slightly curved and gives you the extra room to make the shower experience more comfortable. It expands the shower area in such a way that it would take you out of that ‘being trapped’ feeling.

In fact, curved shower rods are better for handicapped people who need more room than normal people. It is convenient and can ensure a larger room for them.


Who doesn’t like to be fresh and clean after the shower? Well, We all do. Even if your shower area is large, there is a chance to keep touching the curtains. You might be extra couscous about sanitizing your curtains, but still, it’s uncomfortable for most of the people to get touched by the curtains now and then and especially during the shower.

Straight shower rods just stay in the line and it allows the curtains to keep in touch with you. Subconsciously you become aware of your limited area when your bathroom has straight rod curtains.

But curved rod curtains help you to get these unnecessary touching by allowing you more rooms and thus you can keep your hygiene.

Preventing damage

Sometimes we get caught in the curtains while taking a shower. It’s a normal thing. But do you know why it happens? It happens because your curtains take up your shower space. When you caught up in the curtains, it usually ends up in large damages. For example, tearing up the curtains or damaging the tub.

Straight rod curtains do not ensure that you will get the space all by yourself. They, in fact, keep coming in your way to ensure the damages.

But curved shower rod makes sure that you will get your shower space all by yourself. It can give an extra 33% room that will prevent you from facing personal and even property damages.

Modern look

We all want a modern and luxurious look in our bathrooms. Traditional items are big ‘no’ for some of us even if they are much more useful. Straight shower rod always seems a bit old fashioned even if you pay more than the curved ones.

But the curved shower rod is classy and somehow brings a luxurious look to the bathroom that you cannot resist.

Taking the outside space

As you already know curved shower rods ensures more room in the shower area. But have you thought about the outside of the curtains? Actually, they take more space from outside which sometimes makes the whole washroom a little stuffy if your toilet or sink is just near your tub.

No one likes to keep the curtains inside the tub. So you are definitely going to keep them outside and so it may take up more space from outside and make your bathroom experience bitter. It actually reduces the desired space outside the tub.

Depth perception

We often get soup or shampoo in our eyes, don’t we? And we reach for the shower nozzle or any available towel by simply our perceptions. A shower curtain can act as a saviour and help us reaching the available things when we can hardly see anything.

Here straight rod curtains can give accurate perception about the shower area. Whereas curved shower rod curtains can deceive you and thus can lead you outside the shower stall.


Everything has its privileges. You just need to find out which one would be better for you. we often like to stick to modern innovation because we think that time has its power and it will continue to bring something better for us.

But it is not appropriate for all of us. If you have a small bathroom and your shower tub is quite close to your toilet or sink, you should ponder on it and decide which privilege you would prefer-modern look or comfort!

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