Curved Vs Straight Shower Rod – The Outshining Option?

Curved Vs Straight Shower Rod

Shower rod might not be a very usual thing to think about since its functions are always behind the curtains, or to be more specific, above it. However, when it comes to buying a new one for remodeling or simply replacement, you are spending money and so you should be concerned with what good you’re getting. Even with something as basic as a shower rod.

With a lot of variety in style, designs, and shapes for such fixtures, it must be overwhelming and confusing. And that dilemma is usually noticeable in making a choice between two of the most popular and used shower rod types. Today we will be comparing both to help you pick the right one for your shower space.

We are talking about finding the contrasts between the Curved vs straight shower rod. Keep on Reading…

Curved Vs Straight Shower Rod

Curved Shower Rod

Straight Shower Rod

Space Usage

They make sure extra 33% free space Takes less space and gives good space

Design & Style

Traditional with a modern vibe Old style with an elegant vibe

Depth Perception

Not good enough to give ideas about the bathroom area They help to understand the bathroom area better than others.

Sanitation Matters

They resist touching shower curtain for their layout Result shower curtain to get dirty faster

Resisting Injuries

They prevent most bodily and property injuries Some people find straight rod risky to give property harm.

Price Range

Budget-friendly rate Reasonably practical range

Curved & Straight Shower Rods Space Usage Variation

When it comes to space usage between the curved and straight shower rod, they both have different standards. Basically, space usage in the bathroom will allow you to get good liberty to walk or move at ease. It on top allows you to get good space inside and outside to shower well.

With a great layout and bendable shape, the Moen CSR2160BN Curved Shower Rod makes sure good space benefits to shower in comfort. We find this shower rod worth mentioning for its great spacing that helps to enlarge your areas of movement.

Usually, most curved shower rods make sure to keep the shower curtain in a good space so that you can wash well with a full room. They on top allow you with a good shower area for up to 33% than others. Besides, the curved shower rods ensure good space outside for a luxury feel.

On the flip side, the straight shower rods ensure to keep the shower curtain in a fixed size where you find less space to wash. Also, they don’t tend to offer good breathable room for a cozy shower. And, the straight shower rods give a trapped feel to shower in comfort.

In between both shower rods, we find the curved ones better for their great space benefits to get a fine room for getting a comfy showering feel.

***Best Pick For Bigger Space- Zenna Home Chrome Curved Rustproof Shower Rod***

Good Details Of Both Shower Rods Design & Style

The design and style of the shower rod is another fact that allows you to shower fine in any bathroom length. It on top makes sure good looks to fit the shower curtain for adorn. Both curved and straight shower rods also have different designs and styles that poles them apart.

And, if you want a strong, attractive, and light style fixture for the bathroom, then the Zenna Home Rustproof Curved Shower Rod is your best bet. We find this shower rod good to add beauty and charm to your bathroom by hanging shower curtains for a stylish and chic design.

Mostly, the straight shower rods have a traditional style with an ideal touch of modern vibe to make your bathroom look classy and well-suited. They on top make sure your bathroom to have a trendy and lavish look to shower. The straight shower rods also offer great decoration.

Quite the opposite, the straight shower rod has plain look that is preferred by the most old-style home bathroom. Even though most people prefer modern looks on the bathroom, they have old beauty and charm. The straight shower rods also don’t go well with a small room.

If we have to say the real winner between both shower rods, it would be the curved ones for their good looks and adding value to the bathroom that improves the style.

***Best Pick For Design & Style- PrettyHome Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod***

Dissimilarity Between Both Shower Rods Depth Perception

Another thing that makes the curved and straight shower rods different is depth perception. You see, the depth perception ensures to hold or find the path easily when in need. For people who tend to put the soup in the eyes, the depth perception in shower rod show path at ease.

Those of you who want a good sense and fixed position that makes sure precise perception, then the Teeck 40-73 inch Shower Rod is the finest pick. We find this shower rod worth checking for its great viewing and never collapse or slip to hold fine.

While curved shower rods are actually designed to stand in a bit far place which will guide you far from the showerheads. They on top allow you to cause damage when your eyes are closed. Not only that they ensure deceiving you from the path but also can guide you outside the tub.

On the other hand, the straight shower rods are made in a fixed position with zero floats that help you to find the path after putting cleanse into the eyes. They as well allow you to find the showerheads or towel at ease. The straight shower rods also ensure good contact when lost.

If judging them side by side, we find the straight curtain rods the frontrunner for their exact and true perception to find path and support at ease.

***Best Pick For Depth Perception- Amazer Shower Curtain Rod***

Gaps Between Both Shower Rods Sanitation Matters

The hygiene and sanitation are a good point that makes sure your shower curtain to get less dirty after a shower. Both curved and straight shower rods usually have different sanitation matters based on distance and contact. Yet, we find one shower rod better than another.

We find the Briofox Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod Curved one of the quality pick that has great hygiene of shower curtain. It on top has the great carrying ability to get rid of touching your body with the shower curtain after every shower.

Here the curved shower rods have a large shower area that ensures your curtain doesn’t contact much with water to get less dirty. They also allow the curtain to stand in a far line so that your body doesn’t touch. And, the curved shower rods ensure curtains to clean weekly.

Then again, the straight shower rods have a different design that allows the curtain to stand in one line that ensures getting dirty faster. They on top allow the curtain to keep touching your body which leads it to get grimy. And, the straight shower rods ensure curtains to clean daily.

In short, we would like to say the curved shower rods the real winner for their distant line and allow the curtain to stay clean for a long while and sanitize benefits on a weekly basis.

***Best Pick For Cleanliness- Moen CSR2160CH Curved Shower Rod***

Both Shower Rods Protection and Resting Injuries Ability

When showering, there is a good chance you get trapped with the curtain which causes injury if being neglected. Even if it looks normal still, this type of trap can injure big especially on slide floor. Not only that it can harm your body but also can result in the curtain tear apart.

And, for those who want a protective and non-damaging option for the small bathroom usage, then the Bath Bliss Wall Mounted Adjustable Curved Shower Rod is an ideal pick. We find this shower rod worth trying if you want a rustproof, hitch-free, and resist home damages.

Curved shower rods usually come with a good distant curtain hanging benefit that makes sure you get rid of bodily damages. Also, they make sure good safety for you to have a good shower zone to enjoy a good room. The curved shower rods on top resist vital property damage.

In contrast, the straight shower rods have good space for you to enjoy and ensure no bodily damage to occur while you are showering. But they can affect you to get trapped to the curtain since the straight shower rods allow low space zone. The straight ones also damage property.

Between both shower rods, we find the curved ones better for their good zone to give good protection against bodily and property injury.

***Best Pick For Good Protection- Moen CSR2172CH 5-Foot Curved Shower Rod***

The Comparison Between Both Shower Rods Price Range

We all sure need the best in both world points that has good price ranges and quality when it comes to shower rods. In fact, you need to check everything from durability, stability, space usage, and other benefits in shower rods that come at a reasonable rate.

If you are looking for a friendly rate and good facilities in one pack, then JS Jackson Supplies Double Curved Shower Rod is a good pick. We find this shower rod good enough to try out for gifting your bathroom a brand-new look with a handy tool at an inexpensive range.

The curved shower rods usually come with good options that are similar to others. Yet, they have fine quality and options that are way better to last for a long while. The curved shower rods on top make sure you are getting fine space and beauty at a practically inexpensive rate.

On the contrary, the straight shower rods come with good durability, quality, facilities, and looks to add beauty. They are also good in options but lack in some points if being compared to the curved shower rods. Yet, the straight shower rods have comfort usage at a fine price range.

After reading out both sides, we would like to say the curved shower rods likely winner for their fine options and quality at a good range.

***Best Pick For The Money- LDR 163 6332 Exquisite Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod***

Overall Thoughts

After reading for a while now, you must have noticed that there’s no bag guy among these two types of rods. Maybe there are some negative points with one certain type in your case, but it could be absolutely beneficial for someone else.

And that means it all comes down to personal and individual user preferences. Depending on what bathroom setup, space, and overall requirements are, your choice must be specifically determined. To make it a bit simple, let’s say it this way.

If you are looking for something more modernized, amazing by looks and a short space crisis breaker then investing in a curved shower rod will serve you the best. While those, who prefer the conventional style and loves simplicity both in their life and space, will totally find straight rods an affordably fantastic option.

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