How Long Does Bathtub Paint take to Dry?

How Long Does Bathtub Paint take to Dry

When someone thinks about painting the bathtub, the first question that arises to mind is, ‘How long should I wait before using the bathtub again?’ Painting a bathtub is a cost-effective method of giving it a new look.

The whole purpose of painting a bathtub is not only to give a new look but also to have a proper self-time in it because, let’s face it, shower time is one of those times when we can relax without worrying about anything.

In a way, it can be said that a great shower acts as a stress buster, and a well-painted and finished bathtub has a productive contribution when it comes to a great shower.

If you are planning to paint your bathtub and are already worrying about the fact that how long it will be since you will enjoy your next relaxed shower, then you must know that usually, for a bathtub paint to dry, it will take up to 7 days or sometimes even 10 days.

Thus, it is advised that one should wait up to 10 days to avoid any potential problems such as excessive moisture, so it is advisable to wait for the paint to completely dry.

Steps to follow to speed up the drying process

Of course, anybody would want their bathtub to dry and cure as fast as possible, and if you belong to that category, then we might have something for you.

The practices that we will advise are centered on the airflow of the room. So, you can implement the following practices to speed up the drying process of your bathroom

  • Ensure to keep the door and windows of your bathroom open whenever you are not taking a shower. While doing this, you should strictly keep in mind that you won’t allow any minute dust particles inside that might negatively impact your bathtub.
  • Put up a fan in the bathroom as it will thus elevate the rate of airflow in the room and will contribute to the enhanced drying process of the bathtub

Thus, if you implement either or both of the above-suggested practices, then chances are the bathtub will dry sooner than expected. While doing this, it should be kept in mind that the speed of the drying process with the above practices will depend on the type of paint for a significant fraction.

How long to wait based on the paint type?

Oil-based paint: Since oil-based paints need a longer time to dry and hence cure, it is, therefore, advisable to wait for several days to pass before taking the next shower.

In comparison to latex paint, oil-based paints take a longer period to dry. It should be strictly kept in mind that, even though the paint might seem dry in a few days, it is still unsafe to use the bathtub.

Latex paint: In comparison to oil-based paints, latex paints usually dry faster than expected. This emphasizes that if you are careful enough, you can easily take your next shower the day after you are done with bathtub painting. But you must be careful that you are not increasing the humidity of the bathroom.

When it comes to curing, the bathtub will take approximately a month. This does not mean that you should avoid showering for a month, but you must be careful not to increase the humidity in the bathroom, along with avoiding direct contact with water. Another thing you can do is you can always cross-check the guidelines provided by the manufacturers.

DIY bathtub painting: Do’s and Don’ts

You can also paint your bathtub all by yourself without any professional help if you have a small budget and can’t afford a professional. Also, you might be happy to know this job is pretty much done.

The only catch here is that it demands minute attention to details, following up with patience required for the paint to dry along with the optimum level of ventilation.

Moreover, when it comes to painting the bathtubs all by yourself, there are some lists of dos and don’ts that you need to adhere to before starting the process. We have listed a manageable number of points below and hence discussed:


1.) Buying a prepackaged tub and tile kit: There are several kits that both rust-oleum and homes sell, which consist of epoxies that are exclusively designed for the job along with an entire list of must-have tools as well as supplies and the respective step-by-step instructions that you should abide by to the letter.

2.) Wearing a mask and using a fan: Considering Epoxy is very vile stuff for you to breathe, you must keep in mind that you ventilate as much as you can when it comes to painting the bathtub.

3.) Time is taken in sanding: Given that a rough surface is the only primary source of adhesion, your job with an epoxy kit will only be good as the time you take in cleaning and then sanding the bathtub. Your only job when it comes to sanding is prepping the area with constant sanding to avoid any skimp.

4.) Using a spare gun: Undoubtedly, brushing and rolling will do the job, but for the best possible results, a spray gun will be the best shot as you can then get a perfect finish in your bathtub painting.

5.) Cover your floor: While you are painting a bathtub, you should always cover the floor either with a sheet or drop cloth to protect it from any drips. If there are any kinds of interior fixtures, you might as well have covered those too.


Don’t take a long bath for some time: According to online reviews of kits, if you become patient, then you will be dissatisfied as you will only get wrinkled surfaces.

That is why to prevent the mishap, all you need to do is avoid taking a bath in your newly painted bathtub for a while—waiting a bit longer than recommended will be an added advantage.

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That’s all it is for you to take care of regarding bathtub painting. After your bathtub painting is finished, dried, and cured that will generally take 7 to 10 days, you will be all set to enjoy your next shower while being all relaxed.

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