How To Fix Leaking shower Without Removing Tiles

How to Fix Leaking Shower Tile Floor

How To Fix Leaking shower Without Removing Tiles – Imagine a situation when you right there are getting into your bathtub to enjoy your bath and you see your shower floor tile leaking. Trust me it is going to spoil the mood.

There are lots of complications that might occur if you keep ignoring this problem. Your shower room is going to be a mess with foul smell due to bacterial and mold growth. Hence hurry up and get this sorted off before it’s too late. 

You can fix leaking shower tile floor without removing tiles, although in some cases, one might need to remove the tiles and then apply the fix. There are quick setting grouts available in market that can help you with resisting leakage. Also sealing the corners can help you out.

There can be two solutions for the problem, the first one can be a fix dealing with tiles at a personal level with some home techniques, and the other can be by using professional help. We will tell you how to fix this problem with your own efforts.

Here is a data showing two different ways in which you can go for this repair.

Repairing with taking tiles out  Repairing without taking tiles out
The floor gets damaged. The floor is not damaged at all.
Consumes more man power. Consumes less man power.
You can get rid of molds easily. Clearing fungus is very hard.
The process requires special tools. No such tools required.
It is a more hectic procedure. Easy to handle.
You get to deal with the problem from the root. There can be reoccurrence of the problem with this process.
Basically this is remodeling your entire floor. It is a spot repair.

Detecting the leakage on your Shower tile floor!!

This is an essential part of keeping in mind in the entire process. You need to dig out the main reason why the tile shower floor leaking. There can be problems like the adhesives used can get loosened up, and hence your tiles can have space for water to go in and get deposited.

Most people find it really hard to remove the tiles from the floor. Thus there are ways by which you can quickly fix leaking shower without removing tiles.

But let’s be honest, it depends on the situation of your floor. If you can feel that the adhesion of the tiles to your floor has gotten weak, it time you remove the entire thing.

Detecting the leakage on your Shower tile floor

A way of detecting the condition will be by observing the grout carefully. If you see the mixture be moist or cracked, then it’s time you get it all fixed from scratch.

Some people think it to be a waste of time to remove the tiles, but in a condition where there is constant water gathered under a tile, it could be a breeding ground for molds and more.

However, it is still tough to tell the exact problem with the tiles, even after seeing the grout carefully. There can be water leaking out there.

The best preservation to avoid such a situation from happening is to be very strict about the type of mixture you are going to use regarding your tile shower Leaking floor. Try picking a water-resistant material for complete protection. 

Steps to fix leaking Tile Floor

The fixing is not that hard. Try to work in a smart way rather than pulling everything out and starting from scratch. After detecting the problem and the areas, be sure that you can see every affected part. If you missed any of the details, it is going to get the same after some days.

Try fixing with these simple steps.

1.) Dry it up – Make sure of drying it up. Water is the enemy here, and you need to get rid of it from your bathtub or shower tiles before starting to apply the fixing grout.

If you are thinking of trapping the water inside and using the fix on wet ground, then it is soon going to ruin everything out. Molds and bacterial growth can completely destroy the hygiene of your shower. Even after a few months, you can have an unpleasant smell due to the problem, so be sure to get on the right track.

Start drying the parts where the grout is coming out or where you can feel the tile loose. If the tile is so loose that it is on the verge of coming out, then there can be water under it. Try lifting it up with care and drying the area out. You can use a bath sponge for doing this. Also, remember to clean up the site.

There can be chances that you have soap or foam in the area. Use cloth pieces to get rid of any of such unwanted material.

2.) Try hard– You will have to accept the fact that there will be some areas in your shower that are completely destroyed by water.

In some scenarios, you can see scrapes and grout falling out to the ground. Try using tools to hit these areas so that every other part that is affected by the water comes out. Try getting every bit of moist grout and other parts out of the floor. Remember that you will have to deal with problems from the deepest root, or it is going to spoil all your fixes.

Another thing that you need to remember here is all about the pressure you will be applying. Applying too much on the tiles can make it worse than ever. Tiles are attached to the floor in a pattern that even if one of them is disturbed for a cause, there is an excellent possibility that your entire floor can get loosened up.

Hence we don’t say that you cannot do it by yourself, but keeping things in control should be a key here. If in any part you think that the situation is out of hand, then it is good to stop and opt to ask for professional help.

Using the fix- Using the fix is probably the most crucial and, on the other hand, the easiest step of all. The selection is important here.

You don’t want to do all the steps once again after the recovery. Since you already have a history of water intervening in your tiles, you want protection to stop this from happening again.

There can be many options in the market these days regarding grout and such fixes. Some of the best options include the tube pate grouts available these days for such problems.

The key factor you need to keep in mind here is waterproofing. If you are going to compromise the waterproofing part, you might have to pay for it later.

Most probably, the problem with the shower leak was not all about the low quality of grout and cement. It clearly shows that your shower floor leaking has problems with water, so you must be prepared to face it up. Select the best possible solution so that you don’t need to waste your money again and again on this.

3.) Wiping it off- Fixing the shower floor is a thing to do, but you also don’t want your shower to look like a hazard. For most people Showering is a place to relax and reduce stress. It has a lot to do with the environment you will be bathing in.

A broken floor with disrupted shape and cement all over is not at all good to look at. Remember to wipe out every extra. There can be conditions when you might need special tools to cut the exact shape out. Most of the mixes that are available in the market are quick in setting up. You need to be very fast with these, or it will get set.

4.) Sealing- The last step will be sealing the grout or the mixture you have used to fix the problem. With sealing, you can be assured that there won’t be chances that your tiles again will be troubled by water.

Be very specific of choice regarding the fixing agent you are using. There are lots of people who think that only applying the grout is enough. But sealing it tightly is an important step to perform.

If you don’t seal it with a water-resistant product, then there can be two different possibilities that can happen. The first will be a water leak. You never want the problem to stay from where you started. The other will be aesthetics.

You need to choose a fixing agent to provide a good look to your shower. So keeping all this in mind, you need to get a perfect sealing agent for the shower tiles. On the other hand, these days we have special grouts that are good with automatic sealing. You will not need a special sealant for these.

Tips to make leaking shower tile fixing process better

If you are going to use a tool for tile, try taking a thin-handed but blunt device. If it is too sharp, then there can be situations that you will destroy the look of the tile.

Also, keep in mind about the tile adhesive used previously. There are certain Adhesives in the market that can leave your tile from the corners but will not leave it from the middle. In such a case, you will crack the tile.

Look especially for joints and corners. Fixing the tiles near the handles and just near the bathtub will be a bigger challenge than others. These areas are very sensitively packed with tiles, and hence it is hard to deal with them. Scraping brushes are a good option to use. You must try scraping in such a manner that it does not hurt the unaffected part.

You can do this fix at home if you go with the correct process. But always remember that destroying the entire thing is not the solution to backup when needed. There are many professionals providing you with easy options at low price rates when it comes to fixing tile shower leaking.


As mentioned above in the article, these leaking tiles in your shower can be a huge cause of worry. You don’t want to compromise the hygiene of your shower, and the leaking water can easily be harmful to the place. How To Fix Leaking shower Without Removing Tiles.

Fixing the problem can be tricky; however, we think that our article will help you out in dealing with the problem. Thanks for reading!

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