How to Make a Tile Shower Floor Not Slippery?

How to Make a Tile Shower Floor Not Slippery

The most slippery place in your home is the tile shower floor of your bathroom, due to the combination of water, soap, shampoo, and smooth surfaces.

The report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that; Every year, millions of people in the US slip on the Tile Shower Floor and face many fatal injuries.

This serious injury is mostly caused by the smooth surface of the Tile Shower Floor. So let’s know how you can easily make the tile shower floor less slippery using the following strategies?

The easiest ways I tested and found out is to use anti-slip formula, floor grip mats, adhesive strips, and grip bars to eliminate the slipperiness of your tile shower floor. These methods are cheap, easy to use and start working immediately. The possibility of sliding on the tile shower floor is reduced.

The reason for the tile shower floor being slippery

Such tile shower floors, which are prone to these hazards, can prove to be fatal for all users. Before knowing the prevention of these risks, it is necessary to know what is the cause of these risks?

It is common to fall due to the slippery tile shower floor. Due to the combination of these components, your tile shower floor is being slippery;

  1. The tile shower becomes slippery due to water on the floor surface. 
  2. The mixture of soap or shampoo and water makes a great smooth surface
  3. The surface of the old tiles becomes smooth in itself. If there is a mixture of water and soap on it, then a very slippery surface is formed.

If the tile shower floor of your bathroom is quite old, then it is not less of a threat to you. This is because the old tiles get smoother by using the surface. When water splashes and soap or shampoo falls on the surface of the Tiles, a very slippery surface is created. 

You know the reason for the tile shower floor being slippery, now let us know the prevention of it.

How to Make a Tiled Shower Floor Less Slippery?

According to the US Center for Disease Control, millions of people fall from the tiles every year in the US and are seriously injured. There are several methods you can use to eliminate the chances of injury.

But we are going to introduce you to those methods which will be easy and accessible for you. You can use the methods given below to reduce the tile shower floor’s slippery. Let’s go into the methods in detail.

6 Effective ways to make Tile Shower Floor less slippery

1. Avoid Sliding by Installing Floor Grip Mats 

A floor grip mat is also a good and accessible solution to this problem. In addition, floor grip mats are inexpensive and easy to install. This mat acts as friction between your body and the tile shower floor. Due to the extra grip in it, there is less chance of slipping. Check out gorilla grip mat on with ton of positive reviews.

Floor grip mats are mostly made of materials such as vinyl, plastic, or PVC. There is suction embossed on its surface which creates a grip between the floor and the body and prevents you from falling.

This method can be used on a slippery tile shower floor as well as bathroom surfaces such as wood or masonry and polymers.

There are some considerations with using grip mats:

1.) Using a floor grip mat creates uneven surfaces on the tiles, which prevents slipping.

2.) It does not have any side effects on the beauty of the bathroom, rather it enhances the beauty of the bathroom.

3.) However, these grip mats are less hygienic. Soap, shampoo, and general shower grime are stored on the mat. This requires continuous cleaning of floor grip mats. If it cannot be cleaned continuously, then the accumulation of dirt can affect your health.

4.) Users using floor grip mats mostly state that floor grip mats are not installed correctly and tend to slide under the body.

There are some floor grip mats available in the market, whose texture looks natural, due to which they look more attractive. Along with this, some mats can be found with anti-bacterial additives, which reduces the chances of you being unhealthy by bacteria.

2. Install an Anti-Slip Grip Formula to Make Floor Less Slippery

If you want to make your tile shower floor not slippery, then anti-slip floor safety treatment slip grip can prove to be the easiest and accessible way for you.

In fact, slip grip is a fluid that is used to eliminate the slipperiness of tiles. To eliminate slipperiness; The slip grip liquid is applied to the tiles and left for 10 minutes. The tiles are rubbed with a brush as soon as 10 minutes are complete. After doing this process, the tiles are free from lubricating.

Anti-Slip Grip Formula

This fluid digs the surface of the tiles to a very fine level, which looks like fine sandpaper. Once used, a grip is formed on the tiles and it does not matter if the tiles are wet or dry.

If you want to increase the grip further, you can apply slip grip fluid on the tiles several times. This anti-slip formula applies to the surfaces of all tiles, from ceramics to all types of stone and another masonry.

Its greatest quality is that; This formula works easily on the surface of a tile shower floor, and there are minimal physical changes on the floor.

It is a long-term treatment to make the tile slippery-free and is very safe with it. Also, the advantage of using it is that it does not create uneven surfaces on the surface of the tile shower floor.

But you have to keep in mind that the slip grip formula does not work on non-masonry surfaces like bathtubs and plastics.

3. Adhesive Strips Increases Friction on Shower floor

This is a traction tape for the anti-slip floor, called Adhesive stripes. The possibilities of sliding can be reduced by putting the adhesive tape on the surface of the tile shower floor.

The way to apply adhesive stripes is quite simple. You do not need to do any hard work for this. Make sure your tile shower floor is not wet, if wet, wait for it to dry. Meanwhile, cut the adhesive tape to the desired size as per your requirement.

Once the tile shower floor is completely dry, then paste the adhesive tape into the tiles. Once fully applied, the adhesive tape will attach to the tiles, whether the surface is wet or dry.

But adhesive stripes and slip grip are quite different from each other. The slip grip does not require removal and more cleaning. While the adhesive stripes deteriorate and have to be replaced frequently. In addition to this, there is also a greater need for cleaning after removing the adhesive strips.

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4. Grip Bars on Walls to Avoid Accident

If you want to avoid the hassle of making the tile shower floor less slippery, then there is another solution for you. This solution will not only save you from falling on the tile shower floor, but it will also be accessible for other items. This remedy is – Grip Bars. Check out the best and safe grip bar on amazon.

You can add grip bars to walls without using other options. But to apply this remedy, the problem is that enough knowledge or professional work is required to install grip bars.

You can avoid sliding by using grip bars on the walls, but once the grip bar is removed it leaves its mark on the wall. That is, if you remove it from the wall when required, then there are holes in the wall and you have to get the wall repaired.

5. Keep the Floor Clean to Eliminate Slippery

Cleaning the tile shower floor is an important part of the maintenance of the bathroom. For basic cleaning, you can also use things in your home like lemon juice, baking soda, and all-purpose cleaning agents. 

Use a steam cleaner or a chemical cleaning agent, such as bleach or ammonia, to clean the overly dirty tile shower floor. Also do not forget to clean the grout in the middle of the tile shower floor.

Below are 4 measures to keep the tile shower floor clean;

1.) Vinegar is a wonderful thing: The tiles on the shower floor become dirtier than other tiles. If the tiles of your shower floor are the same, then add 1 cup of vinegar to 1 bucket of water and then clean it. The tile shower floor of your bathroom will shine.

2.) Fabric softener: You can also try the fabric softener method to brighten the tile shower floor of your bathroom. But if you do not do the cleaning properly, then the tiles shower floor will become stained.

3.) Ammonia is also a useful thing: Take a bucket of water and mix 1 cup of ammonia in it. Then clean your tile shower floor with it. The smell of ammonia is very strong. In such a situation, after cleaning, open the window doors so that the smell comes out of your house.

4.) Ethanol can also be used: Ethanol is the easiest way to clean the tile shower floor. Mix one spoon of ethanol in a bucket of water and mop it. This will clear all the stains on the tile shower floor.

Keeping the tile shower floor clean is not only necessary for a beautiful bathroom, but it is also important for protection from diseases. Many times it happens that due to lack of regular cleaning, the tile shower floor looks dirty.

This reduces the beauty of the bathroom as well as increases the possibility of many diseases. In such a situation, if you wish, you can shine the tile shower floor of your bathroom like glass by adopting these measures.

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6. Keep It Dry to Reduce Slippery

The tile shower floor in the bathroom is the place that needs the most cleanliness. Due to the use of more water on the shower floor, the tiles there are lubricated. That is why it is very important to keep the tile shower floor dry.

After bathing in the bathroom, you should wipe the tile shower floor so that the water on the floor dries up. In addition, you should not leave water open in the bathroom. This causes misuse of water and your tile shower floor becomes slippery due to getting wet. Then you have the possibility of falling on the tile shower floor.


Slippery tile shower floors are not only a problem, but they can also cause serious injury. Tile shower floors made of marble tiles and concrete can be particularly greasy.

Dropped soap, shampoo, and liquids on the surfaces of tile shower floors are often slippery, but some tile shower floors are greasy even when cleaned.

Keeping the tile shower floor free of dirt and grease will help reduce floor slippage. There are also some agents that you can add to the tile shower floor to reduce slippage.

However, in order to make all users safer and more accessible, the tile shower floor has several types of minor modifications mentioned above. Using these methods reduces the chance of accidents.

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