How to Replace Shower Tub  Faucet – Do It Yourself Easily

How to Replace Shower Tub  Faucet

Is your Shower tub got too rusted and needs replacing? Then why are you waiting? Read this and learn the way to replace it.

When it comes to any work of plumbing, people find it hard to do it ownself. But it’s such a quick and straightforward task you never knew.

In this article, we will show you the best and easy way on how to replace shower tub faucet. After reading it, you can be able to do it yourself. And you won’t need to expend extras for any plumber.

So, keep on reading and learn effortlessly.

When to Replace Shower Tub  Faucet

Before you go for replacing, be sure of the facts of a faulty shower faucet. You want to replace your tub faucet, but does your tub faucet need replacement?

Let’s clear out these things at first and then, see the replacement method. Here are some symptoms of faulty tub faucet that immediately need to change.

  • Leakage in tub faucet
  • Too rusty to drain water
  • Broken shower faucet
  • Too tight tap to turn off or on
  • Too loose faucet tub to turn on or off

So, if you’re facing any one symptoms mentioned above, you must replace your tub faucet.

How to Replace Shower Tub  Faucet

Now, we will show you the replacement method step by step. What you have to do is follow these steps serially and do as explained. And you will see you can easily replace your tub faucet without any trouble. Oh if need you can check top shower tub combo.

Steps for Removing the Shower Control Tape

Let’s start with the steps for removing the shower control knob. When you are replacing tub faucet, you have to replace the whole set.

Step-1: Turn off Water Supply

When you want to do any task relating to the water faucet, you must turn off the water supply line at first. Most houses don’t have any separate water line for the shower tub. So, you have to go to your basement where most often the main switch for the water supply lies.

If you still can’t find the main water line, you may contact your plumber to assist you in finding it out fast.

But be sure of one thing. Once you turn off the water supply line, you won’t be able to get water from any faucet of your house. So, do this task when you don’t have any urgent work with water.

Step-2: Remove the Plastic Cover

Now, start with removing the parts one by one. In your tub faucet, you will see a small rounded plastic cover over there. The shape of the cover can be as like as a coin.

Remove that cover. You can remove it with the help of your nail, or you can do it with a flat-shaped screwdriver to pull it outside.

Step-3: Take out the Screw

After talking out the cover, you will see a nut or screw inside that cover place. Take a screwdriver and twist it in clockwise. Loosen the nut then, take it out.

While you are taking out screws, make sure you plug in the drain of the tub. Otherwise, your screw may fall inside it.

Step-4: Take out the Plate

When you remove the screw, now it’s time for removing the plate. You will see here a plate attached to the wall. You have to take it out.

For that, you will see one or two nuts on the plate. Twist it with the screw. Loosen them and then remove the plate.

In this way, you can remove the control t

Steps for Installing the New Shower Control Tape

Now, if you have already bought the tape set, install it by following the steps one by one.

  • Insert the plate
  • Tighten the screw over the plate
  • Place the new Shower faucet controlling knob
  • Place the screw and tighten it. While tightening it hold the knob.
  • Put the plastic cover

Steps for Removing the Shower Faucet

Now, its shower tub faucet removing turn.  Check out the steps to remove your old faulty one.

Step-1: Loosen the Screw

To remove the old shower faucet, find out the screw of the faucet handle. You may find it anywhere beneath the faucet pipe. Find it and loosen it with an Allen wrench or hex nut wrench.

However, if you don’t find any screw, that means your faucet is screwless. In that case, put the Allen wrench inside the faucet pipe and twist the entire faucet tool to loosen it and take it out.

Or, you can hold the faucet with the help of piler. And twist it in the clockwise direction. Gradually the tub faucet will be coming out.

You can place a cloth or paper towel over the faucet before holding it with the piler. So, it won’t leave any scratch on it.

Step-2: Measure the Size of the Faucet Pipe

Now, take a measuring tape and measure the distance from the wall to the pipe end. And then, buy the same size new faucet pipe.

Steps for Installing the New Shower Faucet Handle

Follow these steps serially. And install your new tub faucet.

  • Before installing the new faucet, wrap one or two layers of plumber tape on the pipe end. It will help prevent any leakage from the pipe.
  • Place the new faucet inside the pipe
  • If it has a screw, place it and tighten the screw
  • But if it does not, twist the faucet and tighten to fix it on the place.
  • Never over tight it. It can cut the twist of the screw. And then you can’t install it properly.
  • After you have installed all the tub faucet set, turn on the water supply line and check your shower tub faucet

So, in this way you can replace your shower tub faucet and install a new one. And you won’t need to pay any plumber anymore.

Final Words

When you need to replace your tub faucet, you think of contacting a plumber must. But after reading this context, we can assure you that you can do the task of replacement all by yourself.

You will find here the most straightforward and easily explained way to replace. So, don’t waste time searching for a plumber to change your tub faucet.

Read this carefully now. Know how to replace shower tub faucet and save your pocket from paying the plumber.

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