How to Unclog a Shower head Without Vinegar?


When you go to take a shower, then you turn on the shower. Sometimes the shower stops running, and you have to face a great problem. To solve this problem, you use vinegar on the shower head.

But sometimes it happens that at the time when you need vinegar, you do not get it at that time. In this situation you can easily unclog the shower head by adopting some tricks without vinegar.

The best ways to unclog the shower head include Baking soda, Dr Bronner’s soap method, Coca-Cola, and oven cleaner. All these household tricks help to remove the dirt and moss in the shower head and by which the shower head can be unclogged easily.

Why should you unclog your shower head?

If you do not unclog the shower head properly then there will be excessive water pressure on the shower head, along with that the water coming from the shower will not be clean.

The holes in the shower head are clogged due to the moss or dirt coming from the pipe. When you see that the water is coming out of your shower head under high pressure and after some time, the water stops coming out of its orifice.

This problem happens to almost everyone, So we will tell you some remedies that will help you to unclog your shower head without vinegar.

6 Effective ways to unclog the shower head without vinegar

1. Baking soda can clean the shower head in a few minutes

If you want to unclog the shower head without vinegar, then baking soda would be a great option. With the help of baking soda, you can unclog your shower head properly and make it as new as before.

By understanding the cleaning method given below, you can clean the shower head in a few minutes with baking soda.

Cleaning method

Make a paste by mixing ½ cup baking soda in a bowl with lukewarm waterMake a paste by mixing ½ cup baking soda in a bowl with lukewarm water. Mix it well and prepare it in a definite form, there is no fixed amount of water in it and the paste should be slightly thick.

The paste should be so thick that it does not flow where it is applied. If it flows too much then you can thicken it by adding more baking soda to it so that it sticks easily to your shower head. Then cover the shower head with this paste.

Do not forget to wear rubber gloves on your hand to apply this coating on it. Cover your shower head with a paste of baking soda. If you have a handheld shower head, then for that you put it on the ground before covering it with paste.

Wait 25 minutes after watching it. If this paste is found somewhere other than the shower head, clean it. Then wash the shower head with hot water or flow hot water into it.

When you flow hot water into the shower head, all its holes will open easily. Water will start coming out of the shower head, meaning that your shower head will become unclog.

2. You can use Dr Bronner’s to unclog the Shower Head

You will probably be using a shower head or handheld shower head. Both require cleaning and maintenance. When you see that the shower head is not coming right. So Dr Bronner’s are more beneficial than vinegar. It is known for its beneficial properties.

If in your house to unclog your bathroom shower head. Bronner’s soap is present, so you can use it easily. Come Overview of Dr Bronner’s soap method.

Cleaning method

Mix Dr Bronner’s soap with warm water and pour into a plastic bag. Pour a bit of Dr Bronner’s soap into your plastic bag and paste it. To make the soap mixture, first, pour hot water into the bag.

Dr Bronner’s Soap

Make it in the same proportion as one cup of soap in 8 cups of water. Take your plastic bag so that your entire shower head is well immersed in the mixture of soap and water. Set the top edges of your plastic bag well with a rubber band.

If you have a handheld shower in your bathroom, you should not use a plastic bag for that instead you place it in a bowl. After putting your shower head in the soap, allow the score to remain in the soap mixture for about 30 minutes.

Then soak a cloth in water and clean the soap thoroughly with your shower head. Remove frozen dirt or moss in the shower head. To remove any soap and residue trapped in the water holes, it would be appropriate to flow hot water.

Turn on the hot water for a minute or two. When you clean the bathroom, washing the shower head in this way will increase the level of cleanliness in your shower.

3. It is easy to use coca-cola to clean the shower head

This method is one of the best ways to clean your shower head. If you did not know about it yet, let me tell you about this method. This is an unusual but effective method. You can clean your shower head easily using it. With Coca Cola, you can unclog it very easily.

Do you know? Coca-Cola’s solution contains a small amount of phosphoric acid, which acts as a solute. Its ph value is 2.5 ph. Its ph value is less than 7, meaning it is acidic. Due to its acidic nature, it cleans dirt easily.

I have heard that people also clean their metal utensils with this method of Coca-Cola. So the shower head can be cleaned quickly and easily. Let us know about the cleaning method given below.

Cleaning method

Take a bowl and fill a certain amount of Coca-Cola in it. Now dip the shower head in Coca Cola and keep it immersed for a while. Wait for about 5 minutes and then remove it and clean it with a brush.

If you are still not satisfied then you will have to repeat this process once again. After repeating this process for the second time, you will definitely be satisfied.

When you are satisfied, wash it again with warm water. In fact, after using Coca-Cola, you can flow hot water into it. Leave it open for a few minutes after cleaning to control the flow of water. Your shower head will unclog after removal.

4. You can use Oven Cleaner to unclog the shower head

You can use Oven Cleaner to unclog the shower headIn fact, the Oven cleaner can be a good tool for cleaning your shower head, as it descends on many parameters. Generally you use Oven cleaner to thoroughly clean the trapped food or grease in the oven.

But do you know? Oven cleaner can also be used to unclog the shower head. If you do not know, then you must use this strategy. It cleans the shower head very easily.

Cleaning method

Before using the oven cleaner, make sure that you wear gloves well or not. The method of using it is as follows;

First, spray oven cleaner over the entire shower head and leave it for 15-20 minutes. You have to take care that you do not leave it for long, keeping it for too long can also spoil the finish of your shower head.

Like every method we have mentioned, this method also washes the shower head with hot water. Now you will see that your shower head will start working well.

5. Cleaning Shower Head Using Lime Scale Remover

There are many products available in the market to clean the shower head, one of which is the Limescale Remover. You can also use products such as Limescale Remover to clean your shower head.

First apply lime scale remover to the shower head. Then wait for some time and then scrub.

After doing this action, wash the shower head with hot water at the end like every time. Now you will see that your shower head has become completely unclogged.

6. Cleaning Shower Head by Removing Rust

You can also unclog it by removing the rust in the shower head. One reason for your shower head to be clog may be rust.

If your shower is rusted, you can use an agent like Bar Keeper’s Friend to eliminate rust. From time to time, the shower head should be rubbed with a toothbrush, so that the hole in your shower head is not closed.

Actually, rust usually contains phosphoric or oxalic acid, which can burn or damage your skin. So before using it, wear gloves on your hands. After spraying it on the shower head, scrub it thoroughly with sandpaper, and wash it thoroughly with warm water every time.


If your shower stops suddenly while bathing in the bathroom, then it becomes a serious problem at that time. Every time you call a plumber and you have to get a new shower. This takes your monthly expenses towards the peak. You have to spend extra unnecessarily.

To solve this problem, we have mentioned several ways above, through which you can unclog your shower head without vinegar. If you use these methods mentioned by us, then you will save both your money and time.

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