12 Ways to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

12 Ways to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

Understandably, being busy sometimes leads you not to take care of your home, and shower glasses are among them. With work-life going on, it sometimes becomes impossible to clean the shower glasses.

However, there is no need for you to stress over those soap scum and hard water stains. In this blog, you can find some easy ways that can help you to remove and prevent residue from your shower door glass that can help to keep it looking pristine and girl.

The reason behind shower glass getting stained

The prominent reason behind shower glass getting dirty is because of the hard water. Hard water is high in minerals like magnesium and calcium carbonates. When the hard water gets mixed with soap, it tends to leave stains behind on your shower door glass and ends up taking away the aesthetic look of your bathroom.

Because the glass is porous, it allows those hard water minerals to seep into the glass over time and causes corrosion. It is essential to keep it clean as it is the best way to prevent long-lasting or hard-to-remove water spots.

Cleaning and Maintenance tips

Here are a few products, treatments, tricks, and trips that can help you to keep your shower door clean from soap’s scum.

#1 Open doors are useful

It is better to leave the bathroom door open after a shower. It allows air to circulate and aid in water evaporation. The step will also prevent the building up of mildew in other areas of the bathroom.

Besides, if your shower lacks proper ventilation, keep the door open to release the humidity when not in use. If the vent is available in the bathroom, turn it on before you take a shower.

#2 Water and vinegar 

It is the easiest and cheap way to keep your shower area clean. The best part is, it is one of the environment-friendly ways you can find. All you need to do is follow these quick steps:

Step 1: Mix three parts of distilled water and one part of white vinegar. 

Step 2: Store the mixture in a spray bottle.

Step 3: Spray the solution on the glass and let it sit on the door for about five minutes

Step 4: Spray more mixture if the solution dries out.

Step 5: Rinse it with distilled, warm water. You can also wipe it off with a paper towel, rag, or lint-free towel.

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#3 Try commercial cleaners

Many commercial glass cleaners are available in the market that easily cleans those tough stains that just water and vinegar can’t do. You can find these cleaners at local grocery shops.

If you are looking for high-performance products for glass cleaning, refer to it first with your shower glass company.

#4 Use sponge

Most shower door installers provide special sponges. It sets the expectations that despite the protective or hydrophobic coating on the door glass, maintenance is a must.

Use sponge to Clean Shower Doors

Even if the shower door doesn’t come with a coating, a sponge is helpful to prevent soap and water stains. The use of a sponge is not at all time-consuming, and you can use it right after a shower.

#5 Select the glass with a coating

Try to select a shower door glass for your bathroom that comes with a coating. The reason behind it is that glass coating will help to protect glass from soap and hard water.

Most glass shower door companies have this option, and it depends on the type of coating you choose. If your shower door glass lacks coating, it requires cleaning more often.

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#6 Lemons could be helpful

You can say goodbye to those annoying streaks with this trick to clean the glass shower door without residue left. Here are few steps you can follow:

Step 1: Cut a lemon in half and dip the cut side in baking soda.

Step 2: Now rub on both sides of the glass doors.

Step 3: The acid in the lemon reacts with the baking soda that makes a sudsy foam and done.

#7 Make DIY daily shower spray

If you use a shower spray daily, it allows you more time between deep cleans. You can also make a cleaner at home and much cheaper costs.

All you need to do is mix one cup water, half cup vinegar, a little dish soap, and about 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil for scent. You can keep it in the shower and spray the glass door down after squeegeeing.

#8 Try dryer sheets

The reason we recommend dryer sheets is because they soften the water deposits. They also act as a secret weapon against the accumulated built-up. You can consider recycling a few from your laundry loads or use it as a fresh sheet.

If you want to use this hack, damp the dryer sheet to wipe down the glass from top to bottom. Once you do this, you can go over the surface with a damp paper towel and admire the shine.

#9 Pine-sol is a good option

Pine-sol is the best all-purpose cleaners that disinfect, deodorizes, and cleans. You can use it for floors and surfaces as it is one of the excellent cleaning products you must keep in stock. Apart from glass shower door cleaning, you can use it all around the house.

To use this hack, you need to mix 1/8th cup of Pine-Sol with ½ gallon of warm water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the glass shower doors and wipe it down with a soft towel or sponge.

#10 Use shower door water repellent

It is one of the excellent products that help in preventing grime, soap scum, and hard water stains. Its original use was to improve the visibility of the windows in vehicles during extreme weather conditions. The advanced technology works wonders to keep glass showers clean and streak-free.

All you need to do is, in a well-ventilated area, apply the solution on a paper towel or dry cloth. Now in a firm overlapping and circular motion, rub the repellent into the dry and clean glass surface.

Glass must be dry with a light haze that you can remove with a paper towel or dry cloth until the glass is shiny and clear.

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#11 The toothbrush has other use too

You may be surprised, but a toothbrush can be a helpful asset if you want to clean the glass shower doors properly. The hardest part of cleaning a glass shower is reaching between the metal tracks.

Creases are a prime target for soap scum, dirt, and mold. A small toothbrush can help in cleaning and is one of the helpful hacks you must have.

All you need to do is, use the toothbrush to scrub the metal frame of your glass shower doors. 

#12 Other cleaning tips

You can find a list of formulas that may help you to get out those stains. Even if water and vinegar solution doesn’t appease you, try a paste of vinegar and baking soda.

If you are looking for easy and quick solutions, accessible things at your home might help you out. However, you can also try commercial things.


The above-given tips may help you to keep the glass shower doors clean. All you need to do is follow them, and you are one step near to retain the spotless shining of glass doors.

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