Kohler Archer Tub Review 2021 – Know Why You Should Choose!

Kohler Archer Tub Review

Who does not like sitting at their bathtub for a refreshing shower after a bizarre day at work? I know some of us will not dare to dream of getting a bathtub only because of insufficient fund. But hold on, I have some great news for you.

What if I tell you about a reasonable model that comes from a very reliable brand? I’m sure you have heard a lot about Kohler bathtub. If you haven’t then get ready to meet an excellent shower tub that meets maximum comfort requirements to go well with anyone’s style and needs.

It’s the Kohler 1123 shower tub! I’ll be dedicating a good amount of time for this Kohler archer tub review that will tell you about every corner of this amazing product. Let’s go for it!

The Features Table: Kohler Archer Tub Review



Dimension 60″Lenght x 32″Wide x 19″Height
Design Slotted Overflow with Comfort Depth
Color Options 9
Drain Right Handed
Bottom Textured Surface
Material Acrylic
Weight 82 Pounds
Capacity 50 to 60 Gallons
Price Check Here
Few Highlighted Factors To Know


I always start to arrange my thoughts for bathtub reviews by examining the construction quality. The Kohler 1123 comes with acrylic construction. Some might believe steel bathtubs are good for built-in. I agree but what’s the point of long-term durability if you can’t enjoy a pleasant bath in it.

It’s no secret that acrylic material gives the water in bathtub better warmth. So, when you come for a refreshing bath and sit in one of these acrylic blisses, you can feel the warmth of water taking away your soreness gradually. I think after a rough day, that’s the best point of having a bathtub.

However, it’s also true that acrylic isn’t really durable material. But for seven hundred dollars you should be expecting a bathtub for ten to fifteen years. That’s not bad for durability, to be honest.

Kohler 1123 has a better coating and texture for the bottom surface too. So, you can expect it to last even more than that period without any discoloration or such hassles.

Also, you can cope up with a regular clean-up routine and I’m sure the bathtub will serve for a long time. Just be sure to deal it with proper maintenance after every use. Make sure it is dry so hard water can’t easily form on it.

I think such minor tricks can give you the benefit of enjoying the most comfortable bathtub in practical affordability.

A Practical Size

The Kohler 1123 comes with convenient dimension feature. This is not only the best cheap bathtub but also a great designed shower tool that anybody will find suitable. It comes with a five-foot length which is huge for adults as well as teens.

It is 32 inches wide with a 19 inches height to give spacious experience to its’ users. You have plenty of room in it to sit comfortably. It’s ideal for folks who like romantic dates with a glass of champagne. Also, for moms who like to have their kids all together for a quick shower in the bathtub will find it really useful.

The spacious bathtub will give you the right amount of depth for a deep soaking feel to calm you down. It’s probably a fantastic choice for single families as well as huge ones. Having one of these means you are investing for a well-sized shower tub that the whole family can enjoy.

Comfortable Arm Rest with Back Support

Shower tubs with a weird shape is a total loss and so you need to take care of these things before purchasing. Thankfully, Kohler Archer tub with its’ arched design gives a better shape that can hold people and give them the comfort they deserve.

It comes with suitable armrest. So, if you are thinking about sending a lot of time at shower reading book or maybe simply relaxing with your favorite music on, then this feature can really avoid spoiling the mood. With the armrest, you can easily put your hands in a comfortable position while enjoying the pleasure of water soaking.

Also, adults who are dealing with poor back problems, bathtubs not giving support are a big pain. They will find the design of Kohler K1123 a perfect fit to provision their back and keeping away any unwelcomed pain.

Customize According to Your Bathroom Style

Oh! How boring it is to visit an online shop or a local dealer for a bathtub and finding out they only sell white tubs. That’s totally not acceptable when you care so much about your home décor, right? Well, Kohler has good news here as well.

This excellent model is not just good with features but also gracefully beautiful. It comes with nine different classy shades for bathtubs and you can choose your favorite one depending on your bathroom style. Match it out with the shade of the current tiles and see how bright the overall concept looks like.

Not just for comfort and saving money, Kohler is a great choice for styling requirements too. I guess, what else we can wish for. The shades are quite available and very rarely do they stock out. So plus point once again!

The Only Sad Part

There is no such thing as a perfect human or product, it’s quite obvious! Kohler 1123 is from the same range. I have already told you that this bathtub is not for really long-term usage and can survive for probably fifteen years.

But that was not a huge glitch to me. What problem I believe people might face is the fact that it’s quite large! Yes, I know the huge space is something to appreciate. But I’m talking about folks who have small bathroom space.

For them, I think it’s not going to work. You should find out the actual measurement of bathroom space that you’ll use for placing the bathtub.  Do this before making your mind about getting one. It might not fit.


  • It comes with standard depth for soaking.
  • The back support is ridiculously comfortable.
  • It has an armrest for long time bathing.
  • Space is enough for adults and dates too.
  • It can carry around fifty to sixty gallons of water at a time.
  • This comes with strikingly beautiful nine different shades to complement any bathroom.
  • It’s a great pick for aesthetic suites.
  • The drain is right handed and uniquely slotted.
  • It’s quite reasonable for the quality.


  • Might not last more than fifteen years.
  • A bit hard for short people to get in or out.

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Final Words

It’s time to end my Kohler archer tub review. I hope the information was able to sort out your confusion and now you know whether to get this amazing bathtub or not.

While, if you still want me to spill the beans then I’m surely going to recommend this beautiful shower tub. With so many pleasant color options I feel this bathtub can go well with any bathroom décor and different preferences.

The sleek and attractive design with some mind-blowing bathing features makes up for an excellent option that you must consider.

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