Kraus Sinks Vs Kohler – Who Makes Better Kitchen Sinks in 2021?

Kraus Sinks Vs Kohler

This is getting so confusing to pick one sink for your kitchen renovation, where the two most hyped brands are beating one another. Yes, we are talking about the Kraus sinks vs Kohler clash that you might already go through.

There are several Kraus sinks reviews available across the web, so as for Kohler. But without a side-by-side precision, selecting one can be you can’t here you will find a complete comparison that can give you the gist for which one you should go for and why.

The main difference is their prices and few other features. By the way, Kraus has no coating and personalization capability. In contrast, Kohler covers all of your needs including advanced features. But the prices are bit high comparing Kraus.

By the way, you should go deep for detailing the gist otherwise you can’t make a proper decision at all. Let’s continue!

Hurry? Our Top Pick- Kraus 30” Kitchen Sink: Dent-Resistant Single Bowl Design

  • Corrosion & rust resistant
  • 16-gauge T304 stainless steel
  • The non-toxic coating makes soundproof
  • Rectangular shaped under-mount style sink

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Kraus Sinks Vs Kohler – Breaking The Friction

Here we shorted the key difference between two amazing brands. As well as we recommend the best one from each model.

Kraus Sinks

Kohler Sinks

Average Sink Length

Less than 20” to 35” and larger

Smaller than 22” to 26” and above

Sink Material

Steel, Stainless steel, porcelain-enameled

Cast iron, stainless steel, composite sinks

Color Variance

Satin, white, glossy, stainless steel, PVD gunmetal

Wide range of color variation

Cabinet Size Variance

18” to 60” on average

Below 24” to 36” and above


Comparatively heavy

Lightweight to average


Not available customizing products

Enough customized products with variance

Price Gap



Now what? Don’t want to sip some detail? Keep on reading. And listen, some top-notch sink recommendations are also included for your ease.

Differences on Material

Kohler-the age-old brand working for your home improvement is no less in the case of kitchen and bathroom sink. Premium 18 gauge stainless steel is used in most Kohler sinks that make the sink more premium with an elegant look.

Another noteworthy feature Kohler comes with is its handcrafted cast iron-made sinks that will make you buy one right after watching. Besides, Kohler has some other sink collections for the bathroom and kitchen built with composite steel materials.

If you consider the Kraus brand, you will not be disappointed also. From general steel made to stainless steel and porcelain materials with enameled structure sinks are available to opt. However, there can be a mismatch here for Kraus sinks, as you might not get the most refined cast iron sink. But not a big deal as you can get the durable 16 gauge steel with mostly 1.5mm thick design account to your preference.

Things should be noted here, 18 gauge steel will provide more thickness with increased durability. So, a better choice can bring a better life span of the sinks.

Best Pick Goes for- Kohler Hartland Sink: Comes with Double Equal Basin.

It is made with cast iron that ensures the basin life span. 33” innovative scalloped style meets the fascinating need. Super-sleek design and deeper bowl hold lots of dishes.

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Are Both Feature the Same Size & Design?

Kraus sinks give you the option for choosing a kitchen sink from under 20” to 35” and larger sizes. The same size ranges if you are looking for some classy bathroom sinks. Contrarily, Kohler has around 22” to 26” even larger sizes of sinks to match your kitchen cabinets.

How about the cabinet sizes? Well, both Kohler and Kraus sink come with acceptable size ranges to fit your kitchen cabinet without ruining the style and look. Kohler’s size variance of the kitchen sinks might displease you though its premium elegance indeed brings charm to your kitchen appearance.

Wait, we have not overlooked the color choice. We know the right color can bring the right impression, no doubt. Kohler and Kraus have might also have thought over the same. And so, they have so gorgeous aesthetic color variations to match your kitchen style and your taste.

White, Glossy, Satin color with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating of gunmetal makes Kraus sinks unique and durable. On the other side, the Kohler sinks are just a perfect option for those who are obsessed with color consciousness.  Because you can have a grand color choice opportunity with the Kohler sinks, either it’s for your kitchen or bathroom.

Best Recommended Kraus Black Sink: 33” Equal Bowl Design

This is an awesome sink in black premium look. Drain mounting to other accessories is included here. And its construction is made for thermal and vibration resistance that will bring a charming look that eyes can’t overlook.

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The difference in Sink Types

Kraus and Kohler have almost the same sink type choose-ability. Single bowl system to double bowl and even the combined one is available in Kraus. Here, have a note that Kohler has some sinks with

Homeowners review Kraus to have a kind of drain basket type sink design. Comparing to some Kraus sinks, Kohler seems to have wider sizes of sinks like the Houzer offers. It can offer you space for bigger pots, pans and give your kitchen chores some flexibility.

Kraus sinks have up to 4 faucet holes according to different models. Kraus and Kohler sinks have categories for different mounting abilities. The top-mounted sinks, under-mounted, apron top on front, etc., are available from both brands. However, the style and appearance can be different.

You will get a unique style sink called the Farmhouse sink in Kohler. It is available in both cast iron and Stainless steel made. So you can bring for what your mind gets enough gist.

Best Pick for Kohler 33” Sink: Under-Mount Style Sink

33 to 36inches base cabin size allows more room for spacing big pots and heavy loads. Stainless steel made so no doubt for durability. Great functionality with useful accessories included.

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Kohler Or Kraus for Maintenance & User Flexibility

Both Kohler and Kraus give you the same with different ways and perspectives. If you look at the Kraus sinks, they can provide a flawless and seamless look into your kitchen and bath. 16 gauge steel-made sinks can make such durable stuff for your sweet home. You can get any that suits your working criteria.

The best thing about Kraus sinks is they need less maintenance. Once you install the Kraus sinks into your house, you can use them for daily purposes and roughly usage. The thicker material coating will handle the heavy rust and dust, keeping the sink charming always.

On the other side, the one and only drawback with the Kohler is you have to toil more hardship to keep it clean and rust-free. Kohler sinks do not seem ideal for guest room purposes as they tend to be freeze if not used for a long time.

So what Kohler is not perfect for occasional use. It is just the right fit if you want to use these sinks for regular purposes. Kohler’s strong point is it can bring a sigh on your face by offering bigger space for huge loads and big pans.

The personalization features in Kohler sinks make it a slightly different that you might not feel for the Kraus because its customizing hand has limited range.

Best for Low Maintenance- Kraus Workstation Sink: 45”Under-Mounted Style Sink

Workstation sink means comes with so many conveniences for flexible working. Stainless steel material sink with a dish rack and drain rack in this pack makes your working beneficial and time-saving.

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Which One Is More Durable? Kohler Vs Kraus

You see, Kohler and Kraus are made with stainless steel and sometimes ceramic with thicker pad designs. But when it comes to making one winner for durability,

Kohler gets the nomination for it. The stainless steel on both sinks features durability with soundproof pad coating. But as we can smell the premium feel with the Kohler brand for some of its cast-iron stuff, obviously, you get more durability here.

Besides, Kohler gives a warranty against chip for sink life span that also makes Kohler sinks espy over the Kraus sinks. More to this, a better drainage system with a deeper look is found in all the Kohler sinks.

Best for Durability- Kohler Farmhouse Whitehaven: Cast Iron Made Sink with Top Apron

It has a 36” wide and 9” deep basin bowl. Cast-iron ensures the sink longevity, and enamel finishing protects the sink from rust. And it is a top-front designed for user convenience.

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Price Variance for Kraus & Kohler Sinks

Nothing comes over the budget, of course. So, before purchasing the home improvement sink for your kitchen or bathroom, you must check what calls account to your pocket limit.

If you make a side-by-side comparison for Kohler and Kraus sinks, Kraus comes with seamless options within an affordable price range. In contrast, the Kohler tends to be more expensive. But it is also that you get what you will be paying for in the case of Kohler sinks.

Don’t think it makes the Kraus ignorable from an ounce. Kraus is preferable for the mid-range pricing facts.

Best Pick for Money- Kraus Workstation Sink: 17” Wider Fit with Great Functionality

It is a heavy-duty constructed sink that comes with food-protective material for comfortable usage. E This sink with enough storing capacity is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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Final Verdict

Don’t make your home wait anymore to get the perfect match of sink design with user benefits. The battle for the Kraus sinks vs Kohler sinks will still be going on as everyone doesn’t pose the same taste and choice.

For a better pick matching your preferences but not compromising your house flamboyance, Kohler gets a bigger thumbs up by all. Its aesthetic charm impression and customizable choice allowance bring it on the top choice list.

However, a better alternative is the Kraus if you need a budget-friendly sink. And of course, Kohler sinks also give your house an aesthetic look with proper working facilities. Again, Kohler makes the best sinks for double sink style, and Kraus has mastered single bowl design sinks.

If you don’t want to go for cheaper options then Kraus can provide you an expected good performance in the budget. While for folks who have determined to spend only on something that is going to be of high quality then Kohler is the choice for them.

Now, it’s up to you to make your final selection considering your house needs and look. Remember, your one Pick can change your house look either drastically or impressively.

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