Moen 1200 Vs 1225 Faucet Cartridge – Which One is Better?


Moen 1225 vs 1200 – A damaged faucet in your bathroom or kitchen can be a big hassle to deal with. Sometimes the cartridge is a problem and then, you need to go for a replacement. Moen being a very simple and classic brand of faucet has arrangements for such tiny replacements as well. Defects are nothing impossible so it’s best you get something functioning instead of frustrating over a damaged faucet.

Today we will be highlighting two prominent choices for Moen 1225 Cartridge replacement parts. It’s about the moen 1225 vs 1200 cartridge replacement and which one you should be picking for your faucet. Keep on Reading!

Moen 1200 Vs 1225 – The Best Cartridge?

Moen 1200 Cartridge

Moen 1225 Cartridge

Internal Production
This unique cartridge built with brass on the inner shell. It made of stainless steel, brass and copper construction on the outer shell.
External Production
Well, it constructed on the outer shell with all brass. This fantastic model has Polyphenylene shell on the outer structure.
The 1200 series is durable & stronger than other series. It has stainless steel constriction that makes is heavy-duty.
Price Tag
Good quality & better features at a reasonable price. Check Here Inexpensive price point than others. Check Here

Some Facts Inner About Moen 1200

For the single-handle bathroom and kitchen cartridge at a good price, the Moen 1200 series is a perfect choice. In fact, it has good construction, usability and manufacturer support. Take a sip of coffee and read some interesting facts:

Easy Installation

The 1200 series is super simple to fix while installing on faucet. As it has great construction, they need no time to fit. On top, it has perfect repair option for its simple system.

Lifetime Warranty

The 1200 magical series offers one year of warranty support. In fact, it built to last with smart warranty for returning wrong-given products.

Repairs & Durability

This cartridge built with strong and tough brass for simple replacement. The fun fact is they are friendly with most Moen bathroom fixtures. Plus, it beats others for their strong construction.

Market Value

The best part of this series is they have durability and simple fixing at a good price. Mainly, they have fine volume and 180 degrees from hot to cold at affordable price points.


  • Great fit for Moen RV fixtures.
  • Easy fixing for leaky tub faucet.
  • It’s made of high-quality materials.
  • This series is durable than plastic shell cartridge.
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty support.


  • Most people find it expensive.

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Some Inner Facts about Moen 1225 Cartridge

Want to have the durable, one-handle faucet and simplicity fit for home improvement? If so, we must introduce the Moen 1225 cartridge Replacement. They have excellent value and features for long-lasting performance. Take a look at some interesting facts of this series.

Construction & Design

No doubt of it, they have durable brass construction for easy repairing benefits. Plus, it’s friendly for kitchen sinks and faucets to say goodbye to leakages.

Simple Fitting

The Moen 1200 cartridge has awesome design for simple fitting on sinks or faucets. Plus, they have bent cap to reinstall or remove for cost-effective home restore.

Warranty Support

On top, they provide long-lasting built quality with lifetime warranty for restoring. In fact, it offers warrants by Moen construction for 1 year to return the broken cartridge.

Market Value

This model offers great benefits, features, and durability at a decent price. We find it the most cost-effective product that other series of Moen brand.


  • This series offers 2 different size choices.
  • Perfect for kitchen & bathroom faucet cartridge.
  • Has a decent price point to get.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Offers 1 GPM water consumption.


  • Most people don’t like its quality.

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Moen 1200 Vs 1225 On Performance & Volume Control

Both series have different smooth operation and performance. The Moen 1200 Cartridge series constructed with brass shell and stem that helps to install better and reducing leakages. Plus, it gives good volume support with temperature memory.

But, the 1225 series made of steel and copper base for lasting help. Plus, it rotates in 180 degrees for changing from hot to cold water.
To sum it up:

  • Choose the 1200 series, if need for durable materials and better volume control.
  • Pick the 1225 series, if favor durable and better performance.

Standards and Features of Both Series

Looking at both model features and standers, we find both products unique in their own way. The 1200 cartridge has 180-degree rotation for shifting water hot to cold. Plus, it gives smooth process and more consistences for ever-changing supply.

Then again, the 1225 cartridge has fine features for controlling volume to adjust the warmth of the water. Also, it gives standard design for faucets, tubs, and showers.

To sum it up:

  • If you want high-quality and top features, then pick the 1200 series cartridge.
  • Select the 1225 models, if you want fine adjustment and standard design.

Both Cartridges Models Market Value

If comparing both series, The Moen cartridge 1200 vs 1225 have different price points. In fact, the 1200 series has tough materials for home decor. So, it’s logically quite affordable for its high-class features and performance.

On the other hand, the 1225 series has a decent price point but lacks quality. Still, it offers a good market value that is less than 20$ dollar.

To sum it up:

  • Pick the 1200 series, if you want high-quality materials at a reasonable price point.
  • If you want a good price point and average features, then choose the 1225 series.

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Who is the Winner?

Picking one winner from the Moen brand is not that difficult if using common sense. If we look at the high-quality & durability, then we must pick the 1200 series cartridge. Then again, the 1225 series cartridge is the real winner if looking at value & features.

So, which one do you find better between the Moen 1200 Cartridge vs Moen 1225 cartridge replacement parts?

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