Rainsoft Vs Culligan Water Filters – The Right Choice for Your Home?

Rainsoft Vs Culligan

Some believe that it is not important to soften water and they believe it’s just a waste of money. And there are others who literally swear by the needs and benefits of a proper water filter.

We’ve seen the perspective of both types of homeowners. And we feel, there’s a need for the right water filter if you want to make your lifestyle smooth. It actually saves your money in the long run.

On that note, let’s have a complete battle between two of the most talked-about water filter brands of 2019. We are here to judge the rainsoft Vs culligan water filters with the best 3 picks recommended by experts.

Rainsoft VS Culligan Comparison Table

Rainsoft Water Filter

Culligan Water Filter

Performance & Clearing Storage

It helps to remove Sediment, Chlorine, Iron & many more for daily use.

This brand eliminates Arsenic, Iron, Viruses, and other bacteria.

This purifying filter is heavy-duty that lasts for 2 to 6 months. It lasts for 1 year if in light use and every six months for heavy use.
Weight Point
On top, it is light-weighted than other series. The Culligan water filter is quite weighty.
Price Point
They offer good quality for purifying water at a sensible price. It is affordable with many features.

Facts of Rainsoft Water Filter

Want to know about the Rainsoft water filter interesting facts? In that case, before going to Rainsoft Vs Culligan winner, here are some features of this brand:

Easy to Utilize

This water purifying solution is super simple to use and provide dirt-free water supply. In fact, it doesn’t take much time to fit well and helps to clear microbes & iron.

Quality & Performance

On top, it has fine quality to get rid of harmful agents like a clean master. Plus, they upgrade a high flow rate of 50 GPD that helps water to stay fresh and clean.


Another wonderful thing about this brand is they provide lasting solution to get drinkable water. Also, they last for 2 to 6 months if consuming water daily.

Price Point

The Calligan filtration helps to provide fresh water at a decent price point. Plus, they have good performance and high quality for users at a sensible value.

Best Picks for Rainsoft Water Filter

Looking for the best Rainsoft water filter in the market? If so, here are the top 3 finest Rainsoft water purifying solutions.

1. Rainsoft 9590 Water Filters

The 9590 series has great quality and performance for sanitizing water like butter. Plus, it offers 10 GPD flow rates and 3-stage filtration for cooking use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Have 3 stage purifying benefits.
  • Simple to install.
  • Upgraded flow rate 10 GPD.
  • Helps water to stay fresh.
  • Long-lasting and Strong.

2. RainSoft Compatible Water Filter

This filter has perfect filtrate solution that helps to reduce dirt and sand for quality water supply. Besides, it has higher performance and benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong construction & durable.
  • Reduce mid-sized contaminants.
  • Have a sensible price point.
  • Perfect in quality & performance.
  • Offers lifetime warranty.

3. Rainsoft Compatible UF50 Water Filter

The UF50 filter has good quality with 50 GPD flow rate and 1 & 5-micron carbon filter. Plus, the US filter offers high performance for clearing bacteria.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers 50 GPD high flow rate.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Have 5 Micron post carbon filter.
  • Comes with clear instruction.
  • Perfect servicing and quality.

Details of Culligan Water Filter

Are you seeking details of the Culligan water filter? Well, here are some key features and goodness that make it special from other brands.

Simple Usability

This pro-filter brand is quite easy to use with its twist on and off design. Also, it comes with an instruction guide for understanding its setup.

Features & Ability

They upgrade 0.5 gallons per minute flow rate and 0.5-micron rating. In fact, it filtrates water quickly to give fresh and clean water for human consumption.

Manufacturer Warranty

They have supreme performance and top quality with 2 years of manufacturer service. Plus, it assures to give better replacement and repairing.

Good Value

The Culligan water filter has great benefits and quality at a decent price for clean water. In fact, they offer good facilities and high quality in perfect price.

Best Picks for Culligan Water Filter

If you’re looking for the best Culligan filter, we listed some this brand filter for getters. Read down below to find the finest water purifying filter:

1. Culligan IC-EZ-4 Water Filter

The IC-EZ-4 series has smart design and simple twist on & off fits. Plus, it has 0.5 GPM flow rate and a pressure range of 60 PSI for fast purifying water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Have 3 different styles.
  • 500 gallons for 6 months.
  • Easy to change.
  • Offers 0.5 of Micron rating.
  • Eliminates leads & cysts.

2. Culligan RC 4 Water Filtration

The RC-EZ-4 series has awesome quality for providing 500 gallons of clean water. In fact, it removes lead and Turbidity on 6 months of use for residential homes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provide fresh water for cooking.
  • 500 gallons for 6 months.
  • Offers 0.5-micron rating.
  • Has good value.
  • Removes chloroform & MTBE.

3. Culligan Wh-Hd200-C Water Filter

Our last pick is the Wh-Hd200-C filter for its modern filtration and tough style for purifying water. Plus, it has shut-off valve and battery-operated monitor to supply delicious water.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1-inch stainless steel connectors.
  • 40°F to 100°F temperature range.
  • Pressure range from 30 to 100 PSI.
  • Good for residential homes.
  • Reduce sediment & bad taste.

Who Wins the Battle?

Finding a real winner on this debate, actually not that hard to find. While considering the only value and average quality for everyday cooking, we would pick the Culligan water filter.

But, if you want high benefits and top performance that fights germs and bad tastes like an expert, then the Rainsoft is the winner.

So, which one do you pick between the rainsoft vs culligan water filter choices?

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