Reglazing a Bathtub (Process, Pros and Cons, Cost, DIY)

Reglazing a Bathtub

Getting your old bathroom a makeover is a great idea, and to do this, start with your bathtub. If your bathtub is in a very deteriorating condition, you don’t feel comfortable taking a bath.

It is a sign that you should reglaze your bathtub because let’s face it, no one likes to spend their elite bathing time in an uncomfortable, unattractive, scratchy, and rusty bathtub. And for your bathtub, you can opt for bathtub reglazing.

Bathtub reglazing is a series of processes carried out when the area of the worn and damaged bathtub is repaired so that it can be like the previous new condition.

Bathtub reglazing has been described as a pro way to eliminate all that grimy and stain-ridden bathtub. There have been multiple home advisers who have said that bathtub reglazing is one of the best shots for people who want to give their bathtub a real good makeover.

The process involved in bathtub reglazing

A total number of three processes are involved when it comes to bathtub reglazing, and the process is as follows:

  • The first step involves stripping off the old finishing as well as sanding the tube by the technician. Doing this will result in a clear, smooth surface.
  • If there are any defamed structures such as cracks, chips, rust spots, or holes, then they are repaired in the second process.
  • In the last step, the primer application, multiple layers of coating, and a sealant usually occur.

After everything is done, the bathtub will be ready to use in around three days. Talking about the finishing, it will ideally last around 10-15 years.

Should you give a shot to bathtub reglazing

If you have a bathtub in pretty good condition and the only imperfections that you encounter are some kinds of stains and scratches, then bathtub reglazing might be a good option for you.

Even if you have acrylic bathtubs, you still can reglaze them, and you can do so until and unless you encounter definite visible issues.

Pros and Cons of Bathtub reglazing

Pros of bathtub reglazing are as follows:

  • Bathtub reglazing is termed as one of the most affordable when it comes to giving your bathtub an entire makeover. The average cost of bathtub reglazing ranges somewhere around 200 dollars to 650 dollars.
  • The bathtub reglazing process is a fast one and takes up to one day to finish

Cons of bathtub reglazing are as follows:

  • The substances involved in bathtub reglazing are considered to be dangerous. The materials that are used to create the glazing are termed to be very toxic. Furthermore, the customers will have to empty their house maybe for a day or two so that the process of ventilation can be carried out properly.
  • Since reglazing can be performed only once, it means that if the first attempt is not made right, then you probably will have to stick with that.
  • The weather plays a crucial role in all this as the weather will play a significant role in how long it will be for the finishing coat to dry and the ace level of the blonding it will be with the surface. Considering that humidity is not favorable for all this, it is better to avoid such weather for bathtub reglazing.

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Cleaning a Reglazed bathtub


Tool’s requirements: Bucket for rinsing water


  • A non-abrasive cleaner
  • Sponge
  • A nylon brush that has a soft bristle
  • Soft towel. You can also use a rag


1.) First thing first, you need to rinse the tub with warm water and follow up by removing any residue

2.) In the second step, you need to apply the cleaner you have chosen to the tub’s surface. You need to carefully spray and spread the cleaner and ensure that the cleaner has reached every inch of the tub. If you are using any dish soap for cleaning, you need first to pour some on the surface, and then you need to spread this with a sponge.

3.) In the third step, you need to let the cleaner sit in the place for around 5 minutes. When you do this, you allow the cleaner to cut through the remaining soap residue and oils. When you wipe the cleaner off quick as you can, you are preventing the cleaner from doing its job efficiently

4.) Abrasive free Scrubbing should be done on the entire surface of the tub, and it should be done with a sponge, or you can also use a microfiber cloth for this. If your bathtub has a non-slippery surface, help with a nylon bristle brush to scrub the area.

5.) In the fifth step, you need to make sure that you have thoroughly rinsed the tub, and you need to do this in such a manner that you leave absolutely no traces of cleaner. When it comes to using dish soap, the process of rinsing the tub should be thoroughly done and maintained.

Because if by chance there are any traces of dish soap, then it will make the area dangerously slippery sixth step is the last step of the process where you need to dry the tub. It should be done with a soft towel or use a cloth so that it will help in the removal of water droplets.

You need to move ahead, and you need to buff the finishing finely to generate an upgraded shine. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you don’t buff the surface every time you clean it.


1.) Don’t use abrasives: When it comes to abrasives, they contain somewhat harsh or even gritty cleaners along with rough sponges as well. To dig in deeper, all you need to do is prevent yourself from using the following ammonia infused cleaners, powdered cleanser such as Comet, and abrasive cleaners

2.) Don’t power wash: If you opt for any power wash, then you are making the coating of your bathtub vulnerable to the power wash, and as a result, it will not withstand the coating

3.) Don’t steam clean: When you use a household steam cleaner to clean your bathtub, you will get the unfinished work, but you will it is more or less likely to damage your bathtub. Therefore, you need to steer clear of using the steam cleaner of your house for your bathtub.

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Maintenance of a reglazed bathtub

To maintain the bathtub that has been recently reglazed, you can do the following practices:

  • Try not to apply any bath mat that has suction cups to the surface of the tub.
  • If you even add suction cups, you are just harming the bathtub as it will damage the coating.
  • If you still want to choose, then go for a bath mat that is non-slippery and has no suction cups.
  • You should use this bath mat while you are in the bathtub, and as soon as you are out of the bathtub, you should remove it and hang it so that it can dry.
  • To prevent yourself from encountering any problems, you need to hire a well-reputed reglazing bathtub company that is an ace in its workmanship and provides general customer satisfaction.
  • The customer has to be made sure that before the project has begun, the workers have covered every inch of the bathroom. The workers also must ventilate the area so that every person’s safety in the area can be ensured.
  • The following job of the refinishers is to strip away the old finishing of the bathtub completely.
  • This should follow the reparation of a new finish enriched in the quality base for the latest finish. It should take place by repairing as well as treating every flaw that has been found in the tub.
  • The next step that the workers should do is priming, reglazing, and then applying a sealing coat. It has to be made sure that each coat gets enough time to get fully settled.

General problems faced while reglazing a bathtub and the solution

In case of bathtub reglazing problems, the following are the problems that you may encounter:

1.) The bubbling: The first problem is bubbling, which happens only when the air gets caught in themed coating layers. Another reason for bubbling may be the improper cure of coating, and besides this, such problems can also encounter if you have not made sure that the old finishing is not before the resurfacing.

2.) The sticky sensation: After the bathtub has been reglazed when you take a bath, and you notice some stickiness in the bathtub, there are chances that it might have happened when the coating has not been appropriately cured. Therefore, as soon as one notices such a sticky feeling in the bathtub, the individual has to prevent himself from using the bathtub as an attempt of respraying is needed in such a position.

3.) The peeling problem: If there is any chip on the surface, it can lead to peeling. This kind of chip problem will also loosen the entire finish, which no one had signed up for when he or she did the bathtub reglazing. Another reason for peeling is when the glaze in the bathtub has not been appropriately cured. It can also take place if the surface was not prepared correctly.

4.) The chipping problem: If your bathtub has been given a lot of pressure just after it has been reglazed, it will amount to the chipping problem no matter how much fine the tub has been prepared. So, to prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that you don’t drop any heavy objects in your bathtub.

5.) The Fading problem: Fading is also an option when it comes to the problems you will face while bathtub reglazing. This may happen when the thin layer of reglaze coating has been used and applied in the tub. This can also happen if the right mixture of the coating has not been used.

6.) No chemicals and sharp objects: You should make sure that you do not keep any chemicals or sharp objects closer to the reglazed surface of your bathtub. It would be best to prevent people from standing in the bathtub while they have their shoes on.

Are the refinishing fumes of the bathtub dangerous?

Talking about the refinishing fumes of the bathtub, they are most dangerous only when they are being applied, followed up by curing.

DIY bathtub refinishing: Several DIY bathtubs refinishing kits are available widely in the market. These are neither supposed to be inhaled nor should they, by any chance, get absorbed by the skin.

If you follow up with DIY refinishing, you should make sure that enough right ventilation and a right fitting organic vapor respirator have been carried out. Instead of a dust mask, one should always use a properly fitting respirator along with organic cartridges because dust masks aren’t powerful enough to protect one from the vapors that take place from the bathtub refinishing.

Professional bathtub refinishing: If you seek the help of professionals for bathtub refinishing, which you should then no sooner did you smell the fumes, you should see vacant the area. As soon as the bathtub refinishing products start drying, you will notice that the same fumes will gradually dissipate as time passes.

Another case is when you smell odors where the curing process is taking place, you should vacate from that particular area. If you are one of the people who are highly sensitive to such odors, you should, and you need to plan to sleep anywhere else in that particular evening when you have your bathtub reglazed.

Summing Up!

Bathtub reglazing should be done at the right time to prevent any future damage to your bathtub, and with the proper guidance from the correct professional of bathtub reglazing tub, you will get a bathtub that looks and feels like new.

After all this, you will have a reglazed bathtub to enjoy some quality time. You also need to make sure that you are following and sticking to the precautions that have been mentioned here.

Now that you have all the information that you need regarding bathtub reglazing, you are all set to give your bathtub a brand-new look.

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