The Answer – Should You Shower Twice a Day?

Should You Shower Twice a Day

“To take a shower or to not to take a shower?” That’s what some people’s daily quandary is! And here you are wondering whether you should shower twice a day.

Well, the everyday shower is a necessary thing for most of us. But showering twice a day is not everyone’s cup of tea. You might lack the energy or enthusiasm for it. Before knowing whether you should shower twice a day or not, you might need to know how many times you need to take shower a week.

Should You Shower Twice a Day?

It’s too difficult to be always clean, right? But it doesn’t mean you have to take a shower too often. Your cleanliness actually depends on your lifestyle. You might be a regular shower person or you might take a shower twice a week, it doesn’t always have to be for your hygiene.

Most of us take a shower for aesthetic reasons. You take a shower to feel good, not to be a hygiene maniac. I’m saying this because most of the experts of the hygiene field say that taking shower five times a week is enough to maintain your hygiene.

Naturally, your body operates smoothly even if you don’t shower daily. In fact, if you wash too often you might deprive yourself of the benefits of the essential oils.

So whether you are taking shower or not or even doing it too often doesn’t serve your cleanliness rather it serves the peace of your mind!

Bathing Twice a Day Benefits

Apart from all the suggestions from experts, you can still notice that bathing twice a day actually benefits. Some likes to bath in the morning whereas others like to bath at night. But some people like to enjoy both.

Several reasons lure people to bath twice a day. If you don’t know it yet just read bellow.

Detoxifying dirt

Bathing twice a day can detoxify all the impurities and dirt from your body. If your daily lifestyle includes physical labour or makes you sweat a lot, bathing twice a day will give you a sense of cleanliness. You will not bear the smelly odour and obviously, you will feel more beautiful than before.

Your desire to feel the freshness instead of your daily toil can be attained by it and you will feel a lot better about your body.

Letting out the heat

Some of us can’t stand the heat of the summer. As your body temperature increases during summer, you might face many health disorders such as heat strokes, indigestion or even nose bleeding.

The high temperature even increases your anger and makes you irritable. Your anger can cause great loss in your daily life which can simply be controlled by reducing the heat produced in your body.

Even your immune system can be improved by reducing the excessive head on your body in the summertime.

Bathing twice a day can help you balance the excessive heat produced by the weather and you will better during summer days.

Stress relief

Some of us go through a lot of stress in our daily life. It can be because of study pressure or workload. Bathing twice a day can help you get relief from stress.

When you come home leaving behind your workload, you need to freshen up by taking a shower. night shower helps you to reduce your stress level as it stimulates sleep. If you take shower 90 minutes before going to bed, you will have a good sleep.

Again when you go to work or study, you need to boost your energy and start your day with a fresh mind. A shower in the morning can help you to have that positivity in your daily life.


Taking shower twice a day is good if it matches your lifestyle. Sometimes excessive cleanliness can cause you harm and deprive you of the natural benefits of your body. So if you want to take a shower twice a day, make sure that you actually need it.

Otherwise, it would be just a waste of water. As you can see only if your body and mind are too exhausted and sweaty, the shower can help you out. You don’t need to do it daily and make it your habit rather take shower twice a day only if you need it.

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