Standard Shower Curtain Sizes – What Size Do You Need?

Shower Curtain Sizes

There’s nothing more painful than dealing with a shower curtain that is too small or big. For some reason, it’s going to bother you and ruin the mood. One valid reason is water leaking throughout the bathroom floor.

Gladly, you can easily get a perfect size according to your space requirements from a very wide range of the collection available in different sizes.

What size shower curtain do I need? Yes, there are 3 standard shower curtain sizes that are considered universal and frequently suitable. These are 72 x 72 inches, 70 x 72 inches and 70 x 70 inches.

Today, I’ll be talking over that!

Shower Curtain Sizes: Which One Suits You Most?

We know it’s confusing but fortunately, it’s possible to find out the perfect one. Yes, no stress, rather follow the steps only finally you will know your own curtains sizes.

Let’s Know the Default Size

There are lots of variety for sizes but also there is a standard size that most of the bathroom interior match with. There are three standard measurements that are considered universal and frequently suitable. These are 72 x 72 inches, 70 x 72 inches and 70 x 70 inches.

Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain is a great choice for a heavy-duty option that comes with standard measurement.

The standard shower curtain height for a bathtub is usually 60-inches. This height can nicely cover the area. Also, it is great for covering any ledges that your bathroom owns.

Now, stall shower curtain sizes are pretty much narrow in usual. You should be careful about choosing a long one through. So that the water flowing can be controlled in your bathroom and keep it going into shower curb.

Recommendations For 70 x 70 inches Curtain

Top Picks

01. Mrs Awesome Clear Shower Curtain– Beautify Your Bathroom to Look Clean
Mrs Awesome clear shower curtain designed with a classic plain pattern to beautify your bathroom fresher. It offers safe PEVA 8G material that keeps away odor, water, PVC and chlorine. This shower curtain is soft and easy to touch.

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02. Eforcurtain Transparent Shower Curtain– Made of Soft PEVA to Keep It Watertight

Made of Soft PEVE, Eforcurtain transparent shower curtain features full water-resistance design. It keeps the water to stay in the boundaries and help your bathroom floor to stay germ-free. The curtain is also easy to clean for its watertight pattern.

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03. Amazing Shower Curtains Periodic Table Shower Curtain– A Cool Bang for Chemistry Student
If your kid’s a chemistry student, this 2021 version of the periodic table shower curtain is a great option. It has solid free from rust metal grommets. Also, the shower curtain gives your bathroom a geeky home decor feels.

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Recommendations For 70 x 72 inches Curtain

Top Picks

01. AmazerBath Clear Shower Curtain– Designed with Tough EVA to Keep It Durable
AmazerBath clear shower curtain gives long-life benefits for its EVA design. It comes with 12 anti-rust metal eyelets with curtain hooks and other accessories. Also, it gives your bathtubs a lifelong strength to enjoy the shower with comfort.

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02. Barossa Design Shower Curtain– Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendlier with This One

Barossa Design shower curtain features soft materials than plastic to recycle easily. It keeps your bathroom free from smell and PVC to not spreading viruses. With the Microfiber fabric, it can be wash on washing machine and dry quickly.

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03. Bermino Grey Shower Curtain– 100% Polyester for Your Customs Bathroom

Crafted with 100% Polyester, Bermino shower curtain suits well on your traditional bathroom. It has strong design to stop tear or shatter issues. Each fabric curtain features 12 metal holes and plastic hooks. The brand also offers 3 months of return benefits.

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Recommendation For 72 x 72 inches Curtain

Top Picks

01. Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain– Keep Privacy with Thick Yet Soft Liner for Your Bathroom

Biscaynebay brand comes with top-notch shower curtains that have thick yet smooth liner. Also, this curtain has 100% hotel quality to maintain privacy while showering. It gives great look on your bathroom and serves long-life use.

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02. Toplife Shower Curtain– Get Good Drainage Effect with This One

Toplife shower curtain has smooth surface that water beads are hard to stay. With this feature, you can easily dry out the curtain after washing. Also, it doesn’t take much time to soak well. The surface makes possible to remove stain with a cloth.

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03. iDesign PEVA Shower Curtain– Avoid Mold and Mildew Attack with This One

iDesign PEVA shower curtain has versatile fabric that stops attach of molds. Also, it helps your bathroom to touchable for kids and guests. You are also able to quickly clean by simply wiping with mild soap and water.

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Figure Out the Right Height

It’s not okay to have shower curtain pooling or draping on floor. For a window curtain, this may work fantastically but it’s not a great idea for showers. A too-long shower curtain will invite various harmful factors.

Such as mold or mildew build-up and also it lets to get moisture in which you don’t want to happen. However, if you want to use an extra long shower curtain that touches and pools on the floor, get something that is mildew resistant. One excellent option is S·Lattye Extra Long Shower Curtain that comes in various sizes.

To figure out your ideal shower curtain height, start from the bottom of the curtain rod. If you are using curtain rings, start from them to measure the ideal height. Use a measuring tape in inches to figure out the length. From the top, you need to go all the way down to the floor.

If you have a tub then make sure you subtract somewhat ten inches from this measurement. The numbers you get are the right height of the shower curtain you must buy.

When you use tiebacks of shower curtain to swept it in a corner, it’s probable to appear a bit shorter. Since the material is gathered up.

So, make sure you hand the rod a bit lower. You can keep it one to two inches lower than usual. This way you’ll be able to keep the curtain outside of tub’s rim.

Recommendation with The Right Height

Top Picks

01. S·Lattye Stripe White Curtain– Give Your Bathroom All-Time Nice Look

S·Lattye Stripe White curtain has great quality and lifelong support. It serves hotel standard quality to look nice all-time. Also, the curtain features great design to give your bathroom a glam look. It also features extra-long hem to keep it hanging.

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02. Seavish Fabric Shower Curtain– Add Vibrant and Crisp Décor to Your Apartment Bathroom

Beautifying bathroom is quite simple with the Seavish shower curtain. It features simple geometric patterns to give a lively look for your apartment restroom. Made of durable fabric materials, they are fit for any ages to use.

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Figure Out the Right Width

The entire space where the curtain will fit is measured for the width. It’s usually the shower or bathtub’s front side. You should figure exactly where the rod will stay. Go for outside or inside mount. Now you need to simply measure the entire rod shape for the width measurement.

The width you should be going for is six inches more than the numbers you get. If you are using an oversized version of bathtub or shower, go for two standard size shower curtains.

Overlapping by three holes for buttonholes, make sure you hand them side by side on a rod. Let all the hooks attach on the entire curtain. The middle holes should have three double holes sharing one hook.

Or you can go for a wider shower curtain. For an oversized bathtub, the most standard measurement is usually a 108-inch wide curtain like the Riyidecor All Wrap Around Shower Curtain.

Recommendation with The Right Width

Top Picks

1. Riyidecor White Chevron Shower Curtain– Encloses Extra Wide Tub for Luxurious Look

With 32 pack metal hooks, Riyidecor shower curtain convenient for your extra-wide tubs. It gives not only a lavish look but also keeps away germs. And, the curtain has polyester designed that is easy on machine to wash.

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2. Barossa Design Waffle Curtain– Make Your Bathroom to Look Spa-Like With This One

Barossa Design shower curtain has a soft waffle-weave print with diamond patterns. Also, it gives your bathroom a spa-like feel while bathing. The shower curtain also made to fit a large soaking tub for versatile wrapping.

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What Size Shower Curtain Do You Need for a Clawfoot Tub?

Usually, a clawfoot bathtub will need you wider shower curtain than usual. There are lots of extra wide shower curtain sizes available for such clawfoot tub.

However, the most standard measurement for a freestanding clawfoot tub is 180 inches, just what the N&Y HOME Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain offers.

You should be measuring the edge of the tub. Let some extra inches extend for keeping curtain fabric for handing purpose and ease of use. This way you’ll not have to worry about water getting all over the place. Also, such extra wide curtains don’t let you struggle with closing it right.

However, if you use the clawfoot tub for decoration purpose and rarely use it, then simply go for two standard size curtains to use. Usually, it also depends on the bathroom style. The more focal point your clawfoot has, the more you want to think about it.

Shower Curtain Recommendation for Clawfoot Tub

Top Picks

1. N&Y HOME White Shower Curtain– Find Optimal Shower Curtain for Your Clawfoot Tub

N & Y HOME shower curtain has easy caring features to keep your shower fresh and clean. It has extra-large size for clawfoot tub to give a lavish look. Also, the shower curtain free from PVC and water to dry.

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2. YISURE Extra Wide Shower Curtain– Soft and Washable Curtain for Your Bathtub Liner

YISURE shower curtain has soft and washable surface to clean like a pro. Also, it assures your bathroom a clean and fresh surface to avoid bacteria. The shower curtain features recyclable material to recycle.

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If You Have A Small Shower Space

There are many folks who live in an apartment with a tiny shower place or bathroom. Using any shower curtain size might not be right for them. A simple trick can save you here. You need to replace the rod you use if its straight. Simply go for bowed one instead.

With a bowed rod you would be able to add some extra elbow room. For some cases, this is up to eight inches. Even with such additional room, you’ll still be able to fit a standard size shower curtain and enjoy the benefits.


I was really confused my first time about what size shower curtain do I need since my earlier days were a bit less informative. However, I hope you never face such confusions and buy a wrong fit, like my previous self.

Just be sure to carefully measure space and get a curtain according to mentioned rules. Shower curtains are a piece of decoration but also it has certain functionality. Buying the right size is a part of the process if you really want to enjoy it to the fullest. Good Luck!

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