Toto Drake Vs Drake 2 – Who Got The Medal 2021!

Toto Drake vs Drake 2

A toilet is just a toilet, that’s how people take it! But you need to understand that it’s not just one out of thousand similar types. It can vary in noise level, design, sizes, and so many factors. So, looking for a toilet that matches your requirements and demands is a painful task.

Toto Drake and Toto Drake ii toilet are two of the most popular models from this very renowned brand. Today we’ll be heading for a comparison to make you decide on a particular type easily. So, let’s begin the game between toto drake vs drake 2.

Highlighting Features of Toto Drake

  • Dual elongated huge bowl and tank design set.
  • Three inches flush valve.
  • Huge trap way and siphon jet.
  • Includes the adhere resistant Cefiontect.
  • 1.6 Gallon per flush power with G-max technology.
  • Noise-free functioning.
  • Not an ADA height.
  • No Seats Included.

Highlighting Features of Toto Drake 2

  • The silky smooth Sanagloss coating with ion glazing texture with Cefiontect.
  • Tornado technology flush system.
  • 20% Water saving with 1.28 gallon per flush ability.
  • Dual, high profile design.
  • Advanced and powerful performance.
  • Noise-free flush every time.
  • Four beautiful colors are available.
  • No Seats Included
  • Expensive.

Table Comparison Of Toto Drake Vs Drake 2


Drake II


Dimensions 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 Inches 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
Flush Type Double Cyclone G-Max
Flush Score 800+ MaP 1000+ Map
G.P.F 1.28 1.6
Sanagloss Yes Yes
Bowl Elongated Elongated
Colors Available 4 1
2-Piece Yes Yes
Certification Yes (ADA) Yes (WaterSense)
Saves Water 20% No
Price Check Here Check Here

Battle of The Strong!

Toilets are a thing we use for years and they need to be quite strong to tolerate our regular usage. The reliable brand TOTO gives special attention to the fact.

The advanc quality toilets are actually quite durable to serve you for years. That’s one of the pro reasons why homeowners and even for commercial use, TOTO toilets are one of the finest choices.

Both Toto Drake and drake 2 uses vitreous china material for the construction. These are really good to give a strong and durable quality that survives for years.

Very low complaints are noticeable about the manufacturing quality and this is the case with maximum TOTO toilets. So, no matter which one you pick, be stress-free, it’s going to give a good resistant experience.

Water Consumption

A toilet with less water consumption is what we all are looking for. It saves water bill and most consumers will highlight this one factor with much importance for the reason. There are some states that have a law of using toilets with GPF less or equal to 1.28.

Both the models from TOTO has some good news for you. These are really water saving. The Toto Drake model comes with 1.6 gallons of water per flush feature. Beating the amount, Drake 2 needs only 1.28 gallons for each flush.

So, if I have to choose one between these two for water saving properties, you can guess it by now. Toto Drake is surely on a higher position for less GPF.

See Also: Toto Ultramax vs Ultramax ii to discover the real comparison.

Flush Technology!

Flushes are a big headache for people who suffer from clogs and poor performance issues. It’s one of the major factors to consider when buying a new toilet.

I have gone through quite a few Toto tornado flush review sections. Toto products are quite well with their innovative and good quality flush technology.

Toto Drake uses the G-max flushing system. It’s quite efficient and can give you a real noise free flush after every use.

But Drake 2 is powerful with one step ahead double cyclone flushing technology. The performance is exactly the ideal type for commercial use along with the home. Not to mention it is also super queit with every flush.

The clear winner here also is the latest version Drake 2.

Easy Clean-Up

Both Drake & Drake 2 comes with a nice finish of Sanagloss. It’s one of the best coatings that let the toilet avoid any mildew, bacterial or mold growth. So, the toilet stays clean for a longer time period.

However, Toto tells to not go for acidic products, polishing powders or harsh cleansers for cleanup. Something that’s non-abrasive will do just the right cleaning for both models. A soft-bristled brush is also okay to use.

Drake and Drake 2 are really comfortable to clean. The texture is smooth and a simple regular maintenance routine can keep it shiny.

Bowl Design

The bowl design for both models is the same elongated type. These vary in dimension a little bit. Drake 2 comes with a little narrow width then drake 1. It’s not a huge deal in practical life, to be honest. Both are quite ideal for adult, children or elder people. You can easily sit and stand with the bowl design.

Easy to Install

Drake & Drake 2 are not a really complicated design. It’s actually quite simple with the setup. You don’t need to worry about finding and contacting a plumber.

You can follow the simple installation rules available and fit it yourself. The 12-inch rough in features with dual piece toilet is actually super easy to install for anyone.


Who does not have a dark shadow? Toto Drake and drake 2 comes with their own set of limitations as well. One of the most noticeable errors about these two toilets is that there are no seats included.

So, you need to pay a bit more to grab one. Some will say, the toilets are expensive. But you need to keep the quality into consideration. I’m sure the price tag will seem quite practical then.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques: Are There Any Certifications?

Yes. Drake 2 come with an ADA certification. It also meets EPA WaterSense Standards effectivity. While Drake has an EPA WaterSense approval.

Ques: Is There Any Warranty Included?

The Toto Drake toilet includes a warranty option. You need to talk about it with the manufacturer before making a purchase. Most of the time it’s one year long. While Drake 2 includes a one-year manufacturing warranty with it.

Final Choice

There isn’t much of a difference between these two. In reality, both come with maximum similarities than dissimilarities. However, there is some technological advancement in Drake 2 I believe. The smooth glaze, better water consumption, and rimless built-in are making me put my vote for Drake 2.

But then again, for the less expensive Drake version, I’m quite sure it gives what it needs to give. The quality isn’t less than Drake 2 and those who favor traditional features with big bowl design, Drake 1 can be a good choice.

Ultimately the decision should be yours. I have done my job to tell you about most features about both the model and now you have a better idea about each toilet. Let me ask you. What do you want to pick between the Toto Drake vs Drake 2?

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