Vikrell Vs Acrylic Bathroom Fixtures: The Luxurious Picks 2020?

vikrell vs acrylic

Nobody wants a plain washroom with old and boring material fixtures. Two of the very famous materials that are rocking the deco plus usability fields for bathroom fixtures have to be acrylic and vikrell.

Both of these come with their own durability, resistance and performance capabilities. we’re guessing you are new to this topic.

Well, don’t worry, we’re arranging a complete comparison between these two most popular bathroom materials, vikrell vs acrylic.

Vikrell Vs Acrylic Comparison Table

Vikrell Bathroom FixturesAcrylic Bathroom Fixtures
Vikrell bathroom fixture contains fiberglass, resins and other fillers.It holds fiberglass and acrylic plastic that makes it durable than the others.
Classic Design & Looks
On top, it has all white, classy and luxurious looks for elegant design.Acrylic has a glossy, stylish and ordinary look on different colors.
Clearing Storage
This bathroom fixture has smoother surface that requires no effort to clean.Unfortunately, it isn’t smooth in design which gets dirty and hard to clean.
Market Value
It is inexpensive than the others.This bathroom fixture is affordable.

Details of Vikrell Bathroom Fixtures

Looking for the most inexpensive and durable yet eye-catching bathroom fixtures? Well, Vikrell bathroom fittings do the job better. For those who are first to this, here are some details:

Resilience & Usability

Bathroom fixtures of Vikrell bathroom fittings have brilliant construction. In fact, they are great for everyday usage. Also, they are designed in strong base with light formation. This roots for a smoother surface.

Outlines & Looks

This material bathroom fitting has awesome visual and design. It makes this bathroom fitting more charismatic. They have stylish and elegant appearance with exclusive design.

Clean Benefits

This material bathroom fitting contains fiberglass and other fillers in light surface. That makes it simple to clean. Vikrell bathroom fixtures don’t need effort for cleaning as they hardly get dirty.

Good Price Point

The most amazing part of this bathroom fixture is they come at a cheap price than other brands. In fact, they have good looks and features that go long ways at a decent price point.

Some Best of Vikrell Bathroom Fixtures

Looking for the best Vikrell bathroom fixtures? We have listed top 3 Vikrell bathroom fixtures that rock the decoration and durable finish:

Sterling 76100110-0 Vikrell Bathtub

Highlighted features:

  • Unique design for moving benefits.
  • Constructed with solid Vikrell materials.
  • Design in Oval shape.
  • Have 10 years warranty.
  • Simple to clean.

The Sterling brand has stylish yet lasting beauty bathtub at a reasonable price. On top, it offers good bathing options designed with strong and durable materials.

Sterling 71144106-0 Wall Surround

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of durable materials.
  • Modern tile wall for liberal storage room.
  • Design in sparkly surface.
  • Have 2 different colors.
  • Available in special sizes.

This brand comes with full 3-part backed wall set. That offers lasting looks, realistic tiles wall & modern design. Plus, it has perfect storing benefits with easy cleaning surface.

Sterling 7122R-5405NC-0 Vikrell Shower Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers bathtub, wall-set and many more.
  • Perfect for comfortable bathing.
  • Finishes with solid Vikrella materials.
  • Have little tools for attaching.
  • Shiny yet smooth surface.

This brand offers full set of bathroom fixtures. That is comfortable yet stylish for deep bathing. Plus, it has all-white finish, durable and lifelong attractiveness shower kit.

Fine Points of Acrylic Bathroom Fixtures

Want high-end, durable and nice-looking bathroom fixtures? Well, the Acrylic bathroom fittings are right for you. Even so, let’s gets some facts.

Durability & Stability

This bathroom fixture made of fiberglass and acrylic plastic. That makes them the strongest and stable one. In fact, they are more durable than the Vikrell materials if begin compared.

Materialize & Design

It’s true that they have good looks and nice design but doesn’t have a smooth surface. Yet, they come with different colors and good layout as modern decoration than the others.

Price Tag

These bathroom fixtures have high-quality features and fine looks at a reasonable price. Plus, they are a bit pricey as they offer lots of good features and benefits.

Cleaning Point

This bathroom fixture is strong in design and steady that is hard to clean. Still, if cleaning daily, the bathroom fixtures will give you a new look for everyday use.

Some Best of Acrylic Bathroom Fixtures

Are you desiring for the top Acrylic bathroom fixture but can’t find any? Well, here are the 3 best Acrylic bathroom fixtures for home decoration:

American Standard 2422V002.020 Deep Soaking Tub

Highlighted Features:

  • Stylish in design.
  • Drop-in installation option.
  • Made of Acrylic and fiberglass materials.
  • Have slip-free surface.
  • Comfortable shaped armrests.

The American standard brand offers great comfort, durability and good space. That’s amazing for bathing daily. Plus, it has good slide-free design with 3 different colors.

Design Element DEC074S Vanity

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers brown finish of solid wood.
  • Enough storage space to store.
  • Have rectangular white vessel sink.
  • Admiring mirror with shelf.
  • Light-weighted and durable.

Design Element brand offers 2 mid drawers & cabinets for adequate storage. with gorgeous mirror and vessel. Plus, they have comfy yet stylish washing and storing benefits.

Ove Decors Breeze 38 withwalls Premium Shower Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • Has crystal clear glass.
  • Offers good sliding door.
  • Provide durable metal handle.
  • Perfect space for small bathroom.
  • Comes with 2 styles.

Our last pick is CSA certified Ove Decors that has brilliant quality and durability. That gives perfect showering experience. Also, they have 4 different sizes and 2 different styles for choosing.

Who is the Front-runner?

Choosing the winner gives us hard-times to think who is better to call the front-runner. Looking at prices and cleaning benefits, we must pick the Vikrell bathroom fixture. For good-looks, quality, and durability, our favorite is the Acrylic bathroom fixture.

Hopefully, this comparison guide will help you choose a suitable option. So, which one do you find better between vikrell vs acrylic?

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