What is a Frameless Shower Door & Why to Update?

What is a Frameless Shower Door

Framed shower doors are not a hip thing these days. Folks are more into the frameless version, of course for obvious reasons. These are enhanced in beauty and functionality. With reasonable prices and gorgeous designs, people are always excited to try the frameless versions for a shower door.

If you have no idea about what is a frameless shower door and how it brings benefit to your bathroom’s look, then this writing is exactly for you. Keep on Reading!

 What is a Frameless Shower Door?

Frameless shower doors are basically the most modern shower enclosure system that gives aesthetic and superior shower solutions. It increases the value of your overall home décor.

We all know the framed version comes with thinner and weaker glass construction. The whole door depends on metal to strengthen the closure.


However, the frameless shower doors are completed of 3/8 to ½ inches of safety glass with tempering and polishing. It comes with better strength and does not need any heavy metal framing around. You won’t be dealing with any cheap wobble that low-quality store-bought doors often show.

Because this version of shower door comes without any ugly metal framing, it lasts really long. Simply with easy cleanup and regular maintenance you will stay assured for years.

Getting rid of the bulky shower door framing will give a better look to your entire décor. It comes with minimal perimeter support. So a simple rubber squeegee will keep it going for a long time.

Why Should You Get These?

I know, this is the universal question that anybody will ask once it’s about purchasing something. So, I did my best and figured out a few really crucial point. See if they are important to you also.

Lifelong Worth

If you are someone who would never regret investing in their bathroom remodeling and beauty enhancing, then a frameless shower door will be a prideful possession. Well, this is one-bathroom gear that can give you high-end comfort for a great shower. The modern look will impress your visitors every single time.

Yes, the price is somewhat high. But think it as a lifelong investment. I already told you how easy it is to maintain one of these. So, once you get a modern frameless enclosure for your shower, it’s going to serve you well for years probably.

The durability, stain resistance, and simple clean-up will pay off for the long term. DreamLine Enigma Shower Door is an excellent example with similar features. It’s really strong and the durability is marvelous.

Various Customization Possibilities

I know, there are some unique tasteful people who would never get satisfied by pre-designed tools or gears. Framed shower doors will not give you the freedom to choose for the design.

But when you decide to invest for a frameless shower door, possibilities for various customization increases.

You can try various slide and hinge options. Going for unique dimensions is also possible here. There are even some brands that offer choosing coats for the shower door. This helps to reduce maintenance hassle and augment privacy.

Super Simple Maintenance

Talk about framed shower doors or even shower curtains and I can tell you a lot of painful cleaning stories of mine. I’m sure it’s the same with maximum users. But frameless shower doors come with fewer places where dirt can build up. Making the whole thing really unsuitable for mildew and bacterial growth.

So basically, your cleaning time will get reduced. With smaller hinges and brackets, cleaning these doors are usually quite less time consuming already.

However, if you choose some special coatings over it, tarnishing or water spots might arrive because of that. That’s when you may need to give extra cleaning attention.

Modern Treat!

A clean frameless shower door can make your bathroom look very spacious. It will definitely increase the lavishness scores for the entire look as well. So that you can proudly show off the details of your shower room with aesthetic tiles and other features.

DreamLine Infinity Z shower door is a great pick for modern frameless shower enclosure. It comes with an up-to-date design that magnifies the entire look of your washroom.

Advantages of a Frameless Shower Door

There are several advantages to a frameless shower door:

  • They are more elegant in appearance

A framed shower door always has a metal frame to support the doors. No matter how you try, it’s always obvious, and it’s always utilitarian in appearance. A frameless shower door is just glass, and adds elegance to your bathroom’s appearance.

  • They are less damaging to your tile

Shower frames are screwed into your tile and into the edge of your tub, if it’s a combo unit. A frameless door is attached by hinges at the top, and supported by the floor at the bottom; a significantly less number of screws go into your tile with a frameless door.

  • They don’t rust

As framed doors age, the metal gets cloudy with soap scum, and the frame can begin to rust, along the insides of the door track; a shower door frame has a finite life, and will have to be replaced at some point. A frameless door has no exposed metal, so rust is not a problem, either esthetically or functionally.

  • They are easier to clean

Metal shower frames have areas hard to reach with a cleaning rag. The tops and bottoms of the doors are inside the metal-framed tracks, and it’s a trick to get a cleaning cloth between the glass and the metal.

Frameless doors, unless they are the sliding type, have no metal tracks obstructing the glass, and even the sliding style only obstructs the top of the doors.

Disadvantages of Frameless Shower Doors

There are a few disadvantages of frameless shower doors:

  • They are harder to install

It is harder to install a frameless shower door. The doors must be plumb to the floor before the hinges are tightened into the wall, and it’s difficult to do this with a heavy glass door, so contractors will charge more for the installation.

  • They are more expensive

Frameless shower doors add elegance and style to your bathroom, but that elegance and style comes with a higher price tag. A framed shower door is significantly cheaper than a frameless one, so you have to figure the difference into your budget.

Deciding on a Framed or Frameless Shower Door

The door you choose is based on many factors – cost, style, utility, etc., and you should research your options carefully. If you can, work with a designer before you start the remodel; having a professional opinion helps you choose your fixtures –for instance, if you live in an older home, a frameless shower door may look out of place unless you remodel the entire bathroom.

If an entire remodel is the goal, decide whether or not a frameless shower door fits your style. Framed doors are still viable options, but a frameless door offers many advantages if you can afford them.

Discuss your choices with your spouse or significant other – a unilateral decision may cause problems down the road. If you both agree on a frameless door, discuss it with your contractor. The contractor may agree to install the doors, but he or she may also jack up the price for the extra trouble.

If at all possible in your remodel, separate the shower from the tub; it has many advantages when you do so. Whichever bathroom you use for your small children, a bathtub by itself is preferable; it’s safer and easier on the caregiver to bathe children in a tub without shower doors.

Bidding Bye!

I hope now you know what is a frameless shower door and why you should get one. If you are still confused between choosing a frameless shower door instead of framed ones or curtain, think about what features are most crucial to you.

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks extra then getting a superior shower feel and luxurious bathroom interior with a quality frameless shower door will never sound wrong. Good Luck!

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