Can Hair Go Down the Shower Drain?

Can Hair Go Down the Shower Drain

Hair blockage is one of the most common and annoying plumbing issues we may face in our day to day life. Along with sink’s incapacity to drain normally it may cause a defect of thousand dollars.

Yes, hair can go down the shower drain and can leads to a dreadful and disgusting issue. We all wash our hairs and shave hairs from our body but we do not put effort to clean them in that particular moment without letting it go down the drain.

Clogs arise because lots of hair goes down and gathered on the drain but they are not flush away completely. As a result the hair gets entangle within the drain. It is obvious that our hair contains oil and they stick in hair strand.

These hair strands stick in the drain and creates blockage. Another reason of the clogs is not using enough water to flush all the hair due to our carelessness or lethargy. We must take necessary precautionary measures and should be careful to get rid of such plumbing issues.

What happens when hair go down the shower drain?

As you know you can’t prevent all hair from going down. You may think that all the hair normally go down the drain and wash away easily. But it is not. Most of the sticky hair go down and entangled within the drain whether they are long, short or your pet’s hair.

Soap makes it worse by letting hair become stickier which do not float away easily. As a result, clogs occur and it misbalances the whole water draining system of your bathroom.

Can hair in shower drain cause leaks?

When the hair gathered or entangled within the drain, it results in major issues. It is an inescapable situation, as we are bound to perform bathing, shaving, and cleaning process.

The accumulated hairs in the drain have the potential to clog it severely. The sticky hairs will blend with soap to form an impenetrable blockage, clogging the water flow completely.

Now, the water will start to gather there and will eventually reach the inlet of drainage. Thus, causing the annoying overflow of stinking drainage water.

This whole scenario will undoubtedly strain the piping systems and exert unnecessary pressure. Now, this pressure will force the joints to let the water out, resulting in leaks.

The whole leakage will make you bear the expenses of repairing. Besides, the leaks will further cause moisture to dampen the walls of your home. So, not only there are leaks in the piping system but other severe problems like damped walls.

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Will shaving in the shower clog the drain?

Shaving is the most repetitive daily personal care done by the majority of humans. They might shave full-body hairs or beards on males. The shaving done to get rid of those unwanted hairs uses shaving creams that help the hairs in clogging.

Thereafter, those hairs go down that plughole if you don’t want to put some extra effort and dump them with the solid waste of your house. Many people after shaving, wash the shaving hair down the drainage system which gather in pipes over time, clogging the drains.

Hence, you should follow some precautions to tackle this situation which can frustrate you in the future. Just make sure to change the cleaning habits and manage your plumbing systems.

What dissolves hair in shower drain?

In this section, our focus will be on the solutions to address the hair-clogging in the drainage system of your house. Owing to the slow gathering of hairs in the drain, a repulsive hair clogging is ready to annoy you.

There are various solutions available to tackle this problem. Here, the question is which method is appropriate to follow for clogging. Below we have discussed the solutions in detail.

There are two aspects to dissolve the hair clogging.

1.) The first one is using the home remedy. The combination of Vinegar (Acetic Acid) and Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) with mild acidic properties dissolves that stubborn hair clog.

2.) The second remedy for dissolving hair clogs is the harsh chemicals, including the HCl (Hydrochloride Acid), Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), NaOH, KOH, and various other acidic or corrosive agents. These chemicals are too caustic and sometimes cause leaks and other damages to the pipes.

So, being careful and using them in an appropriate amount is necessary to eliminate any future problems.

Other solutions for solving the clogging problem are mentioned below-

You can use boiling water as the first remedy. The high temperature of the water will help dissolve the hardened soap scum, which mixes with hairs to form a solid. Then that clogging will soften and get gradually washed away with more boiling water.

Use a Plumber Snake

You can effortlessly make the plumber tool with a long steel wire at home. Just wind it up at the end and make it slim than the pipe.

Even an inexperienced individual can get rid of the clogs with the help of a plumber snake tool available at the hardware stores. It doesn’t need such expertise, and with caution, you can block out the hair clogs.

Using a Plunger

A household plunger can be the savior of your day and expenses. The Usual plunger at home or bought from the market can readily eradicate those moderate hair clogs.

These plungers are thought to be for only toilets. However, they have multiple uses, including in the kitchen/ bathroom sink, tub plughole, and other inlets of drains.

Avail plumbing services

Well, you might remove the mild to moderate clogging. But when the problem is persisting and becomes severe to be handled, it becomes crucial to call the plumbing services to hire a professional.

It is the easiest way out with some expenses. The plumbers are highly experienced and trained professionals with tools to eradicate any stubborn clog in the house.

Proper cleaning of P-trap if installed

The P-trap, if installed as a precaution, will trap the hairs and collect them. It might cause a temporary hair clogging that you can effortlessly remove.

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Can pubic hair go down the shower drain? 

This might be a too brazen topic to consider. However, pubic hairs go down the drain when you shave them while in the shower.

Being hard and thick, the pubic hairs readily get accumulated and cause drain clogging. Otherwise while bathing, the breakages from this region slip down the shower drain and can also clog the drain.

Concluding Thoughts 

We have taken you through the comprehensive discussion. It should have updated you on every possible aspect of hair clogging. So, keep your home healthy by incorporating the mentioned precautions.

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