Do Shower Doors Add Value?

Do Shower Doors Add Value

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. According to a report, in addition to bathing in the bathroom in the morning and evening, people need to use the bathroom 8-10 times.

By looking at these figures, you can understand how important it is to have a luxurious bathroom in your home. The shower door of the bathroom, which is necessary to enhance the specialty of the bathroom.

If your shower door is of high quality and artistic design, then the value of your entire house along with the bathroom increases.

The most important and major component of a bathroom is the shower door. The beauty of the rooms of the house depends on the shower attached to the rooms. Many types of doors like frameless, framed, semi-frameless, sliding and hinged doors provide a luxurious look to the bathroom. By installing high-quality and artistically designed shower doors, the overall value of the entire home can be increased.

Which is better to add value; Shower Door or Shower Curtain?

If you were asked to choose one of the attractive glass shower doors and shower curtains for your bathroom, what would you choose? You will really need some facts to make the right decision.

You can compare the shower door and shower curtain through the basic table given below. This basic guide will help you choose a good option, which will be applicable and satisfactory for a long time.

 Shower Door Vs. Shower Curtain 

Shower Door Shower Curtain
Shower doors openings are more aesthetically pleasing than shower curtains

Shower doors are also easy to clean

Shower doors prevent water splatter on your bathroom floor while you take a shower

There is less chance of bacteria getting trapped in the shower door

Although shower curtains are cheap but do not provide facilities like a shower door

Cleaning the shower curtain is not easy

Does not prevent water splatter, but gets wet itself

Clothes curtains are more likely to be trapped by bacteria than a shower door

Added Value

In fact, Shower doors individually add functionality and charm to your bathroom. The remodeling done by you actually adds to the value of your home. According to a report, home remodeling done by you adds between 60.2% and 67.2% to your home’s value.

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Why Shower Doors Are Important?

Shower doors are also easy to clean, so they do not take your extra time. Its best feature is that; While taking a bath in most bathrooms, you must have noticed that the floor outside the bathroom gets completely wet, and you have to waste time cleaning the floor later.

But if you install a shower glass door in your bathroom, then the water does not go out from the shower while taking a bath, then the question of getting the outer floor wet does not arise.

Considering this, How much do you need to spend on a Shower glass door?

Before purchasing an item, one must know about its cost. Similarly, if I talk about the cost of a Frameless Shower Door, then you have to spend about $1000 to install it.

Although the cost of a typical shower door is less than that of a frameless shower door. If I talk about the average cost of a Frameless Glass Shower Door, then it can be between $900 to $1300.

Which are the best; frosted shower doors or clear shower doors?

If you too are confused about which one you should choose from frosted shower doors or clear shower doors, then this confusion will go away. The frosted shower door is not transparent, that is, it is not visible from one side to the other.

Frosted Shower Door

But the clear shower door is transparent, it appears clear from one side to the other. Apart from this, not a single speck of water lying on the frosted shower doors is visible.

That is, the need for cleaning is less in a frosted shower door than a clear shower door. On the basis of all these facts, I would recommend a frosted shower door.

What types of glass shower doors add the most value?

Need to know what type of shower doors add to the home’s value? There are many different styles of shower doors available depending on your preference. But the thing to note is which shower enclosure you should use, which fits well with the texture of the bathroom.

Along with this, there should be enough space in your bathroom. Below are some shower door styles that you can consider with the help of;

1.) Frameless Enclosures

If you choose frameless enclosure doors for your bathroom then let us tell you that limited hardware and heavy tempered safety glass are used to make this type of shower door. By which your shower door gets a clean and modern look, and your bathroom gets enough space.

Additionally, your frameless shower enclosure enhances the attractive and interior beauty of tiles, stones, and showers. One of its specialties is that it is also easier to clean than framed enclosures.

2.) Framed Enclosures

If you compare framed enclosure and frameless enclosure, you will find that framed enclosure doors offer more waterproof enclosure than frameless enclosure doors. Their frame is mostly aluminum, which enhances the beauty of the doors and they are also economical.

3.) Semi-Frameless

However, it may also happen that you are not satisfied with both the framed enclosure door and the frameless enclosure door so you have an alternative semi-frameless enclosure door.

Semi Frameless Shower door

This will make you experience both framed doors and frameless doors. Its semi-frame glass maintains contact at the edges, making your shower door beautiful, attractive, and long-lasting.

4.) Sliding Doors or Hinged Doors

Many of you would like to know which one of the sliding doors and Hinged Door will be better for you. In fact, this choice is based on the area of ​​the bathroom. If your bathroom is small or you do not have extra space in your bathroom then a sliding door can prove to be a good result for you.

But if you have enough space in your bathroom then you can use Hinged Door. Apart from this, if you want to give a modern look to your bathroom then it would be good to use sliding doors.

5.) Steam Shower Enclosures

If you want to install a steam shower enclosure, you have options like custom-built or prefabricated, all-in-one units. You can install a custom-built steam shower, it will fit smoothly in your bathroom.

To showcase your shower, you can choose clear glass instead of frosted glass. You can also choose rain glass for the shower door as per your convenience.

Things to Consider Before Installing Shower Door

Before installing a shower door in the bathroom, you have to pay attention to some things I have mentioned, which are given below.

1.) Configuration

It is necessary to check the texture of your bathroom before installing the shower door. The walls of the bathroom and the surroundings affect the configuration because according to the weight, new fixtures are supported.

2.) Measurements

Measurement is a main part of any task. You need a certain size of shower door for your bathroom. If you are not able to take a specific measurement for the shower door, then seek the help of an expert.

3.) Shower Heads

You may be wondering what is the need to discuss the shower head for the installation of the shower door. But it is needed here as you have to choose a shower head that does not spray outside the parameters of the walls.

Added Value Statistics

Can shower doors really add value to your home? For this, I am present in front of you with some statistical facts. The report below presents the data of people’s experience regarding the remodeling of the bathroom shower door. You will be impressed after seeing these figures.

As the National Association of Realtors Research Department report, after remodeling bathroom or shower doors; 

Owners, who have more desire to live in their house. 75%
Owners, who stay at home, enjoy and experience more. 65%
Owners, whose guests feel happy to come to their house. 56%
Owners, who are satisfied with their home. 39%
Added Value; Total Joy Score 9.6 out of 10


Making a bathroom luxurious is a great way to add value to your home. The shower door, the most essential component of the bathroom, plays an important role in this process.

A shower door that is flush with the floor, and serves as a support for older persons or wheelchair users. It not only adds to the beauty and amenities of your bathroom but also adds to the value of your home.

I have seen a report, according to it, by 2040, about 21% of the US population will be senior citizens who will be looking for homes that provide easy access to a bathroom to living out their old age.

In the end, I want to say whether you want to sell the house or want your convenience, for both, of course, shower doors can add value.

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