How to Remove Shower Handle Without Screws (Step By Step)

How to Remove Shower Handle Without Screws

Almost everyone uses showers handle for showers daily. The use of handles in our daily life makes excessive use of the shower handle. It is an indispensable piece of equipment in the houses.

Often, it happens that water starts to leak or due to excessive use, the fittings become loose, and you may want to replace your shower handle with a new one, or maybe you want to fix the unwanted problem.

It is quite annoying and a tedious task to change the handle, but it is essential to get it fixed; then suddenly, you realize that you could not find the screws of the handle.

Hiring a professional is spending money for no use when this can be done all by yourself to get this job done. There are many types of showers based on which the styles of the handles vary.

There may be two cases in the shower handle for not having visible screws. You may have a twisting handle, or the screws may have an additional cap, making it invisible.

But here, the main concern is what will you do in those situations? If you are searching for this answer, then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss how to remove shower handles without screws.

Let’s read it out below-

Steps in Removing Shower Handle Without Screws

A shower handles may seems screwless but it is actually not. If it is not a twisting handle then there will be invisble screws under may be cap. Upon inspection you will find screws after which you need to follow certain steps, that are mention below, for its removable-

1. Turn off the water supply:

Before changing the shower handle, one thing to keep in mind is to turn off the water supply. Often, we tend to start working on fixing the issue without realizing that the water supply is on and getting the work interrupted when the shower handle cap is removed with the excessive water flow around us.

2. Keep the tools ready

Before getting the hands dirty, it is better to keep all the required tools handy like an Allen Wrench, screwdriver, regular oil or CLR that can be used to remove the hard rusted cap, or fix the shower cap back oil is needed to penetrate the lid back.

Tools to remove the shower handle are super cheap, and it gets our job done very quickly. Investing in high-tech tools is not required. Rubber or tape to fix the leakage from the shower handle.

3. Find the cap or button

A non-twisting handle will must have a cap or button under where there will be screws. You need to look for that cap or button. The cap or button will have a remarkable edge.

Normally the cap or button is placed on the top or side of the handle. So look for it carefully. After you find it you can proceed with the following steps.

4. Put the cap out

Now you have to hold a screwdriver. The process requires a flathead screwdriver, so opt for that.

After that you have to put the screwdriver in the edge or gap of the cap or button until it comes out. It could harm the cap so you must carry the process gently and carefully.

5. Put of the screw

Before doing this step you must be careful that you cover the drain.

For this process you need a Allen Wrench. You can’t predict about the size of the screw. So you must keep yourself ready with every set.

With the help of Wrench, gently remove the screw of the handle.

6. Tug off the handle

After you remove the screw, it is the time to pull off the handle. You can use a pair of plier or faucet handle puller to take out the handle.

Put the tool in place and pull off the handle carefully. After few pulls the handle will be out.

Now after successfully taking off the handle, you can proceed with the further repairing process.

7. Fixing the issue:

As the handle is opened, you can see that the tape inside is either worn out or loose. If the tape needs to be replaced, replace it with the new tap by wrapping nicely inside.

After the cap is removed, do not throw the rubber away because the shower cap will not fit back without the rubber or the rubber threading. Check for the rust in the faceplate and thoroughly clean all the dust and dirt inside the handle before fixing the faceplate back.

8. Fix the handle like before:

Now we have rectified the issue and fixed it, and it is time to fix the shower handle. The shower handle needs to be fixed back just like the way it was.

Otherwise, there might be an issue with the water leakage, so here comes our step no 3. Keen observation before removing the shower handle.

9. Checking the shower handle:

Good Job! We need a pat on our back for successfully fixing the shower handle. Once the handle is fixed like before, it is time to let water flow throughout the entire bathroom. Go to the source of water where supplies come to the whole house and then turn the handle.

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Things that we should be careful of while doing

The steps mentioned earlier in changing the shower cap look simple, but certain things to keep in mind while changing the shower handle.

1.) Keep the water supply off if you do not want to be drenched even before starting with the work.

2.) Be careful while removing the shower handle. If the handle is too tight, use lubricant, apply it on the handle, and leave it for some time to avoid the breakage of the valve. Once the oil is all over the handle, use a screwdriver to gently remove the handle.

3.) Do not apply too much pressure while removing the handle when it is old. Too much stress can lead to the breakage of the handle.

4.) Use protection gloves while work to avoid the rusted particles enter into the body and cut.

5.) Wrap the tape inside the handle if the old tape is worn out or is loose.

6.) Once the shower handle cap is removed, do not throw the rubber. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to fix back the handle.

7.) If everything is set, it is time to turn on the water supply to the bathroom from the source.


Although one needs good skills to replace a shower handle, some things can be done yourself. Most of the safety tips are covered in the topic, but we all know that there are so many different types of shower handles.

It might be possible that the screw is not visible at first sight, but always remember there is always a small screw holding the shower handle and faceplate together, or either it can cause a valve beneath the shower handle.

Figuring the screw is the first step of success in taking off the shower handle. The mentioned steps will make it easy to fix the handle.

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