How to Remove Shower Head Without a Wrench With 5 Easy Ways

How to Remove Shower Head Without Wrench

Removing the showerhead using a wrench or tools can sometimes damage the showerhead. But there is some pipe wrench available in stores that doesnot leave any scratches on the showerhead. But if you don’t want to spend on buying tools then, how to remove shower head without a wrench? Is there any easy way?

Yes, there is. You can remove the showerhead without using any tools like pliers or showerhead wrenches. And you won’t face theheadache of challenging tasks also. Let’s show you how with a detailed guide.

How to Remove Shower Head Without a Wrench

Remove Shower Head Without a Wrench

Various showerhead types are available- handheld, ceiling-mounted, rain shower head, wall-mounted, etc. That is why the shower head removal process might vary.

But don’t worry. We will cover up here 4 methods that will be effective to remove shower head without tools, no matter which types your bathroom has.

How To Remove Shower Head Using Hand Power

How To Remove Shower Head Using Hand Power

It is a very straightforward method to try where you neither need any tools nor other components. Here your hand is the only driving force you can provide. The simple and quick steps for it are as follows- just grab, twist & Remove.

Step-1: Grab the showerhead with your hand.

Step-2:Twist the showerhead in the anti-clockwise direction.

Step-3: Remove the showerhead out of the shower arm.

Pro Tips for You

  • Place a thick paper towel on the showerhead before twisting it to loosen. This benefits by giving ease to your hands.
  • Wear any rubber hand gloves for a proper grip on the showerhead, transferring more hand leverage.

Well, when looking for the process on how to remove showerhead without tools,this might seem so easy, but things might not be the same if your showerhead is stuck and your hand potential is not mighty enough to break the binding. So, the next process is to remove a shower head even when it’s stuck.

How To Remove Shower Head Using Vinegar

If you are looking for a tool-free process on how to remove a showerhead that is stuck for handheld or wall mounted shower head,the vinegar method is beneficial to try out.

Before You Proceed, Grab the Things You Need in This Method

For Wall Mounted Shower Head

  • Vinegar
  • A plastic bag
  • Rubber band/ duct tape

Steps for how to remove a stuck shower head without tools

Step-1:Take some white vinegar and fill the plastic wrapping bag with the vinegar.

Step-2:Dip the showerhead inside the plastic bag so that the head completely wets into the vinegar. Wrap the plastic bag with the shower arm with a rubber band or using any duct tape.

Step-3: Tighten it properly and leave it for several hours or overnight.It will help to break the chemical or calcium build up around the shower head joint that makes the head stuck to the arm.

Step-3: Take out the plastic bag and gently twist the shower hand. The head will slowly loosen and come out.

Pro Tips for You

  • Make sure the entire shower head joint wets inside the vinegar.

Remove Handheld Shower Head That is Stuck with Vinegar

What if your one is the handheld type of shower, and you don’t want to use the plastic wrapping? Then there is a more straightforward way for you to try.

Things You Need Here

  • A bowl
  • White vinegar
  • Towel

Check out the steps at a glance.

Step-1: Take some white vinegar and fill half of the bowl with it.

Step-2: Dip the faucet head inside the bowl such that the entire head dives into the vinegar mix.

Step-3: Keep it like this for several hours or for a night.

Step-4: Take the head of the shower faucet out of the vinegar and wipe it out with the towel.

Step-5: Try to loosening it by twisting anti-clockwise. And you will see it loosensquickly.

Pro Tips for You

  • It’s better not to dip the entire shower pipe; instead, dip the head only.

How To Remove Shower Head Using Rust Loosener Spray

removing shower head using rust loosener spray

If you want to know how to remove ceiling mounted shower headthat is stuck and can’t get the job done with vinegar, then here is another tool-free method for you. Yes, using a rust loosener spray effectively works. And WD-40 Spray is quite popular for its efficacy output.

Why Buy It?

  • Loosens rust &stickiness
  • Removes gums, grease, and glue residue
  • Lubricates metal to metal bond

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Before You Proceed, Grab the Things You Need in This Method

  • WD-40 spray
  • A scrubber or toothbrush
  • Papertowel

Removal steps for using this spray-

Step-1:Spray some amount of WD-40 on the chemical or mineral build-up and all over the showerhead joint.

Step-2:Keep it for a few minutes giving it time to drive out the moisture.

Step-3: Take a toothbrush or scrubber brush and scrub out the rusted area where the showerhead is stuck to the shower arm joint. Or you can also use a paper towel and wipe the rusted part out if it’s not too messed up.

Step-4:Try twisting the head to loosen the head and remove it out.

Pro Tips for You

  • If the rust or mineral build-up is too hard to remove, then leave for some long time after spraying.

How To Remove Glued on Showerhead- Using Household Stuff

removing glued on shower head

Rarely, the showerhead is glued on the shower arm joint, and in that case, only using the vinegar method sometimes doesn’t work. So, how to remove showerhead that is glued onthen?

Let’s share homely tips here that proves quite useful.

Before You Proceed, Grab the Things You Need in This Method

  • Lime juice
  • Acetone nail polish remover
  • Salt (optional)
  • Hot water
  • Scrubber/toothbrush
  • Plastic wrap
  • A plastic bowl (if handheld shower)
  • Rubber band

Step-1:Take half-liter of hot water into a thick plastic bag and add some lime juice into it. You can take this mixture into a bucket or bowl if your shower head is the handheld type.

Step-2: Add some salt into the mixture though it is optional. Without adding salt will work also.

Step-3: now wrap the plastic bag around the showerhead with a rubber band. Make sure the glued joint is entirely dipped into the mixture.

Alternative to Step-3

If the shower is handheld type, take the mixture into a bowl and dip the shower head inside it.

Step-4: Keep it like this for 20 to 60minutes.

Step-5: After that, take out the shower head and wipe out the water with a paper towel.

Step-6: Take a good acetone nail polish remover that might sound weird, but it is the most effective as a homely recipe. You can try the duper powerful Arishine Magic Nail Polish remover that most are referring.

Why Buy It?

  • Effectively works and removes glue residue
  • Works fast
  • No harmful chemical damaging the metal

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Step-7: Drop some nail polish remover all over the glued part.

Step-8: Take a toothbrush or soft bristle scrubber and rub softly to remove the glue residue.

Step-9: Wipeout with a paper towel or clean towel and try loosening the head.

Pro Tips for You

  • Don’t rub too hard while rubbing with the brush, which can ruin the upper metal coating.

You can use WD-40 rust loosening spray to remove the glued showerhead, provided that you don’t want to spend time on this lengthy process.

How to Remove Teflon Tape from the Shower Head?

After you have removed the showerhead, you might need this stepto replace or clean the head. However, the process of removing Teflon tape is not challenging. There are two ways you can remove the Teflon tape.


Take out the tape in the opposite rotation and remove it.


Use a toothbrush and scrape out the tap and take it out. It’s useful when the tape gets too rusty and messy.

If you need can try the Dixon Valve Industrial Tape for the heavy-duty shower head installation.

Why Buy It?

  • Provides precise water & airtight formula
  • -212 to +500 degree F of the operating temperature range
  • Perfect for the shower arm & headjoint

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How to Remove Shower Head Ball Joint?

Too much rust build-up and mineral or calcium build-up can damage the arm ball joint on the shower head’s bottom. If you want to change the ball joint inside the shower head, then these steps are to rest your search. To remove the showerhead ball joint, you don’t need any tools. Follow these steps to remove the shower head ball joint.

Step-1: After removing thehead from the shower arm, take a close look at the bottom of the showerhead. There is a metal joint that connecting the shower faucet with the bottom ball joint.

Step-2: Grab the bottom part with one hand and rotate the upper faucet side. Usually, this is hand-tightened, so you can easily loosen it without using additional tools.

Step-3: The bottom ball joint parts and the top shower faucet are separated. Now, you can either clean them or replace them with a new faucet ball joint.

Pro Tips for You

  •  No need to use any wrench or plier to remove the ball joint,it might ruin the faucet.

Final Words

The search journey for home remedies to useful professional ways for shower head removal can be summed up here. We have discussed with complete guides on how to remove showerhead without a wrench or tool.

However, to ease the process our suggested equipment hopefully benefits you with acomplete shower head replacement or cleaning guideline.

Keep your shower tub faucet part clean and hygienic by taking proper steps.

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