Should I Buy a 20 Year Old Hot Tub?

Should I Buy a 20 Year Old Hot Tub

Quality has a big impact on how long a hot tub lasts. Spas made of mediocre materials would not last as presumably long as the finest hot tub brands made of superior quality parts. Conversely, mobile hot tubs that are not maintained on a continuous basis will have a shortened lifespan. Ultimately, the life of a spa is influenced by two aspects: spa quality and spa maintenance.

Purchasing a 20-year-old hot tub is not advised because the optimal lifespan of a hot tub can range from 5 to 20 years or more. Cheaper hot tubs built of poor quality materials will not survive long. If the hot tubs are not properly maintained, they may only last 5 years. Quality hot tubs that are well-maintained can be enjoyed for 20 years or more. 

Regular maintenance is required for hot tub equipment. With your purchase, most manufacturers include resources such as a hot tub owner’s manual. These will instruct you on how to properly service the components of your spa. These rules should be followed by every hot tub owner.

Improper or insufficient upkeep of these components might cause them to break, which can lead to further problems with the spa. Spa filters, vacuums, and other spa maintenance items and hot tub accessories designed exclusively for your Hot Spring model will keep your spa clean.

Always consider the finest hot tub you can afford and one built of high-quality materials when acquiring one. View the top-rated hot tubs and read hot tub reviews. And once you’ve brought your spa home and started using it, don’t forget to look after it! It may make or break the long-term viability of your investment.

What Should You Look For Old Hot tub

Only a professional or a spa specialist would make accurate predictions for a good quality hot tub and determine whether it is a used spa or not. A hot tub, like an automotive, has various components, some of which are exorbitantly pricey to repair or replace, while others are normal maintenance items, such as filters, which are like wiper blades, and must be replaced once a year.

As a result, it’s essential to call a reputable spa specialist to examine and test the spa you’re considering about purchasing. Consider it a part of the cost of acquiring a spa, similar to how you would pay for a home inspection to protect your investment.

Never buy a spa that isn’t fully equipped and ready to go. Ensure that the main spa pack and side controls, along with all pumps, heaters, jets, lighting, and other equipment, are all functioning. If repairs are necessary, be sure the price includes all of the repair costs, including labor.

It’s a good idea to make a list of what needs to be replaced before you buy to assure you’ll be able to get everything you need to maintain the hot tub running.

Inquire about the spa’s brand and when it was built. Remember that older spas may need more maintenance and that some components or equipment may be unavailable. Several spa companies have gone bust in the previous two decades.

While the majority of hot tub components are sourced from the major jet, cushion, or equipment manufacturers, certain things may have been discontinued or were exclusive to that brand of spa. Spa modifications or workarounds may become prohibitively expensive in this circumstance, since you may need to totally replace or upgrade systems.

A spa cover is one component that might be expensive. You should check to see whether the cover has water damage, is drooping, musty, or has holes. Expect to pay around $400 for a new one, however, if you live in a colder region, you may want to consider upgrading to a thicker cover. Spa cabinetry is extremely costly and difficult to replace. Thumping or rattling noises from spa pumps are not acceptable.

Examine the equipment to see if it is original or if it has been replaced. Was it replaced with a high-quality alternative? Do all of the topside control buttons work? Check that the LED screen is viewable and that no error codes are shown. Examine the spa for any water leaks. Is the water warm? Is there any evidence of holes where the jet inserts should be?

Used spas often sell for 50% or less of the original purchase price, but the older the spa, the lower the price should be. Request any original documents and examine inside the cabinet for the manufacturer label (with spa serial number).

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What’s the Next Step?

If you’re buying a spa from a dealer, make sure to inquire about delivery. If you’re purchasing privately, remember that you’ll almost definitely have to pick up the hot tub yourself, so factor that in.

Carefully review whether the hot tub is easily accessible, will drain correctly, and can be transported in a large trailer with strong staff. Establishing a properly fitted electrical connection and leveling the space are two things you should do to prepare your home before the arrival of the hot tub.

You’ll want to plug the hot tub in, fill it up, and clean it out after you get it home. Make a list of any spa replacement components you may require. You’ll need to clean and disinfect the spa’s water as well. We recommend using a hot tub cleaner to clean the drainage lines and jets of pollutants and biofilms.

The procedure is easy to follow: Add the cleaner after removing the spa filter and pillows from the water. Allow the treated water to sit overnight for best effects. Increase the pump’s speed to drive the treated water through the whole pipe system. It will develop planktonic biofilm and scum bubbles, which will be unpleasant!

You’ll need to change the filter after you’ve cleaned out your lines and jets. To keep the water safe, you’ll need a disinfectant, either bromine or chlorine. It is critical to understand how to manage your water to keep your family and equipment safe in the future. 

There is a large market for secondhand spas, and there are some nice discounts to be obtained, but do your research before purchasing. Get proper assistance in obtaining the necessary components, and water treatment solutions, coverings, and filters. 

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The Pros and Cons of Acquiring 20-Year-Old Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub may help your family in a variety of ways. It’s important to evaluate the pros and cons of acquiring a refurbished hot tub.


1.) The first advantage of purchasing a secondhand hot tub is the cost reduction. Refurbished hot tubs may be obtained for half the cost or less. Some dealers even provide further discounts in addition to the low costs. When opposed to purchasing a new tub, secondhand tubs provide significant savings. If you’re lucky, you could happen to stumble across a device that shows no signs of damage.

2.) Most people believe that treasures may be found at businesses that sell secondhand goods– and they are entirely right. Second hand stores have a lot of unusual accessories for your hot tub such as a cover lifter, a new sound system, spa stairs, and handrails that you won’t find in a conventional store.

3.) When you buy used tubs, you would be exposed to a wide range of brands from several other regions. Most outlets, particularly electrical appliance outlets, carry a restricted number of brands. Because secondhand retailers and dealers often don’t have formal brand partnerships, you will discover a broad array of products.

4.) Simultaneously, the dealers are not affiliated with any manufacturers, and hence dealers of used tubs would not be “overly promotional” with you. If you inquire with them which one would be best for understanding the qualities you’re searching for, they’ll usually give you their unbiased feedback.


1.) Secondhand products are a hit-or-miss proposition. However, you cannot guarantee complete quality when purchasing one of them. If you want to acquire a well-used tub, you must pay close attention to the nuances.

2.) Naturally, no warranty will be provided. You could get lucky and get a used tub that has only been used for a brief time. The warranty may still be valid. However, most pre-owned tubs, especially renovated tubs, do not come with guarantees.

3.) Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the used hot tub works correctly unless it is hooked up and full of water. It is recommended to fully check a used hot tub before purchasing it to ensure there are no leaks or damage.

4.) Hot baths are not meant to remain forever. A high-quality, brand-new hot tub will often last 15 to 20 years. When you acquire a second hand hot tub, the life expectancy of your item is drastically reduced.

5.) When purchasing a new tub, you have the option of having personnel setting up and installing the hot tub for you. However, with used tubs, you must perform just about all the installation yourself. Second-hand tub retailers will occasionally provide a shipping option, but after it arrives at your house, you’re all on your own.

6.) Payment arrangements for used tubs are somewhat restricted. Typically, secondhand dealers only accept cash in advance (rarely opt for credit or debit cards). There are also no terms such as installment payments or such like.

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Handy Tips on Purchasing a Used Hot Tub

1.)  To find out how much the hot tub in your house could cost, ask the seller for recent electricity bills.

2.) Older tubs are often more likely to be worn out, so always inquire about the age before purchasing.

3.) If possible, acquire your hot tub from a reliable seller because when purchasing a used tub, you are purchasing not just the tub but also the seller’s repute. If the dealer is recognized for selling high-quality used commodities, you’re in for receiving a good product.

4.) Is there a realistic repair and replacement parts option for the brand you want to purchase? If not, you might want to reconsider.

5.) Keep a keen eye out for dents, leakage, and cracks. Don’t buy a hot tub if it has spills or big damages. Finally, verify that all of the features on the control panel are working properly. While you’re there, take a test run before you invest your money.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of your hot tub for a long time if you keep these guidelines in mind.

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