5 Worst Hot Tub Brands to Avoid 2021 – Alternatives Included

Worst Hot Tub Brands to Avoid


The hot tub is not a very inexpensive acquisition, no doubt. And so, when after buying a hot tub, the disappointment of bad quality, improper assembling, poor built and unhelpful customer support gets inside your territory, it’s really sad.

We have gone into a lot of user ratings and quotes about some hot tub brands and find out which one is bringing disheartening situations. Some of the popular brands are also in this list shockingly!

Let’s talk about 5 worst hot tub brands to avoid and what alternatives can bring you peace instead.

5 Worst Hot Tub Brands to Avoid & Alternatives Too

While talking about good brands, there also some brands that lack to serve. So, today we’ll talk about some worst hot tub brands to ignore with their alternative choices and also, we’ll be providing recommendations for those who are looking forward on buying a hot tub.

Here’s a sneak peek of worst brands following the best alternative brand that could serve better.

Worst Brands 2021

Best Alternative 2021

Recommended Hot Tub Price

Hot Spring SpasLIFESMARTCheck Here
Life SpasGOPLUSCheck Here
Jacuzzi Hot TubsINTEXCheck Here
Caldera SpasBESTWAYCheck Here
Sundance SpasCOLEMANCheck Here

1. Hot Spring Spas

What if you’ve picked a brand that has good features with quality guarantee, but doesn’t have customer service to contact? Sadly, the Hot Spring Spas brand doesn’t show a satisfying result in this area.

Even though they have a good reputation on the market, yet they lack in solving the problem of their buyer’s trouble. We’ve seen many comments of users who are unhappy because of their lack of service support.

Some buyers even commented that they had to wait for over 2 months getting a phone call from this brand. On top, a few buyers also find their service area inexperienced.

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- LIFESMART

With the trendy design, the LifeSmart brand has modern features for a relaxing shower. In fact, their most models allow large space to enjoy baths by plug and play. Plus, the brand has energy-saving mood & rotary jets to shower like spa.

The LifeSmart rock solid 4-person hot tub spa is the best option of this brand for their servicing. Plus, it has good construction and high quality at a sensible price.

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2. Life Spas

The Life Spas brand comes with average features and performance if looking deeply. Besides, they have terrible heating problems that most buyers respond to find issue.

When we looked at the user respond sections of this brand, most people express their anger on their quality and heater burning issue. While some find the customer service in no use. In general, this brand lacks in most cases for buyers’ long-term benefits.

On top, a good number customer finds issue on the heating problem of heater where it’s hard to turn off. Plus, many people regret using this brand product and recommended not to use it.

Best Alternative Brand to Pick – GOPLUS

If searching for the under-budget hot tub, the Goplus brand is a great option. With a comfy design, they have 4-person spaces to enjoy in their maximum outdoor spa. Besides, this brand has some models that offers control panel to control heating. Plus, they have great quality and service.

Our pick is the Goplus 4-person inflatable hot tub that gives magnificent features in a good price. Plus, it has detachable filter and heating benefits for shower.

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3. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

The famous Jacuzzi hot tub brand is great for performance and good features. But, lots of people find problems with their bad warranty service and peeling issues.

Digging into user comments, we see many people give bad reviews on their warranty support system. In fact, a few buyers say that they had to pay for getting warranty support. Besides, they don’t allow warranty on many parts and avoid giving replacement.

Some customer also expresses that they find issue of peeling. Though they have good status in the market, yet they lack to give standard warranty benefits.

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- INTEX

There is nothing pleasurable than a relaxing bath that the Intex brand is expert to give. In fact, this brand most series comes with high powered shower jets to feel massaging shower. Also, they designed to give long-term comfort with good servicing and features.

The Intex 77in pureSpa set from this brand has strong construction and larger water capacity. Plus, they are easy to replace for a refreshing bath and so, we are surely recommending this model.

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4. Caldera Spas

The Caldera Spas brand has good fame yet many people dislike using it. Most people who once buy from this brand don’t feel satisfied with the features.

In fact, most users say they struggle a lot with its shower jets. Plus, some buyers even include it in bad reviews for their terrible constant maintenance and repairs. Besides, users of this brand find lacking on providing proper warranty benefits.

After purchasing from this brand, a great number of users commented that they regret using it. Plus, they express their band’s customer service weaker than other brands.

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- BESTWAY

The alternative solution to pick is the Bestway brand that comes with a classy yet relaxing design to take a bath. They have large water capacity for 4 to 6 people use on their most series. On top, this brand offers simple installation and cleaning for on-to-on usage.

The optimal option from this brand is the Bestway Miami hot tub that has 120 bubble jet and heater. Also, it has durability and superior power.

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5. Sundance Spas

This brand must be shocking to find in our list as the last worst hot tub brand that you should avoid. You must be wondering why? But shockingly, most people find this brand overexaggerated with lack of quality.

Even if they are one of the best-selling brands in hot tub industry, many users don’t like their color and size quality. In fact, we find people leaving massage on their color fades or find issues on their size.

While some users seeking help from servicing, yet doesn’t find the right solution. Since most buyers don’t get enough help.

Best Alternative Brand to Pick- COLEMAN

Sink into the warm and comfortable shower with the Coleman brand hot tub. This brand most models comes with good air jet spray. Besides, all of the models of this brand made of solid construction.

Smart pick of this brand is the Coleman Saluspa inflatable hot tub spa that has solidly built with comfy design. And, it has 80% water capacity for 4 people.

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There are many misconnects in our daily life by including the top-selling products as the top-quality brand. Plus, choosing with full carefulness may give you the key on a happy purchase. Yet, we hope this guide helped you learn about the worst hot tub brands to avoid. Good luck!

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