Recommended 5 Pulse Shower Spa Reviews 2021 & Buyers Guide

Pulse Shower Spa Reviews

Enjoy a shower with incorporated jets and every feature you ever dreamed of by getting modern stress-relieving shower system. A shower spa will literally take away your every tension and give you a recovery for the following day.

This hydrotherapy device for stress easing is hyping a lot. One brand is probably offering a few budget-friendly and modern tech design for any bathroom space. I’m talking about the most trustable brand for shower spas, PULSE.

Let me give you five pulse shower spa reviews that each comes with multiple showering benefits, durable fixtures, and easy installation process. I am in love with pulse shower spa Kauai III shower system the most for a number of reasons. You’ll know it all in the review sections coming up next.

If you don’t wish to throw away your money into the garbage, then please avoid looking for too cheap models and options. These are basically dead in functions. Let’s get deeper below!

Hurry? Here’s the list of top 5 pulse shower spas:

  1. PULSE Shower Spa Kauai III Shower System – An Ergonomic Design to Fit in Easily***Fabulous Picks
  2. PULSE Aqua Rain Shower System – It’s All About Strength & Resistance***Overall Best
  3. ShowerSpas 1010-CH Adjustable Slide Bar System – Simple DIY-Installation with Sophisticating Features
  4. PULSE Tropicana Shower Spa Panel – Relax & Sooth Like Never Before
  5. PULSE ShowerSpas 1049B-BN Rio Panel – A Timeless Design to Rock Bath Space

Top 5 Pulse Shower Spa Reviews 2021

By the way, don’t forget to check our deep buying guide because it contains so many essential factors you should consider when buying pulse shower spa. Let’s enjoy!

1. PULSE Shower Spa Kauai III Shower System – An Ergonomic Design to Fit in Easily

The first shower panel is called PULSE Kauai III and it’s from a high-end series of Pulse. With two beautiful finish to choose from and a really easy to handle design, it will make your shower experience up to the mark.

Rain Showerhead Technology

This amazingly designed shower spa from Pulse comes with rain showerhead technology. You can simply use the eight inches fixture for a good bath reaching long enough for comfortable cleaning. It features a rub clean tip to make sure there is no mineral build-up taking place.

5-Function Hand Bath

This shower spa system also includes an ergonomic hand shower fixture. It comes with five innovative functioning options. Also, there is a 59 inches hose made of stainless steel. It is a double interlocking hose for easy use.

Side Bar Is Adjustable

You can simply adjust according to your height with the sidebar. This part will help you to enjoy a mess-free and organized bathing especially when there is not a lot of space available.


  • Comes with pre-plumbed design.
  • There is a brass wire soap dish.
  • Comes with warranty.
  • Long-lasting benefits.
  • Connects with your existing system easily.


  • Water pressure splits.

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2. PULSE Aqua Rain Shower System – It’s All About Strength & Resistance

1019-CH Aqua is an easy retrofit model coming from Pulse that includes some really nice remodelling features.

Pre-Plumbed Design

You don’t have to waste your precious time resetting the entire shower system. PULSE Aquarain shower system comes with the pre-plumbed design. So, installing it to your bath space will take you barely a few minutes. You don’t need any kind of remodelling for the purpose.

Switch Functions

There are five invigorating hand shower functions with this aqua rain shower system that makes bathing a bliss. You can easily switch and control functionality with this effortlessly designed shower spa. The slide bar comes with adjustment benefits as well

Durable Built-in

Durable ABS and brass are used to construct this shower spa. Hence, you are going to receive a hard and sturdy performance for the money. It lasts a good number of years and thanks to a nice brushed nickel finish, most harmful elements make no difference on its surface.


  • There is rub clean tip support included.
  • It comes with soap dish and brass diverter.
  • Spray straight technology gives pointed tips.
  • Simple replacement process.
  • Comes with a good warranty option.


  • Water pressure seems a bit weak.

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3. ShowerSpas 1010-CH Adjustable Slide Bar System – Simple DIY-Installation with Sophisticating Features

With a nice adjustable slide bar system and polished chrome finish, the next model from PULSE is a budget-friendly choice for almost anyone.

Ideal Height Adjustments

The hand shower comes with a nice design that you can easily position to your height comfort zone. You can simply use the ergonomically designed hand shower no matter what height and angle you prefer. With a nice brass construction, it performs pretty well for tall folks also.

Wire Basket Design

It’s quite obvious getting lost while looking for shampoo and body washes. The wire basket included with this amazing spa system keeps everything in place and organized nicely. It’s really easy to access.

DIY Installation Supported

There are a lot of folks who need a meek solution for shower spa that they can handle themselves. For those, Pulse comes up with a very genuine and simple installation facility for DIY lovers. You can follow the clear-cut instructions and fit it almost like a professional.


  • The bar allows a good amount of movement.
  • Comes with a mounting surface.
  • A nice pre-plumbed design.
  • Comes with a safe warranty option.
  • Wire basket keeps soap dry.


  • There is no hose included.

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4. PULSE Tropicana Shower Spa Panel – Relax & Sooth Like Never Before

Polished chrome and brushed nickel finish, you can choose a compatible one of your choice and enjoy a relaxing shower with Tropicana panel from PULSE. There is a lot of appreciating pulse Tropicana shower spa reviews claiming it’s mind-blowing features to be best for a calm shower experience.

Sturdy Fixtures with Effortless Design

It comes with nice quality construction that’s going to serve you for a pretty long time. The brass spa panel gives a good competition for perfect built-in to its other alternatives at a similar price.

Also, I think the white tempered glass panel is sturdy enough. With nickel fixtures and steel frame, I don’t see any bad thing about the making.

Interlocking Dual Hose

It comes with hand shower system for easy bath experience. There is also a hose coming along that includes double interlock features. You don’t need to worry about breaking or rough usage, it’s made with pure steel.

Body Spray Jets

There is a total of six jets that help with body spraying and washing benefits. It’s single-function and gives you a nice mounting mist spray experience for a quick shower.


  • It comes with a mounting surface.
  • There are no mineral build up issues.
  • Brass diverter works fine.
  • Temperature tester is a great addition.
  • Strong glass panel design.


  • The finish wears out if not maintained properly.

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5. PULSE ShowerSpas 1049B-BN Rio Panel– A Timeless Design to Rock Bath Space

Rio shower panel from PULSE is probably the most beautiful one in the list. It comes with a breathtaking brown sleek concept that looks wonderful to highlight any bathroom space.

Easy Connections

This beautiful shower panel comes with a mounting surface, pre-plumbed set up and easy installation process to connect with your stub outs. You can simply get help for remodelling or do it yourself with simple knowledge

Sleek Panel and Fixtures

The glass panel comes with a black tempered design that gives a very stylish overlook with the bronze stainless steel body. The fixtures are covered well with brushed nickel finish.

No Mineral Build Up

The low-profile showerhead comes with soft rub tips. So, you can easily prevent any kind of mineral build up with simple maintenance and regular cleaning regime.


  • Comes with nice functioning jet spray.
  • A great brass diverter.
  • Pointed straight tips always.
  • Safe warranty options.
  • Long lasting construction quality.


  • There is no thread seal on fittings.

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How to Pick the Right Shower Spa 2021?

How to Pick the Right Shower Spa

Well, some of you will be a bit not sure about the pulse shower spa reviews without understanding a few important factors. These are probably the things you should look for in an ideal shower system. I’ll give you the basic criteria to think about before making a final decision.

Durable Material

You need to match the panel with the rest of your washroom before buying the stuff. It’s important to get a suitable one that goes well with the other hardware as well.

Also, be picky about the finish. The finish must give good protection to the overall tool. The construction quality will eventually decide whether a shower spa is going to last long or break after a few uses.

Ideal Height Requirements

You are going to get a shower hand with a maximum shower system. Be sure the length is suitable for your bathing needs. Too short ones will not be able to cover well. You will constantly bump into it and that might be a bit disappointing.

Adjustable showerheads are also available with the spa. Make sure these are well made and comes with no build-up features.

Practically Priced Spa

There is a variation of price ranges available when you want to get a compatible shower spa. There are cheaper options but most of them fail to even create minimum water pressure. Don’t ruin the purpose of getting a stress-relieving bath by choosing something that comes with really poor quality.

Go for some budget-friendly options instead. You can simply leave out a few additional features and look for something that comes with nice basic spa functions. I believe, this way you won’t be compromising the quality and be lighter on your purse as well.

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Right Size

Your available shower space is a big factor to consider. You must match the shower spa dimension with your washing space. Don’t get anything just because you find it rich in features.

Be sure the size requirements are right and only then make a final bid. You can also contact repairmen and he can remodel the panel to fit within your space.

A Good Water Pressure

This is basically the main idea of a tension-releasing shower. The water pressure needs to be a certain amount to make a cooling sensation when it is sprayed.

If you get a poor-quality spa system that comes with low or too high water pressure, you’ll feel like going through a punishment. So, make sure it comes with a moderate pressure point.

Temperature Adjustments

Some shower spa lets you adjust the temperature and use multiple functions. There are also some choices available that come with a tester. You can simply observe the temperature while having a refreshing spa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Can two functions work together?

If the model you got includes two diverters then probably yes. This will help you to operate two functions at the same time. But if you buy a single control valve then there is no possibility to use more than one function together.

Ques: Will I get every hardware required for installation with shower spas?

To mount the shower spa, you’ll get probably every hardware. However, you may still need to buy a few connectors or fitting. It actually depends on the situation.

Ques: What pipe size should I buy for the system?

The maximum pulse shower spa will match supply lines with ¾ or ½ inches measurement. You can simply get the larger one and reduce the stub-out location to ½ inches if needed.

Ques: How should I clean the spa system?

You should use a gentle cleanser to clean the spa system. Don’t go for products that use harsh chemicals in it. You can apply a good wax coat thrice every year. This will protect and keep it going for a long time. Make sure to wipe it up after every use.

End Line

So out of many shapes and sizes, finding your ideal pick will be a daunting journey, I know. But after the whole hard work, when you finally can enjoy the stress-relieving bath with your newly bought shower spa, I’m sure you would forget the pain in seconds.

These five pulse shower spa reviews are all great in their own way to give you a luxurious spa experience instead of your boring ordinary shower. More consumers are fond of the panel system rather than the traditional ones and I think this trend will last for the next several years.

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