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best primer for bathroom


Are you looking for the best primer to use in your bathroom? If yes, then the article is for you.

Primer is like a basement that painters use before painting. It works as a base of the color so that the paint sits smoothly and so perfectly. A lot of primers are available out there. Among them to find out an excellent primer for bathroom can be a difficult task.

However, after a lot of research, we have found out some quality full primers that are perfect enough for your bathroom. So without wasting any moment, let’s explore them.

Best Primer For Bathroom

Every primer is not suitable to use in the bathroom. For bathrooms, the primer has to be oil-based with the ability to block stain and odor. Bathroom primer should consist of rubber band technology and some gypsum. Considering these qualities, we got nine best primers for bathroom that you can try without any saying.

1. ZINSSER Bulls Eye Primer– Oil &Water-Based Primer

It is a primer of both water and oil-based. It has an outstanding stain-blocking capacity. You can use it on any rubber band type topcoat, which is latex. The water-based formula of it helps to stick to any kind of surfaces without any sand.

The primer is available in both grey and white color. It comes as quartz that can cover around 10 square feet. And it needs about 1 hour to dry.

It is a product of Rust Oleum brand, and its water-based method helps it actively to block any kind of blister creating or from getting peeled.


  • Needs no sand for sticking
  • Remains good in sweeping
  • Stain-blocked, water-blocked
  • Has a soft stain finishing


  • Sometimes it requires a lot of coats.

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2. KILZ 2Primer– Oil-Based Primer with Stain Blocking Formula

KILZ is the brand with 40 years of experience of primer and color making. It has now brought a primer -KILZ 2 primer that is a perfect primer for bathroom.

It can block fewer to medium kind of satin causing from grease, water, ink, etc. It is an oil-based primer with latex technology. It has both quartz and gallon system.

It is also usable in color changing, making color bright, or even hide any colors. If you want to touch, then you can touch it in 30 minutes, but for another coating, you need to wait at least 1 hour.


  • Can hide the previous color
  • No need to use much paint
  • Stain, satin & water blocked


  • Need to use on dust & chalk free surface
  • Very costlier
  • Not odor blocked

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3. KILZ Premium Primer– Thick & Creamy Stain Blocker

This primer has a powerful stain blocking technology. It can prevent stain and has a water base method that helps to give a perfect finishing.

It can even hide the previous color so entirely. It comes as quartz that is so perfect enough to use in a bathroom, laundry room.

The primer is excellent for high humidity areas, and it is a latex primer, sealer, stain restricted at a time. It is available in gallon & quartz.1 gallon can cover around 300 to 400 square feet.


  • You can use for hiding colors
  • Can block stain, satin & water
  • Perfect for high humidity area


  • Does not works for more stains
  • Sometimes need to give many coats

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4. ZINSSER Cover Stain Primer– Oil-Based Stain Killer

The primer is a product of the Zinsser brand. It is a primer, sealer, stain blocker at a time. It is an oil-based primer and can even seal water. So this primer is a better one for bathroom paint.

It comes as quartz. The added benefit of it is that you can use it for reconstruction, overcoating, and it will give a smooth and uneven finishing with super percolation.

It is better popular as a wood sealer, but ts oil-basing formula can seal stain or water also.


  • Much better than other latex primmer
  • Can block all tannin bleed, stain
  • Paints adhere greatly


  • It claims to dry in minutes but takes an hour to try
  • Scratch off if it is not thoroughly dried

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5. KILZ Kitchen & Bath Primer– Low Odor & VOC Primer

The primer of KILZ is mainly for kitchen & bathroom use. It has a powerful stain restraining technology. The best one for high humidity room, moistured &environment more than room temperature.

It has a low odor system that can block any kind of bad odor or others. It is a less VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) latex-primer, and you can clean with soap or water quite easily.

You can also use on drywall, plaster, paneling, concrete, wood, brick, masonry, painted metals.


  • Highly stain restricted sealer, blocker & primer.
  • Specially made for humidity, moistured areas
  • Perfect for a bathroom. Laundry room, powder room
  • Low odor formula
  • Minimal VOC


  • It takes 1 hour to try

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6. KILZ KLEAR Primer– A Primer for Leaking Areas

KILZ brings another primer for bathroom having alkali-resistant power. It can block stain, can even seal Leakers. It can adhere to color with robust bonding technology.

It is not just a primer but also a sealer, binder, and stain blocker with latex seal technology.

Its other advancement is that you can use it on the plaster or concrete of pH less than 13, which means you can use it on acidic surfaces also. The primer comes only in a gallon, not quartz.


  • Highly stain sealer, blocker, primer & binder.
  • Seals with tough, coatable, flexible coating
  • Perfect for the acidic surface


  • Sometimes does not work in changing color.

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7. Rust Oleum Primer– Oil-Based Odorless Primer

It is also a product of ZINSSER that brings a primer that works best as an odorless bathroom primer. It is a solvent-based, oil-based primer & also works as a stain blocker.

It has a stain sealing formula that works so nicely and can cover all topcoats. So you can use it for your bathroom. It can cover around 100 square feet surfaces.

Its less VOC formula & odorless formula makes it perfect enough for bathroom paint. It can even seal stain from fire and smoke damages,


  • Stain sealer primer
  • Highly odorless
  • Can dry within 30 minutes


  • People having Asthma/allergies sometimes can’t tolerate the chemical smells.

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8. ZINSSER BIN Primer– The Ultimate Spot Primer

It is also a product of RUST Oleum. But this primer contains a formula for spot priming much. It is a spot primer for bathroom use having higher stain blocking technology and also odor staining formula.

As it is quartz only & it is a shellac-based primer so popularly known as stain sealer or stain killer.

It’s one quartz that can cover up to 100- 125 square feet. It is the only primer that can seal knot and sap streaks.


  • Highly stain sealer
  • Spot primer
  • Odor blocker
  • Dries within 45 minutes
  • Consistency is like thick milk


  • Smells like grain alcohol
  • Does not block all stains in some cases

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9. Rust Oleum Stain Cover Primer– Oil-Based Stain Hider

It is an oil-based stain hider that can entirely hide any kind of stains. It is available in 13 Oz size.

Its manufacturer is Rust Oleum company, and its excellent hiding formula works so perfectly and covers stians.

It also helps to seal water and for covering stain from nicotine and smoke. It can stick any sand surfaces quickly.


  • Highly stain hider


  • Does not block all stains in some case
  • Can highly cover wood stains
  • Not odor blocker

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Final Words

So, these are nine primer for bathroom you can use. We have discussed all the primer’s components with its lackings also. Each one is a unique one regarding features. Read the article entirely, pick your one, and create a base to paint your bathroom.

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