How Long do Bathroom Fixtures Last

How Long do Bathroom Fixtures Last

When people build their home they generally want it to be the most epic in their surroundings, have many rooms, a balcony may be a small lawn in their home, but the thing that should be on the top of their or anybody’s list of most important rooms is the bathroom.

Bathrooms play an important functional role in the house. It is more than thus a maintenance room for life where we, often-times, both start the day as well as end the day.

Although the bathroom is a small room in the house, but also the most customized room of the house, it needs plenty of fittings and fixtures from taps to shower, pipelines, bathtub, water heater, and so on.

There are countless designs, countless products that you can choose as your bathroom fixtures but the most important thing to keep in mind while the construction of your bathroom is the durability of the fixtures. In this article, we are providing you with a list of bathroom fixtures, their durability, and how long bathroom fixtures last.

How long does Water Heater last?

Imagine it’s the time of winter and you have to go to the office early in the morning. The first and foremost task you will do is to arrange the hot water because that’s what everybody loves in winter.

Everybody loves a hot shower in the morning, and hot water to wash your hands, dishes, clothes in the winter. So that’s the importance of having a water heater in the bathroom as it gives you a proper supply of hot water whenever you need it.  

So it’s important to choose the most durable water heater.

How long should you expect a water heater to last?

Well it depends on the model and type of the water heater, in general, there are two types of water heaters

  • Tankless Hot Water Heater
  • Traditional Tank Hot Water Heater

The traditional water heaters have tanks that can hold up to 30-70 gallons of water depending on their size, due to their continuous working their average life expectancy is about 8-11 years.

While on the other hand, Tankless Hot Water Heater does not work continuously and thus they can last up to 20 years on average.

Now depending on the source of the power of the water heater, Electric pump heaters should last as long as a conventional tank, while a solar-powered heater should last as long as a tankless.

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Life expectancy of Shower head

Showers are the most important part of a day. It gives you positive energy and makes you feel fresh and light. A shower distributes water over your body and provides you with a sense of relief cleaning the dirt and sweat that are stuck to your skin. The water that’s been used to clean your body then quickly runs down into your drain.

Being at a height showerhead almost remains safe and thus it is the most durable fixture of the bathroom being the life expectancy of about 100 years.

Unless sudden water leakage or clogging from hard water build-up or barring any damages from mineral buildup, there is no need to replace shower unless you want a new look for your bathroom. Showerheads can last for a lifetime if cleaned properly and maintained.

Life span of a Bathroom Sink

When we talk about sinks, their life span depends on many factors. These can be the type of material used in sinks and the purpose for which sinks are being used.

For example, a sink in a guest bathroom that rarely came into use can last for up to 100 years while a sink in a busy family can only last up to 10-12 years.

Keeping all the facts aside, sinks, in general, are made up of different individual parts and thus their typical lifespan depends on their parts.

Life span of a Bathroom Sink

An acrylic sink basin can last half a century, but the faucet will likely last 15 to 20 years at most, depending on the manufacturer. Other influential factors include how much water you use and whether or not you have hard water.

Now coming on material a stainless steel sink can last for 10-12 years while a soapstone sink can last for 60-70 years before needing to be replaced. Vessel sinks made from copper, porcelain, glass, or store could last more than 20 years, while enameled steel kitchen sinks may only last over a decade.

Lifespan of Bathroom Taps

A tap is the most important and essential thing in one’s bathroom, it is used in almost every part of the bathroom whether bathtub, sink, shower, etc.

Most of the taps have a lifespan of about 13-17 years but somehow they start to show signs that they require maintenance of revenue at worst cases they require replacement. The brand, model, and type of faucet you have will have a huge impact on your faucet’s lifespan.

If your bathroom faucet is starting to malfunction, it can be extremely frustrating. Not only do you need the bathroom to wash your hands, but it’s also where you perform your daily grooming habits.

There are many hints after which we can repair the taps these can be

  • Squeaking noises when the water is on.
  • Clanking noises as the water flows.
  • Inconsistent water streams

How long does the Pipes used in bathroom last

Plumbing is yet another part of the bathroom, yes you can’t see it, plumbing is unseen, yet the most important thing to do in your bathroom.

They manage the flow of water in and out of your whole house, the plumbing system includes the piping and drains that successfully bring clean water into the home and swiftly remove used water. They help keep your home hygienic, functional, and dry.

But how long do they last? That completely depends on the material of what pipe is made and the location where it is being used.

Pipes made up of copper can last as long as 50 years, while brass, galvanized steel, cast iron can even last for 70 years. This is when you are using them as supply pipes under constant pressure and when you use them as normal drain pipes they can last longer than expected.

Don’t use lead pipes as too much lead is not good for health and can be harmful causing serious health issues, thus if you have lead pipes replace them quickly.

How long do Toilets last?

Toilets are another most important part of the bathroom, Toilets are crucial for the healthy development of people, they help your family to have good sanitation, the purpose is to provide a healthy living environment for everyone, protect natural resources such as surface water, groundwater, and soil, and provide safety, security, and dignity for people when they defecate or urinate.

On average, a toilet can last up to 50 years because the seat and structure itself is quite strong and can last forever, though the other components like the flapper, handle, and fill valve may require attention every few years. Luckily, these are often quick and easy repairs.

But it’s good for you if you replace your toilet if it is older than 25 years, as newer toilets use less water when compared to the older ones and can save a huge amount of water for you, for example, Toilets manufactured after 1994 use only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Compare that to pre-1994 toilets, which used up to 7 gallons per flush.

Yes, 7.

So even if your 30-year-old toilet is flushing and working fine, you might be able to save money and the environment by investing in a newer model.

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How long do Bathtubs last?

Bathtubs are another essential fixture that adds value to your bathroom, sometimes give you a sense of relief, and provides calmness after a long day of tiredness. But bathtubs require proper maintenance, they should be cleaned properly as dirt can easily be stored on their surface as compared to other fixtures.

If you are using them for the average purpose of maintaining proper hygiene they can last longer than their expected lifespan. It depends greatly on their usage, but whirlpool tubs can last between 20 and 50 years. Fibreglass bathtubs, on the other hand, are only good for 10-15 years.

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