[Top 7 Picks] Best Outdoor Faucets Review With Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Faucets

When the matter to look for the best outdoor spigot comes into the spotlight, homeowners don’t spend much attention. But this is one of those sensitive areas, where you need to implement a good choice for avoiding troubles later. Otherwise, it’s going to leak and make your money gone for nothing.

And so, picking a quality outdoor faucet is a delicate topic to start with. If you don’t want to risk your effort for a functional outdoor faucet, then we have the right thing for you.

Today, we would like to reveal the top 7 choices for the best outdoor faucets. A special gear recommendation to make your usage even convenient is also waiting. Keep on Reading!

7 Best Outdoor Faucets Review 2021

Looking for a useful outdoor faucet for residencies use? Here’s the list of 7 best outdoor faucets:

  1. Prier P-164D12 Outdoor Faucet– American’s Favorite Traditional Outdoor Faucets***Popular Picks
  2. Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Outdoor Faucet– Perfect Outdoor Faucet for Garden***Overall Best
  3. Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet– Wonderful Outdoor Faucet for Kitchen
  4. Liberty Garden 693-2 Outdoor Faucet– A Great Outdoor Faucet for Lawn Care
  5. Mueller 103-054HN Outdoor Faucet– Budget-Friendly Outdoor Faucet for Home
  6. Prier P-164D08 Outdoor Faucet– An Optimal Outdoor Faucet for Bathroom
  7. NUSET 2895-3 Water Faucet Lock– Awesome Faucet Lock for Garden Hose Bibs

By the way, here each of the faucets is reviewed in detail. I hope you won’t suck rather enjoy the review. Oh, don’t miss the buying guide too!

1. Prier P-164D12 Outdoor Faucet– American’s Favorite Traditional Outdoor Faucets

The US-based residential outdoor faucets give the finest quality available in traditional style. Plus, it has 1/2 inch IPS outside and 1/2 sweat inside.

But wait there’s more, the soft grip operating handle gives simple operation to turn even in the cold or wet weather.  Also, it comes with anti-siphon vacuum breaker with a back check valve to avoid the freezing problems. On top, they have a 4-degree built-in angle for drainage pitch.

Besides, it has quarter-turn design and large integral brass flange for better water flow. Plus, the outdoor faucet truly stands on top with all these features for water equipment.


  • Super simple to install.
  • Very strong and solid.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Good customer service.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • On city water pressure, it leaks.

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2. Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Outdoor Faucet– Perfect Outdoor Faucet for Garden

With performance and smart features, the Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA shines bright for watering garden. In fact, it has back siphon that protects pipes to get freeze in cold climate.

These are just a few as it has built-in vacuum barker that removes backflow of water. Plus, they come with a 3/4 inch hose thread outlet with brass body structure. The no-frost Sillicock is corrosion-free for its well brass structure. It is easy to install for its male pipe thread.

In general, the Homeswerks produce construction promises to give quality with 3 years of warranty. Plus, it has freeze-proof design with local, state & global certified performance.


  • It is durable and strong.
  • Great in value.
  • High quality service.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Helps to avoid freezing problem.


  • Plastic handle is fragile.

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3. Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet– Wonderful Outdoor Faucet for Kitchen

The Mueller Industries comes with heavy-duty construction to give water for your kitchen. Plus, it has NSF certified law lead standards that make it safe on hand.

But that’s not all, the outdoor faucet has 3/4 inches hose thread outlet that helps water to flow faster than usual. It comes with one handle to open or close with no trouble for its easy maintenance. Plus, they have rough brass construction for lifelong usage.

On top, the outdoor faucet comes with pipe threads to fit with no worry. It has many features and excellent quality at a decent price for house use.


  • It is great in design.
  • Great for domestic water use.
  • Simple to put on.
  • Has good quality.
  • Perfect DIY option.


  • Not suitable for potable water.

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4. Liberty Garden 693-2 Outdoor Faucet– A Great Outdoor Faucet for Lawn Care

The Liberty Garden 693-2 has the best hose bib style with hose stand for lawn care or gardening. Plus, it can hold up to 150 feet to transfer water.

No doubt about it that it’s perfect for housing or industrial use with steel construction for long-term benefits. Also, it has 5/8 inches hose thread and 5 inches rack radius. On top, the 693-2 outdoor faucet comes with durable powder coat finish to use in any weather condition.

In fact, they come with quick-turn single handle and mounts well in compact soil or concrete. It assures quality performance with 3 years of limited warranty.


  • The hose stand is well made.
  • Easy to use.
  • Strong in construction.
  • Great investment at this price.
  • Has fantastic quality.


  • The customer service is not good.

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5. Mueller 103-054HN Outdoor Faucet– Budget-Friendly Outdoor Faucet for Home

The Muller 103-054HN comes with amazing control and design at a sensible price point for home use. Plus, it has NSF-61 approved for safe usability.

We’re not through it as it has a simple quarter turn operation for quickly opening the tap. Also, they come with the highest 125 PSI working water pressure that helps water to flow faster and smoother. Besides, it has large flow rate and rust resistance handle to move.

They come with 60% of copper alloy brass construction that lasts longer for house use. And, it has chrome-plated brass ball that helps to attach and remove without difficulty.


  • Comes in great quality.
  • Solid and durable structure.
  • Helps to control the freeze problem.
  • Trouble-free to open or remove.
  • It has superb performance.


  • The flow rate is quite slow.

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6. Prier P-164D08Outdoor Faucet– An Optimal Outdoor Faucet for Bathroom

The Prier outdoor faucet has amazing design and durability for bathroom use.  Plus, it has 1/2 inches sweat and iron pipe size outside in solid brass body.

And top of that, they come with 4-degree built-in angle for perfect drainage speed. Plus, it has vandal-proof loose key working that transfers with no trouble. In fact, they come with anti-siphon vacuum breaker with back valve to get rid of freeze or crack like magic.

Also, the outdoor faucet has large integral brass extension with built-in drainage pitch. On top, it has 5 full hose threads for strong and solid hose connections on the lavatory.


  • Smooth twisting faucet.
  • Simple to fit.
  • It’s super quiet.
  • Has a large handle to use well.
  • Perfect for DIY fountain.


  • It lacks in quality.

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7. NUSET 2895-3 Water Faucet Lock– Awesome Faucet Lock for Garden Hose Bibs(Extra Gear)

If you wish to have a faucet lock that protects most garden hose bibs, then the NUSET 2895-3 is a great choice. It fits padlocks with shackle span of 1/4 inch or less.

On top of it, this comes with trusted protection against outdoor faucet to save from thieves. Plus, it helps to reduce illegal or unauthorized water usage. Besides, the faucet lock has a rubber washer to stop water flow even when the faucet is turned on.

This brand is known for 40 years for its trusted features and 1 year of quality guarantee for lifelong usage.


  • Has 1 year of warranty.
  • Comes in good quality.
  • It locks quite easily.
  • Super solid and effective.
  • Stops water thieves in tracks.


  • Many users find it small in size.

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Hose Bib Vs Spigot – What’s The Diffrence?

Lots of people think hose bib and spigot is the same thing but different name. To be honest, they are different in many ways. Let us break this down for you to understand each and everything about these two types of faucets:

Hose Bib Faucet

Hose Spigot Faucet

Functions & Design
This type of faucet is effective to prevent freezing in winter. The hose spigot faucet is great for stopping crack in wintertime.
They are quite heavy-duty and strong that help water to stay freeze-free. This type of faucet is durable and sturdy that works well when the weather is below zero.
Easy Usability
Though they are super simple to install, removing them is a hard job. They are quite hard to remove or install.
It comes with anti-siphon backflow protection to get crack-free & freeze-free water supply. On top, it gives better safety for preventing water face freezing problems.
Control Ability
The hose bibs faucet gives great control on the water to flow faster. They are not easy to control as they have only one pipe.
Price Point
It comes at a sensible price for residential use. The hose spigot faucet has an affordable price tag to get.

While comparing both faucets types, we think both are great in their own way. For hose bib faucet, they have good control, durability, functions & design to shine bright.

In the same way, hose outdoor spigot faucet has good value & safety, to solve residential water problems.

What to Look into Finding the Outdoor Faucet?

What to Look into Finding the Outdoor Faucet

Finding the best outdoor faucet cover, hose outlet and locks is really hard for a novice. As you need to look at the features, quality, and control at a good value that many brands lack to give. So, here’re some awesome tricks that will guide you to find the finest outdoor faucet.

Choose the Faucet based on the Design

Choosing an outdoor faucet needs a strong yet easy design for simple usability. For that, you should pick a brand that has easy open or close design and stainless steel or aluminum accessories.

On top, don’t forget about the traditional looks which are important for years of use. Depending on the comfort of design, try to choose one for home use.

Decide On Performance of Outdoor Faucet

Of course, you should consider the performance of an outdoor faucet that gives much help. To make a point, you don’ want your pipes to get freeze or crack in cold weather, right?

For that, you need a faucet that gives anti-siphon, built-in vacuum roller and frostless Sillcock pipe. So, go for an outdoor faucet that performs well.

Pick the Safest One Available

Another thing to consider before choosing any brand is their safety. So, you should look for a brand that ensures all the safety features for avoiding freeze problems.

Many brands have local, nationwide and global industry-standard certification that proves it’s safe to use. Also, decide on the safe design and performance to use with no worry. So, make sure to note that before going on the market.

Go For the Reasonable Priced Outdoor Faucet

We all know how important the price is while deciding to choose an outdoor faucet.

But, do you know the more priced product gives you more features? Of course, the budget is important to get rid of cheap quality.

So, take time on savings and do some work to get your desirable features and quality even if it cost you a little.  This will ensure you can enjoy the lovely purchase for a pretty long time.

The Quality Guarantee Is Important

Before going to the end, there’s one thing you should notice is their quality guarantee. Yes, you’ve heard that right, the brand you are looking for needing the promised & trusted quality to perform well for many years.

Many brands provide 2 to 3 years of quality warranty to be confident on their creation and features. So, go for the trusted quality outdoor faucet that comes with such support. That way you can stay covered with minor damages and sometimes replacement if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How to Install an Outdoor Faucet?

Installing an outdoor faucet is simple if doing in a proper manner. For that, you should follow some steps to install well.

At first, you should pick a place to drill with a driller. Then make a big hole at the drilled area for extension. Then, you should set the pipelines to transfer water. In this step, make sure your water is off.

After setting the pipelines, you should insert the outdoor faucet with plumper putty on. Next, you should drill the screw tight. And this is how you install an outdoor faucet.

Ques: Is hot tap on right or left?

This question itself is a mystery if we haven’t used our brains. It’s simple that you’ll put the new faucet on the different side of the cold water tap. So, the most reasonable answer is the hot tap will be on the left side.

Ques: Will it damage garden hose if I leave it outside?

Well, probably it will damage the garden hose. Even though they are made of strong material, the freezing temperatures are more powerful to crack it. So, it’s better not to leave the garden hose outside while the temperature is below zero.

Final Words

Finding the best outdoor faucet is not that hard if choosing wisely. In fact, you just need to stay positive and pick a product based on quality, not value.

Another thing that will help to choose is to select brand with the most helpful features. And for that, ensure you done some research to have ideas on the preferred outdoor faucet.

The common thing that you’ll want is quality, features, ability, and sensible price point. So, try to choose depending on that.

We hope this guide was helpful to give ideas and hope you try our optimal solution for residential use. Good luck!

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