The Clean-Freak’s Corner – How to Clean Shower Doors with Vinegar!

How to Clean Shower Doors with Vinegar

Are you fed up on your hopeless shower door with regular soap scum and grime? Isn’t it upsetting how some houses will sparkle with spotless shower doors but your ones just look faded? I know the pain!

So, let’s do some work. Let’s know how to clean shower doors with Vinegar. Why vinegar? Well to not used Clorox, ammonia or specialty shower door cleaner that are harmful with chemicals. Vinegar is a lot of safer and inexpensive option. The results will also be surprising.

How to Clean Shower Doors with Vinegar

The smell of vinegar while you spray it can be really annoying. It’s kind of strong when you use it in a spray bottle to clean the shower doors. But however, for the sparkling doors, I think we can sacrifice a little bit of mood.

Mixture Making

You will need a good spray bottle for this. Use one from your kitchen or simply buy one from the convenient store. Next, you will use diluted vinegar for the solution. Let equal part of vinegar and water be the portion for your cleaning mixture. Mix the elements into the spray bottle. Now you need to shake and mix them well.


You can use this solution on both sides of the shower door. You should let it sit there for around half an hour. If you are in a hurry then take out ten minutes less. Make sure to thoroughly cover both sides. Vinegar will now easily cut through the rough dirt and grime. It can also help you to avoid any future dirt buildup.


If you have a bathtub or sink in your bathroom fill it with water. You can also use a small bucket to get water in it. Use fresh and clean water for the step. Now get a pair of rubber gloves. Also, you will need a sponge.

Now simply dip the sponge into the water and use it for wiping the shower door. Do it gradually. Be sure to get rid of all vinegar element on the shower door. There are areas where the door overlap. Make sure to wipe those areas as well.

For Runners!

You will need a toothbrush and white toothpaste for this step. You can clean the bathroom shower door’s runner using this.

Simply scrub the runner and it will get rid of any grime or dirt. Also, it helps to eliminate soap scum. Now use the vinegar solution onto the runner. Wait for a couple of minutes. Use clean water to rinse away anything left.

Dry Your Door!

Get some paper towel for this step. You can also use synthetic fabric to complete this. Use the paper towel or cloth to simply wipe and dry the shower door. Make sure there is nothing left and it’s completely patched.

This way you will easily eliminate any remaining soap scum or dirt. You can simply continue the step for a few times to get a shiny look. Once you think the door is thoroughly cleaned, it’s done. With careful maintenance, you can keep it that way.


Grab some baby oil for the finishing step. Use it to saturate a cloth and then simply wipe down your shower door. Baby oil has amazing power to stop ugly looking soap scum building on the shower door.

It also can decrease the in-between cleaning time. You can also use lemon oil instead of it. It is going to do the same job and protect your shower door well. Also, the lemony fresh scent it leaves behind is amazing.

Cleaning Tips

You can use glass cleaner instead of the vinegar-water solution. But it’s not going to be effective for plastic versions.

A handheld showerhead can help you to clean the door perfectly.

If vinegar cannot fight the soap scum alone, get a commercial remover. This is a rare case, however.

Final Talks

So that’s all on how to clean shower doors with Vinegar. It’s super cheap and easy to try this method. Most importantly, it works! So, if you have not tried the method yet, don’t wait anymore. It’s going to give you the sparkling shower doors to awe your visitors.

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