Read Now: How to Clean Toilet Seat with 6 Simple Steps!

How to Clean Toilet Seat

Let’s make a list of things at your house that is used the most. The first place is definitely for toilet seats. No surprise that it is one of the dirtiest spots of your entire house or office or whatever space you want to think of.

But it will not need your tons of time nor will you get short of cleansers to get that throne sparkle and shine.

Here is a quick-and-easy with time-saving-steps on how to clean toilet seat. Try this regularly and you’ll thank me later.

The Tutorial: How to Clean Toilet Seat

Here we have discussed few major steps to clean toilet seat. Let’s check them one by one.

Go Get Some Stuff

Isn’t it going to be really irritating when in the middle of clean-up and the shine-up process you suddenly discover pumice stone is missing? Better be ready with all your supplies before jumping into the step by step cleaning process. Here are some organized goodies you will need for the session.

Some wipes and disinfecting sprays (Get some good brand)

Paper Towels (Napkins, tissue paper or toilet roll, just get whatever you’ve got)

A nicely fitting elbow length pair of kitchen gloves (Don’t use it again for kitchen, lol)

A store-bought toilet bowl cleaner or your own DIY solution

Stiff bistle toilet brush.

Pumice stone

Note: Use salt, oxygen bleach with vinegar or baking soda to make a mixture and woala you have your own DIY toilet bowl cleaner.

Baking soda is a genius grungy remover while salt is a perfect scrubber without being abrasive. For disinfecting and cleaning, oxygen bleach is most preferable. It is probably the Ironman of cleansers.

For store bought cleaners look into ingredient labels and go with the one that includes hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach.

Sparkling Exterior

I’m sure nine out of ten people will only care about cleaning the interior bowl of a toilet. Are you from the nine? Of course, you are! Well, I proudly belong to the one ratio. Claps!

What I really focus on is the exterior of the toilet bowl. It needs a proper clean up too, every inch does. You should spritz the disinfecting spray all over the external part of your toilet. Don’t miss out places that are hard to reach.! Especially, the underside of seat or back of the base.

Your wall beside and behind the toilet also includes in the list. Spritz well there too! Every flush can make a firework effect splitting microscopic splatters all around the toilet prime spots like walls and floor. So, they need clean up too.

Now comes the most important part of this step. Let it sit for six minutes! Immediately wiping right after spraying will do nothing. Absolutely nothing! Wait for it to do its job and in the meanwhile let’s deal with the interior parts.

Time for The Internal Clean Up

Diluting inside the bowl full of water is a common behavior of super harsh toilet cleansers. So, make sure you empty the bowl draining the water out. Once it’s out, let us apply the cleaning solution. Using a mild cleaner can also get you the same sparkling results but in a safer way.

Less work plus better cleaning results, a mild detergent can do all that. Why do people go for harsh cleaners, I don’t understand. It’s actually pretty simple than it sounds.

Next, you need to turn off the base valve, now flush it out once. That’s it! You can use the DIY solution for cleaning the toilet bowl also. Sprinkling some while cleaning the bathroom can do wonders. You can store it in a container.

Pouring just baking soda and vinegar into the bowl will show some reactions. This will sanitize and sparkle the bowl in minutes. When using store-bought cleaners, be sure the window is open. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves properly.

we are ready for the next step.


You can use some paper towel and simply wipe it down. I’m sure the spray had a good time sitting on your toilet. The disinfectant spray will not need any water. Using a paper towel just simply wipe everything from top to bottom.

Don’t forget to change the paper towel frequently. It’s going to get dirty sooner after wiping one part. Get rid of these papers by tossing them straight into the trash rather piling them next to you.

The Stains Need A Good Scrub

Now the stiff-bristled brush will enter the game. Get the tool and simply scrub the bowl’s interior. Don’t forget to scrub under the rim. Some water mineral criminals will cause rust in the ring of the toilet’s bowl. The water system needs to be blamed! Let’s do that later and focus on a solution.

A pumice stone can backfire these ugly stains easily. Go for stick version of pumice stone. This way you’ll keep your hands away from the toilet bowl. Simply swipe a few times with it over the Stains. The trick should be done!

Oh, you’ve got a porcelain surface, the stone will hurt. Relax! A pumice stone is super soft and safe for any surface. Now simply turn on the water back and flush to rinse the bowl.

Sterilizing Tools

You need to put the toilet brush inside the seat cover. Use the cleaning solution or plain bleach over the very end of your toilet bowl. Give it a minute to sit well. Now use the pitcher of water and rinse it off. Fill warm and soapy water into the brush’s canister. Dump it right into the toilet.

Now you need to air dry the brush properly before putting it back into the canister. Don’t put it damp or skip the air-dry step. Bacterial growth will be a nightmare otherwise.

Get rid of the gloves and put it into your sink. Give it a good scrub with hot soapy water. Dry them properly before putting them away. Now give yourself a thumbs up, you’ve done it!

Bidding Bye

I’s sure now you’ll never ask how to clean toilet seat and the spaces around. I’ll be saying goodbye. But before, I’ll advise you one simple thing.

Don’t skip toilet cleaning for weeks. It’s nasty! Try to go with a deep clean up once in every week. Make sure your family lives with this good habit.

It’s no use of taking showers every day and saying you care about hygiene rules if you miss out this simple most important chore in your household. Good Luck!

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