Must-Know – 7 Major Effects of Not Showering for a Month

Effects of Not Showering for a Month

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you will stop showering every day? You haven’t right? We can’t even think about it, let alone attempting this gross experiment in actual life.

Imagine that you could not take a shower for weeks or even for months just like the movies. Do you think you can survive that?

Let’s get to know what will happen if you stop showering for a month.

Breaking The Gist – 7 Effects Of Not Showering For a Month

We know how exciting to know the details. Here we stated all the major effects, in short, to make you clear.

1. Body Odour

This is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about not showering. A normal person at least takes shower 5 times a week. If you skip showering for two days you will definitely feel that you don’t smell fresh anymore.

But think about not showering for a month. You probably would be habituated by your odour but others will definitely smell the bad odour. There is a chance that you would be excluded from all gatherings no matter what perfume you use.

You will stink!

2. Itching

This is the second thing that will bother you the most. As our body excretes an oil, the pollutant and dirt can stick to your skin and your skin will start itching. Besides you, if you have any kind of existing skin problem, it will increase over time as you will not clean your skin.

The initial itching of your skin will get worse over time as you will naturally scratch your skin which will lead to infection.

3. Infections

Have you thought about how many bacteria and germs you encounter in your daily life? Wherever you go, whatever you touch you will encounter new germs and bacteria. Your mobile phone, toilet seat, bus seat, doorknob everything has germs.

If you don’t clean your body regularly, these germs and bacteria will not leave your body and thus they will enter your internal system to cause various kinds of infections.

4. Excessive Dead Skin

We all shed skins, right? But do you know that a normal person nearly shed a million dead skin cells per day? When you take your shower, you just scrub off these dead skin cells so that the new one can grow. Then think about the number of dead skin cells that will remain in your body if you don’t shower for a month.

Moreover, your dead skin cells are an ideal place for germs and not taking shower for a month is not what a normal person would do!

5. Acne

If you will not shower for a month, do you think you will escape acne? When all beauticians and skin specialists say you need to clean your face properly to avoid breakouts, how can you expect your whole body will remain smooth if you don’t take shower?

You will see pimples will appear not only in your face but also in your whole body as the existing bacteria will produce excessive sebum in your body.

6. Hair Problems

Your hair will turn into a nightmare. It will become greasy and smelly. The scalp of your hair will be filled up with dandruff and you won’t be able to enjoy your good hair days. Smell and greasiness will fill up your entire sense and you will only see how quickly you are losing your hairs.

You will also face the itchiness in your scalp and will not be able to concentrate on anything else!

7. Brown Patches

You will notice various brown patches in your body. If you don’t shower for a long time, the dirt and dead cells will build up in your body to such extent that they will appear as brown patches that are really hard to get rid of.

It is known as Dermatitis neglecta which occur when you don’t wash your body properly, let alone not washing it at all.


As you can see that not washing your body regularly can cause you these problems you are probably now convinced that daily shower is necessary. The problems you have read now are very basic. They sound simple but can cause you serious diseases.

The funny thing is you can face all these problems before 30 days and when you will reach near a month there is a chance that all these effects will make you severely ill.

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