Top 21 Unique Shower Curtains Ideas 2021 – Which One Suits Most?

Unique Shower Curtains

Apart from being a very functional item of your bathroom, a shower curtain can be the change-maker into your overall design décor. There are numerous unique shower curtains ideas that can be the reason for an extra decorative touch into your boring shower space.

We have a list of unique shower curtains that are practically priced, amazing in design and super convenient to try. Let’s find out more below.

21 Unique Shower Curtains Ideas 2021

  1. Ambesonne Flower Shower Curtain – A Galaxy Full of Flowers
  2. Ambesonne Turquoise Shower Curtain – Bring the Beach into Your Bath
  3. Ambesonne Rustic Shower Curtain – An Ancient Wood Design
  4. LIVILAN Shower Curtain Set – Vibrance of Tulip
  5. Ambesonne Apartment Decor Shower Curtain
  6. Ambesonne Nautical Shower Curtain – Sail Your Bath Boat to Deep Ocean
  7. Ambesonne Tree Shower Curtain – Calm Blooming Branches
  8. TubSail Motivational 2in1 Shower Curtain – Let Only Positive Vibes Stay
  9. Ambesonne Forest Shower Curtain – Deepness of A Forest
  10. Ambesonne Teal Shower Curtain – Blossom with Ombre Sakura

There’s a bunch of unique shower curtains ideas to try inside your bath space, I’ll include 21 curtains that will bring the rare design you are looking for. Check out below!

1. Ambesonne Flower Shower Curtain – A Galaxy Full of Flowers!

This polyester designed blossom ivy shower curtain is the perfect size to hide your shower area well. With included free hooks and no liner design, it’s convenient apart of being beautiful. It’s super simply to wash as well.

The Turkish fabric will only assure lifelong performance and we are so many heads over heel for it.

What I Like Most:

  • The graphic prints are bold and beautiful.
  • A very rare to find design.
  • No fear of water damage.
  • Fading is never an issue with vibrant colors.
  • No harmful dyes included.

2. Ambesonne Turquoise Shower Curtain – Bring the Beach into Your Bath!

Do you miss hanging on a beach with beautiful waves and summery concept? Maybe this shower curtain can lessen your pain with an amazing tropical palm tree print. With no liner and Turkish fabric constructions, it’s super durable.
This waterproof curtain can be a beautiful addition into your bath space for a bold décor and the blue-white combination is just what you need for the Oceana look.

What I Like Most:

  • Machine washable fabric.
  • There are no dangerous dyes.
  • The clear image that feels real.
  • Waterproof and environment-friendly.
  • A very unique shower curtain.

3. Ambesonne Rustic Shower Curtain – An Ancient Wood Design!

Taking a shower below the fountain beside the woods is the Disney concept you’ll be including into your bath with this astonishing masterpiece. The design is mind-blowing with pastoral mansion imaging. Also, it comes with a remarkable concept that includes non-fading color to it.

You’ll love the aspect if you are an antique lover with free hooks making the deal mouthwatering.

What I Like Most:

  • It’s really long and covers well.
  • Hooks are sturdy and do not leave scratches.
  • Liner is not needed.
  • It comes with safe colors.
  • Very vibrant 3D design.

4. LIVILAN Shower Curtain Set – Vibrance of Tulip!

All the bloomy lovers will adore the tulip flower art done on this startling quality shower curtain that looks rare but not overdone. It comes with a premium value fabric construction to stay with you for long while. The crispness brings with bright and catchy color is rare to find in any other shower curtain.

Without any silly smell and super simple washing features, this is a perfect curtain with amazing looking digital prints.

What I Like Most:

  • Blue, gray and brown matches most bathroom tiles.
  • Very simple to care for.
  • Resistant to water and sturdy enough.
  • Covers the area pretty well.
  • 12 C-shaped hooks coming along.

5. Ambesonne Apartment Decor Shower Curtain

With the Japanese marble motif décor, this is another perfect pigmented curtain that brings a stucco design to glam up any wash interior. There are sturdy hooks included for easy installation with non-vinyl and non-EPA materials.

A genuine design that is easy to care for and hard to harm with regular rough usage.

What I Like Most:

  • Imported quality polyester material.
  • Very long up to floor.
  • 12 convenient hooks coming along.
  • There is no need for liner.
  • Super easy to wash and dry.

6. Ambesonne Nautical Shower Curtain – Sail Your Bath Boat to Deep Ocean!

Become the pirate of your bathing sail with this wonderful curtain design that comes from Ambesonne. Their long blue curtains are exactly what you need for a huge shower space. With polyester fabric that is turkey quality, this stunning curtain is meant to add further boldness into the place.

No need to buy extra hooks, it comes with them and also the environmentally friendly design is safe to use.

What I Like Most:

  • This is a machine washable curtain.
  • Ver well-built and sturdy.
  • No color fading noticeable.
  • It comes with a non-linear design.
  • Amazing print that looks real.

7. Ambesonne Tree Shower Curtain – Calm Blooming Branches!

When the colorful blooming branches are the design, I don’t feel anybody would find it boring. This is an eye-catching and interesting concept that makes any usual bath space has a punch of soulful colors popping in the right amount.

The boldness, sturdiness and design speak for itself that this is a mind-blowing shower curtain.

What I Like Most:

  • The waterproof feature is great.
  • Nice berry green concept.
  • Long enough to cover.
  • Looks stunning in all season.
  • Goes with any bathroom theme.

8. TubSail Motivational 2in1 Shower Curtain – Let Only Positive Vibes Stay!

Showering is all about relaxing and with some motivational saying, you can set your mind on the right track every morning. This is a great way to stimulate your subconscious mind and train it for upcoming life challenges.

With a positive mindset creator, a beautiful design makes it one of a kind choice for a shower curtain.

What I Like Most:

  • Very well built with strong material.
  • Easy to care and wash.
  • Some confidence-building sayings.
  • Impressive color concept.
  • Covers pretty well.

9. Ambesonne Forest Shower Curtain – Deepness of A Forest!

Wildlife scenarios are meant to freshen your mind and with a shady forest design, the curtain does exactly the same thing. It’s super safe to use with non-harmful dyes and washing it takes you the minimal amount of time. Never for once does any fading complain can be seen.

A high-quality fabric shower curtain has brought bushes and thick trunks for a one-of-a-kind feels no doubt.

What I Like Most:

  • The materials are really premium in quality.
  • It is an amazing green brown curtain.
  • Looks like real wild forest.
  • Super durable even with multiple washes.
  • No harmful materials included.

10. Ambesonne Teal Shower Curtain – Blossom with Ombre Sakura!

Japanese Sakura flowers are known to be a sign of purity and beauty. This premium shower curtain makes the concept live with pink blossom design. This seventy-inch-long curtain is absolutely the right size to get a wash space hidden. No water damage or harmful ingredient is here to ruin the fun.
With blue pink color combination, spring is here to stay at your shower making moments with this full-of-flower curtain.

What I Like Most:

  • A high-quality construction.
  • Lovely flowery concept.
  • It comes without any dangerous element.
  • Colors don’t fade away.
  • Super simple to maintain.

11. FMSHPON Unique Waterproof Shower Curtain – Crazy Octopus Watching You!

I love sea animals and this octopus design on the curtain is what makes me really excited. With a unique, creepy but cute concept to enjoy inside your curtain, anybody would love it. The sizing is just the right amount for covering the space entirely. You have around twelve holes that are easy to fit in rings.

The materials quality and machine washable features make it a great choice within budget needs.

What I Like Most:

  • It comes with a good length.
  • Material is comfortable to wash.
  • The holes are of good size.
  • Looks interesting with octopus.
  • Covers pretty well.

12. Carnation Home Fashions Shower Curtain – Van Gogh’s Starry Night!

Starry Night, the world hyping painting by Van Gogh has a number of manufacturer’s urged to try it as a print or inspiration for different product design. If you are a fan of van Gogh or such deep art, I believe this curtain can be an ideal fit for your taste.

Don’t worry about the material and quality, it’s great as long as you know how to wash them properly.

What I Like Most:

  • The masterpiece design is evergreen.
  • It covers the space well.
  • Long enough to touch the floor.
  • Does not fade away.
  • Very well made.

13. Sunlit Shower Curtain – Start Your Day on Some Good Notes!

Another motivation thriving design for inspiration lovers. It comes with some really well-said happiness sayings that can enlighten you to start a great day ahead. The fabric quality is premium and does wonders for lasting a good number of days.

There’s added thickness to give you a better draping and the stand-alone design gives amazing decorative appeal.

What I Like Most:

  • It comes with rust resistance.
  • Printing is really sharp.
  • Fabric is water repellent.
  • Extra thickness.
  • Looks astonishing.

14. AmazonBasics Shower Curtain with Hooks – Blue Squares to Keep It Simple!

Square prints are amazing to create a simplistic look in shower space giving the illusion of a wider area. This marvelous design comes with blueprints in a piece of white overall fabric. The quality of the material is high with water resistance coming your way.

There’s weighted hem included as well to keep curtains in place without moving or exposing the person showering.

Overall, it’s an amazing machine washable curtain that never for once will disturb your privacy needs.

What I Like Most:

  • It comes with pure polyester fabric.
  • Rust-resistant built-in.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Looks amazing with blue square.
  • Imported and high quality.

15. AmazonBasics Blue Diamond Bathroom Shower Curtain – Diamond Print for A Distinctive Look!

I am so in love with a diamond print that makes the curtain look fabulously minimal but at the same time totally different. This stylish print is an excellent pattern to match up to any bathroom decor pretty well. There are rings included within the design to give you faster installation.

This eye-catching print will never feel boring. You just need to add an extra liner and get them separately for a small cost.

What I Like Most:

  • The stylish print is my favorite.
  • Very long with 72” inch length.
  • Keeps area covered.
  • Built-in rings included.
  • Stays in place.

16. Aimjerry Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain – Black & Beautiful!

One-color that looks stunning to literally everyone is black for sure and this next curtain has combined the shade with a dense design to keep the look more than usual. The geometric pattern with washable features makes it an amazing polyester fabric made choice to try.

There’s a three-month return guarantee to save the money you spend on it, which is already within budget for most.

What I Like Most:

  • It is an expert chosen pick.
  • Safe for family life.
  • Tested materials and quality is high.
  • Covers pretty well.
  • Suits most bathroom interior

17. Riyidecor Watercolor Floral Shower Curtain – The Retro Look Is Back with Rustic Flowers!

I know a lot of friends who will never feel less love towards vintage fashion and items, even in their home décor. This is an excellent choice for such people and the rose flowers with huge print look a bit of modern as well.

With twelve great hooks and a waterproof design. You won’t want to try this amazing retro curtain with enough wideness is hand as well.

What I Like Most:

  • The elegant retro print.
  • Amazing combination of pink and green.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Plastic hooks included.
  • Machine washable curtains.

18. Amazer Shower Curtain – A Stunning White Wash!

To a lot of folks, white will always be a shade that is enough stylish itself, especially as a shower curtain. If your deco is really strong and needs a minimal looking shower curtain to balance it up, get this stunning choice from Amazer that comes with clear stone construction.

It stays in place maintaining what it needs to do, keep your privacy secured while you take a relaxing bath.

What I Like Most:

  • The fabric is totally water-resistant.
  • It comes with no weird stink.
  • Holes are rust-resistant.
  • Very convenient.
  • Standard size.

19. SZZWY Rose Gold Drips Shower Curtain – The Makeup Lashes Look!

A girl who loves girly stuff will find this Rose gold shade curtain with a 3D eyelashes print a must-have for themselves. The curtain literally glows and with some warm lighting, it’s sure to take a good attention with its looks.

You can try this waterproof curtain for windows, tablecloths and beach blankets as well. This is a perfect all kill with a very rare design.

What I Like Most:

  • There are 12 hooks coming with it.
  • Print is in HD.
  • Very durable.
  • Resist water.
  • Long enough.

20. Aimjerry Personalized DIY Custom Fabric Shower Curtains – You Are the Designer!

Finally, I would like to include a shower curtain choice that you can design yourself. Ye, there are custom-made styles that you can add according to your taste and this makes unlimited options to try. The fabric will waterproof and well enough to survive long.

So, if you need some curtains for your business and want to sell an amazing design you have in your mind, here is the perfect pick for you.

What I Like Most:

  • It comes with customization options.
  • The fabric is of high quality.
  • Different sizes available.
  • No weird odor.
  • Needs less time to deliver.

21. Ambesonne National Parks Home Decor Shower Curtain – A Mountain with Smoke!

There are a lot of fanatics who love dark concept and prints, even for a shower curtain. This is a great choice if you have a bathroom with white or light shade tiles. It looks amazing with low light deco and the curtain includes hooks for convenient using.

This real-life looking mountain inside a smoky shade will create an amazing décor inside your precious bathroom.

What I Like Most:

  • It comes with a dark theme.
  • Construction quality is high.
  • Covers very well.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Comes with extra hooks.

Finding A Perfect Match: Know The Theory

No matter what your reasons are for buying a shower curtain, it’s important to get the one that actually fits in your bathroom deco making it even more sleek and classy. Here are a few factors to consider.

Accurate Size

Do you need a floor-length curtain or lip tub covering one? Ask yourself beforehand to figure out what length of curtain you need. A standard version should be of 72X72” in measurement. There are extra-long or wide ones as well if you want to go for special sizes.

Material Used

The concept of a shower curtain can never be limited to only looks. There are other facts important as well. You need to consider the material quality.

Now, most of the choices either use fabric or vinyl for the construction. The fabric version is easy to maintain and use as well. Make sure they are machine washable. A few good options are cotton, polyester or sometimes blend.

Single Color Curtains or A Printed Design?

You should consider the décor of your bathroom space before answering such a question. If you own a bath space with an already heavy interior done, then a simple one-color curtain will balance better than prints.

However, if the look of your shower space is kind of plain and too simple, then glamming up the interior with a nice print curtain won’t be wrong at all.

Hooks & Rings

There are different materials used for hanging these curtains. Some prefer hook and others would like rings better.

Whatever your choice is, make sure you have a look at the included ones with the shower curtain. Most of them will provide you minimal twelve pieces. However, I think, buying separately is better if you are looking for a more prominent interior look.

You can invest a little and always grab from metal, solid colored or decorative rings/hooks.

Do You Really Need Liner?

The answer is simple, Yes! Even if many curtains claim to be liner-free, that’s just an added feature you can enjoy. But I think it’s not necessary and for the optimal usage, it’s right to get some liner.

These are super cheap and makes the curtain more durable. However, if you go for a plastic curtain, you probably can manage without a liner.

It’s Never Too Extra

There are a lot of additional features that prolong the life of your shower curtain. It is never wrong to go for more features when choosing a shower curtain.

One important feature is mildew resistance. If you live in a humid or hot place then molds are probably going to cover your bathroom. So, it’s really efficient to have this extra benefit that fights mildew.

Also, having magnets included in the shower to keep the liners straight and in place is really an appreciating feature. It makes your privacy needs complete and keeps the curtain functional for what it needs to do. This is a must-have feature in curtains for kid’s washroom.

Bonus: 5 Unique Shower Curtain Hooks

This is not going to work if you only care about the shower curtain and be lazy on choosing hooks. Most of the time, included hooks are pretty plain and boring, to be honest.

You can easily add a magnificent point with choosing some decorative hook pieces and instantly glam up the overall look at once. Here are five unique shower curtains hook choices that are beautiful.

1. FINROS 12 PCS Home Fashion Decorative Shower Curtain Hooks

This is a twelve-piece hook set that comes with a beautiful white rose design to add the extra style into your curtain’s overall look. Also, the material is completely rust-resistant making no way to give any ugly red scar on your curtain.

With a stainless-steel construction and any-rod suitability, it’s a popular hardware finish to try out.

2. iDesign Metal T-Bar Shower Curtain Hooks

It’s an amazing choice to try for your shower curtains and liners as well. The rings are super simple to glide in any curtain or tension rods. The compatibility with any fabric makes it an amazing choice with nice finish.

Also, the rust resistance gives the construction quality a full mark. There are twelve pieces in total included.

3. Amazer 2 Pack Shower Curtain Hooks Rings

It’s a heavy-duty ring that is made of steel and brass to keep them surviving for years. The non-magnetic materials will keep corrosion away and also you can use it for both indoors and outdoors.

The black finish gives it an extra elegance feature to add to your overall bathroom décor. The super-easy gliding and special spherical balls makes it a less friction choice to try.

4. HBLIFE Shower Curtain Hooks

The purple crystal hook design makes it very classy in bathroom space and goes well with liner, curtain, and rod. These are flawless to install and set up yourself. It comes with affordable pricing. With nice rust resistance and built-in quality, it’s a beautiful bling adder in wash space.

5. Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks Rings

This is an amazing black acrylic ball featuring twelve-piece hooks that come with pure stainless-steel construction for good built-in. You can play with brightness with this glazing balls to add shine into your bathroom space.

Also, the color of these hooks does not fade away. You will find the installation super simple with no snagging or hassle at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What does water résistance means for a curtain?

A curtain that does not get ruined or allow water splash is simply called water-resistant. However, be aware of the fact that 100% waterproofing is not possible in a fabric. These are mainly plastic material that holds non-natural looks too.

Ques: How to set-in liner?

Place the rod correctly and lay the curtain in a flat surface. Put in the hooks one by one into the holes along the shower rod’s top edge. Go from one side to another. You need to add the hook or ring in rod serially. If you use rings with closure they need to be tightly closed.


Try out these unique shower curtains, whatever suits your taste, I promise they are all beautiful and perfect to add nice décor to your bath space. I hope you’ll be able to decide on a flawless match that your guest would be wowing over. Good luck!

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