American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max Full Review and Comparison!

american standard champion 4 vs champion 4 max

American Standard Toilet, the heart winner renowned brand of quality toilets in today’s market. No doubt about that! With superior quality and construction, they really have some of the best models for modern bathroom spaces.

So, I decided to pick two of the most popular models that have been through a lot of admiration these days. It’s going to be a pinpoint comparison of American standard champion 4 vs champion 4 max.

Be sure to know good before giving your money to a particular one. You need to understand which one goes better with your needs and suitability.

American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max: Breaking Down the Comparison

FeatureChampion 4Champion 4 Max
MaterialVitreous ChinaVitreous China
TypeOne PieceTwo-Piece
EverClean SurfaceYesYes
Champion 4 Flush SystemYesYes
Bowl ElongatedElongated
Colors Available21
Price Check  PriceCheck Price

Highlighting Features of American Standard Champion 4

  • One-piece traditional design.
  • Elongated bowl included.
  • No odor or bacterial growth for the EverClean surface.
  • ADA approval included.
  • One-color option.

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Highlighting Features of American Standard Champion 4 Max

  • Wide trap way with no-clog system.
  • Smooth close lid included.
  • Two-Piece Toilet.
  • Supportive elongated bowl design.
  • Simple installation.
  • Two beautiful color options.
  • Included WaterSense Certification.
  • No ADA Approval Included

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Who Has A Better Design?

There is two color option for the Champion 4 version. Previously there were three shades but right now the bone shade is not available in maximum stores. While the Champion Max 4 originally comes with four shades but now you can only get the white color.

Champion 4 comes with a one-piece design. Which makes it quite heavy and daunting to carry alone. While the Champion 4 max is a two-piece design toilet that is easy with the weight to carry.

However, because of the one-piece design, Champion 4 is easier to keep clean then the max version. So, it’s kind of a trade-off for the design.

Both come with vitreous china material construction quality. So, there is no doubt about the durability. With a nice elongated bowl shape, both the toilets are really comfortable. These give a good space between things and better seating posterior. Without the seats, both toilets are almost identical with 16.5 inches.

Flushing System

Flush for both models is the Champion 4 flushing system. The pressure assisted toilets to come with piston action valves for a flush. So, flushing is quite fast and efficient. You will see better water dumping the bowl in a few seconds.

The performance is three times faster than regular flush valves. Also, the trap way is wide enough to get bigger messes out without any problems. So, with Champion 4 and champion 4 max, you won’t have to worry about clogging.

Water Consumption

Champion 4 uses 1.6 GPF while the max version provides a 1.28 GPF facility. So, with lesser GPF, Champion 4 max is winning the ride for water consumption. The lesser galloon per flush makes sure to save you water bills. Also, this feature makes clean up really better and simple.

PowerWash feature is also coming with both the toilets. This feature will help you to scrub easily every time you flush it. So, a better and cleaner surface will stay alive.

Trip Lever

Champion 4 needs you to hold around 3 to 4 seconds for flush making. However, Champion 4 Max has none of such delay and you can flush once you pull the lever. The finish for trip lever usually comes in chrome, white, brass or stain for Champion 4. While the max version includes only chrome finish.


Reading quite a few American standard champion 4 review sections I think both the models are capable to provide good performance. The Max version comes with a lot of test approbation that’s why it is known as Champion 4 max.

It comes with a thousand grams per flush feature with only 1.28 gallons of water. So obviously it is more efficient than any other version in this price range.

While with Champion 4, some complaints about skid marks and residue. Also, it makes a weird noise when flushing. That’s another negative point that champion 4 max does not show even after a long period of usage.

Easy Installation

You only need a good quality wax ring and bolt kit. That’s it! You can easily complete installation all by yourself. There are some set of instructions you need to follow.

However, the only problem you’ll be dealing with is the heaviness of champion 4. You may need another person’s help if you want to carry it upstairs.


There is an antibacterial EverClean surface featuring in both toilet models. They come with a good flushing system. So, you can almost guess what the clean-up and maintenance will look like. Mostly hassle-free! It’s one of the major benefits of these two high-quality toilets.


Finally, I should tell you something about their drawbacks. No single toilet comes with all good features. So, try to take it positively. First of all, there are no seats included with these toilets. You need to buy them separately. I think for the pricing it’s kind of obvious.

Next, the Champion 4 makes quite noises while flushing which is sometimes irritating. Also, none of the toilets come with in-built night-light technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What certification do both toilets come with?

The champion 4 comes with an ADA approval for dimensions. While the champion 4 max includes WaterSense certification for better water consumption quality.

Do they include a warranty?

Yes. You will receive a good ten years warranty with both models. For the pricing, it’s quite deserving and right in every perspective.


So, in my views, the winner for the battle between American standard champion 4 vs champion 4 max is Champion 4 max by a slight margin. It’s just a better two-piece design toilet that comes with effective flushing system, less noise, and better water consumption features. However, that does not make Champion 4 any kind of looser. For easy cleanup and ADA approvation, it’s also a great choice for the price.

It’s up to you. After knowing the detailed comparison, which one do you prefer more?

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