American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max -A Much Needed Comparison

american standard champion 4 vs champion 4 max


The reputation and reliability of the American Standard as a brand is not very unfamiliar nowadays. They provide high performance as well as coping well with the stylish look demands. And that’s why people are always less worried about being regretful after purchasing from this renowned brand.

However, there’s some competition among the models from this brand since each of them is good in their own way. Two of such models are the Champion 4 and Champion 4 Max Toilets.

Today, we will like to through some light on the issue of American Standard Champion 4 Vs Champion 4 Max toilets. Which one should be taking a spot in your washroom, let’s find things out!

American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max

American Standard Champion 4

American Standard Champion 4 Max

Water Consumption

1.6 gallons per flush1.28 gallons per flush

Design & Style

Oblong bowl and one-pieceElongated bowl and 2-piece

Guarantee Option

WaterSense & skilled frustration-freeWaterSense

Flush System

Piston flushing systemChampion flushing system

Ease of Fixing

Speed-Connect installation setupTakes more time to install

Flush Score in MaP

800 MaP100 MaP

Trapway Size

2.37 inches2.12 inches

Refill or Flush Usage

NoUse 20% less water than other toilets

Good For

Potent and clog-free flushingPowerful and Efficient flush

###Our Best Pick- American Standard Champion 4 Toilet– Blend of Comfort & Ease

The American Standard Champion 4 toilet appears with a good mixture of comfort and efficiency design that helps your old bathroom to get a brand new. It on top allows you to get good comfort and quality options. So, read down below to find its good points:

Takes Less Space

The Champion 4 toilet comes with a one-piece design that makes sure different colors and sizes. Even though it is heavy in weight, this toilet makes sure to take a really small space on your bathroom. It also makes sure good fitting in your large room.

On top of that, this model makes sure you use good space based on the size of your bathroom at ease. It as well as makes sure you are comfortable finding a good room to walk after installing the toilet. Also, this toilet has a good height and width to sit comfortably.

Since this toilet is one-piece, it makes sure you easily find a good space managing option that would fit perfectly on any small corner.

Ease of Installation

Unlike most options, the American Standard Champion 4 installation process is quite a piece of cake. This toilet on top comes with Speed Connect Drain and toilet installation system that allows you to easily fit the parts without using any suitable tool.

It as well comes with a pre-assembled drain and parts that are easy to learn where to attach. And, this toilet has all the setup easy with its fine design for you to easily set up with no help from experts. It on top allows you to install the parts in the bathroom easily.

Generally, this toilet installation process only allows you to seat tightly the drain to the sink and lift the rod in good height.

Powerful Flushing System

This toilet comes with a brilliant 4-inch piston accelerator flush valve that allows you to find good flushing power when using. It on top allows you to have good mechanisms and valve to easily find the perfect flushing system to clean the toilet.

Thanks to its larger valve of the flushing, it makes sure faster flush while using. Even though it takes more time to refill than others, but the toilet still flashes really powerfully. This toilet on top ensures a good match with a 2 and 3/8-inch glazed trapway to lessen the hustle of flushing.

And, it comes with 1.6 gallons per flush power. This flushing system also makes sure no trouble of clog or clocked issue.

Amazing Trip Lever

Just like other features, this toilet comes with a great trip level that allows good functionality to find a better grip to level down when flushing. It on top makes sure you to at least wait up to 5 seconds to find the perfect flushing water.

This trip level as well as makes sure better comfort when holding the trip level as it is finished with chrome. It on top makes sure a good grip for you to hold easily and pull down well with no snag.

The most amazing part is the Champion 4 comes with white, default chrome, polished brass, or satin finish option of trip level, unlike others.

Ease of Maintenance

No wonder of this toilet goodness as it comes with easy maintenance and cleaning design, unlike others. This toilet usually comes with an Oblong style bowl with a glazing rim that ensures not to get dirty for a long time.

On top of that, this toilet makes sure easy to clean option that allows you to get a clear surface with one flash. Even though it doesn’t get dirty over time, still you should clean the toilet once a week.

To clean the toilet, it allows you to use any solution for toilet cleaner and with a brush rub the parts. This toilet also has an EverClean shell to resist the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

In short, it is one of the best picks for owners who want quality American Standard Champion 4 parts and luxury one-piece style toilet. This toilet is also worth trying out for daily basis use.


  • The flushing power is fine and deep to clean the dirt and mold perfectly.
  • It is made out of strong vitreous china that ensures lasting value for a longer period.
  • This toilet has a 4 inches valve that ensures 3X speed than others.
  • It comes with a good seat & cover to sit well.
  • This toilet is one-piece and easy to clean than 2-piece alternatives.
  • It comes with 10 years of quality assurance that helps restore and repair.


  • This toilet comes at an expensive price range.
  • As it is heavy in weight, this toilet is hard to carry or move.

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Our Second Best Pick- American Standard Champion 4 Max Toilet– Powerful & Clever Choice To Try Out Now

Made out of solid vitreous china, the American Standard Champion 4 Max toilet makes sure powerful and handy usage habits. It on top makes sure you are using fine in better control on a daily basis. To judge better, here are some good points of this toilet:

Light in Weight

This toilet is 113 pounds that make sure lighter and cozier feel when carrying or pulling into your bathroom. It on top makes sure you are easily placing without any help from others. This thing also ensures no bulky feel.

It on top makes sure lightweight feel for you to easily set in the bathroom with no snag. Yet, this toilet is designed 70% larger than others that make the surface look huge. But it is easy to use.

On top of that, this toilet makes sure no snag of bulkiness and tiredness when shifting or replacing. It as well makes sure good lightness and easy carrying.

Higher Efficiency Flush

The Champion 4 Max toilet comes with great water flowing power for up to 1.28 gallons per flush or 4.80 LPF. This toilet on top makes sure you are getting good water cleaning and refilling with no snag.

Amazingly, this toilet makes sure you are getting the finest flush flowing of water that moves 2.2 lbs. of waste in a single flush. It on top makes sure fast efficiency and power to clean the surface at ease.

Not only that it allows you to have PowerWash rim scrubs bowl to get less dirty but also makes sure good a quantity of water to flow when using. And, it ensures good water flow and clearing.

Suitable for Everyone

This toilet comes with 12 inches rough in that ensure the good distance between the toilet and the wall behind it. Not only it helps your bathroom to be versatile but also makes sure good comfort for anyone to use.

It on top makes sure you are using fine with good distance for you to never face knee or back pain while sitting on the toilet. This thing as well makes sure you are sitting cozily with no snag of leg stain.

Besides, it makes sure a good feel while sitting on the toilet. In fact, this toilet is super cozy for parents, elders, kids, and so on. It is also great for all ages to use fine.

High in Performance

This toilet makes sure good performance with its fine technology and parts to help you get clean rim and bowl in a single flush. It on top allows you to easily get the finest performance than others with the MaP score.

In addition to that, this toilet comes with a max performance of 1000 grams per flush to clean the surface at ease. Not only that it helps you to use the toilet well but also ensures good performance with a brilliant water tank system.

In general, this toilet has a good flushing speed measured with grams and fills the water tank quickly to perform the same. It on top makes sure good cleaning of the toilet bowl to use well.

Low Water Consumption

The Champion 4 Max toilet comes with a fine flushing system that allows you to get a good flush by using less water. Unlike other powerful toilets, it has really strong flushing power to flow water and clean the surface perfectly with no snag.

On top of that, this toilet makes sure you are using the bathroom frequently with no snag of spending a lot of water. It as well allows you to use the toilet fine with a good refill option. Also, the refill tank doesn’t take much time to fill.

Besides, this toilet makes sure you are saving your home bills and water usage to make it habit. It also helps to save your present and future costs.

By and large, this toilet is an ideal pick if you want a regular use option that has good quality and price range. It is also good enough to try out for commercial, business or public toilets use.


  • It comes with great design and height that makes sure good sitting ease for all ages.
  • The brand comes with 10 years of quality assurance to ensure good replacement.
  • It is quite easy to install since this toilet has 2-piece.
  • This toilet comes with a slow-close lid that makes sure no slam and easy to use.
  • It rarely gets dirty or molds attack since the toilet has Ever Clean surface to remain clean.
  • This toilet comes with a MaP rating for up to 1000 grams that ensures a large mass to move.


  • After a few years, many buyers find this toilet tank cracked.
  • It flushes making clicking sounds.

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Final Thoughts

The main points are actually always varying from one person to another. Champion 4 might look like what you’re in search of. While there’s someone else who may prefer the Champion 4 max.

In our case, we are a bit biased towards the Champion 4 max. Simply because it provides almost all the essential features of an everyday toilet at a very reasonable price. The effective flushing system with a nice cleanup facility, also the ADA approbation, everything sounds more premium with a not-so-expensive price tag.

With that being said, Champion 4 has its own charm points too that might be impressive to you. If that’s the case, don’t be doubtful and go ahead to make it get a spot inside your bathroom.

But from an overall perspective, Champion 4 Max is still ahead even if it’s for the slightest margin.

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